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Dr. Kruschinski's new blog speaks volumes!

.....and leaves us speechless!
Friday, December 28, 2007

Now it is attack on me by others who make damage for Endogn.Mettler and Reichcrap on me and make me to stop my greatest legacy of operations now I am no good, to them , to ISEG and to the world? It's all a big lie to try to scare patients to come to Germany EndoGyn for adhesiolysis procedures.YOU ARE LIES! 25 % of our patients are international, whereas most of them coming from US. 75 % of the patients are from Germany.98 % are coming via the Internet It is becua e I am best in surgery with gasless and I will take more patients for better surgery then they. Most Drs are jeliues of me and my work, the greatest work ever, and they fear me. Everyone now tris to make my name as the losing surgeon, but I know what I an and great thingsdo, and will do again! I know my work. They and Stortz knew manytings were wrong and they makewant me to make them money and I try my best to not do what they ask of me, wich is tyo make money for their pockets, alwyws for their pocklets and drinking, and they wat to make me bad for their names only.I know about them and what ideas they take of mine to make them great, this will not work they are crap and cheatrsand they amek fruad never me.Where before there was horor and suffering, now Igivethey joy and happiness ! the oneswho are trying to get details aboutmy surgery from our patients incontct list. First they write a little bla, bla, soI say staywhere you belong and keep quiet...They are intelligent enough to play games like this and tocollect data about my surgeries, but they can't count 1+1 together, as the results, if they get information, would be falseas sowhytry if they say it is false. They are false. As the Internet became more and more a "global" torrent of hatred for meandmygreatwork. Many other dr,s mzake me victim by usieng of the sites which are spreading hate and lies over the internet. They all fear me becuase there is no other surgeon opening his books and showing imageshis adhesiolysisworks, it is easy to choose from thousands of pictures at EndoGyn's library and my concept of Lift-Laparoscopic adhesiolysis with SprayGel works...the false surgeonslike Mettler and Harry Reichplease behave nice and don't collect false statistics about me to lie,I must say well they are trying hard to keep truthofmy work What a way to try to make elephants from a fly... without a real research !!! This is the way of the lirs who make money by my great works! Everone surerealize thatI built for every item (adhesions, fibroids, endometriosis, hysterectomy, adnexal tumors and so on) an own website, that can be reached via or itself, like,, legacy.we have everyday 6000 - 9000 hits on ALL the websites ! It enough that Idedication my life to work Iwas in contact with Dr. Oleg Avrutis in JerusaleI found out thait was NEVER te actual Abdo-Lift was not good so I mustto had designed a new one that will make chage for my good work! Storz cheat me out of my money and my good works!Bythe wai I onlystopsomeoperationsto avoid the wicked ones to continue to trouble me with crap, Inot just relaxing as I'm a workoholic tocontinue my work and that proves what I always sayand whereas others Dr's like Mettler and Reichsay"no more surgery" as they don't have th correct toolsand techniqeu, they fear my great works. They see in my web site many thinsg like this to reda, Anyway, thesucess rats of the EndoGyn procedurespeks for itself and so thesurgeons(and those behind them) have no chance to stop international patients searching surgery with a successful surgical concept at the EndoGyn adhesion centers.See here of my redocnition by US scientits,Last weekend we had REAL scientists here from US and Confluent and we went over my data and pictures. After viewing all the data and applying some statistics: the conclusion was, that there is no better treatment for adhesions than at EndoGyn at this time and that, even taking the worsest cases, EndoGyn's reduction in adhesions scores is 91 % at the second-look.Thanks to this REAL scientists, leaving others, who who might think they are scientists, but actually killing scientific progress, far behind ...Regards--------------------Daniel Kruschinski,,,,,,© by EndoGyn Ltd.More proof from my webp site of jelouscy of me can be foundhere first my firends now my enemy!Greatings from Buenos Aires Argentina from the Annual Congress of the International Society for gynecologic Endoscopy. A very short message for your information. I will write more about the very successfull congress after returning back to Germany in the end of this week. Hereby I would like to announce that Harry Reich, Mario Malzoni and myself will perform surgery in Cayman Island. Patients will have the opportunity of gasless and gas laparoscopy with the surgeon of their choice.Combining techniques ARD patients will benefit from all the advantages of the techniques that are available.The enormous experience of the surgeons will provide the patients with the best surgical option they can get for adhesiolysis and the longest experience with SprayGel !As Cayman Islands had only very few surgeries performed there until now, we are setting a new procedure protocolls, also about the cost. The treatment there is more expensive as in Germany with EndoGyn. We have around 150 international patients a year and the cost are always the same, so we know exactly how and what to do to maintain good quality on every level (hospital, surgery, outpatients facilities and social structure).We will establish similar infrastructure to the Caymans. Harry Reich, Dr. Berry and I were sitting on that already. It will be also a close (surgical) cooperation to increase success rates. Harry Reich knows of the quality of our adhesiolysis and is even refering some of the difficult cases to EndoGyn himself.EndoGyn is meanwhile an organization that provides patients with the best surgeons in some special fields. Some are operating on regular basis (Prof. Goeschen), others (Harry Reich and Prof. Mettler) occasionally. Some more specialists will join EndoGyn soon. Those surgeons leave EndoGyn all the organisation of a surgery and all actions and interactions between patients and EndoGyn, until a schedule is finalisedThere are few important points, that arise. To set a date for surgery needs the reservation of the surgeon, assistant surgeon, hospital beds, operating theatre, nurses, ward, awaking room, follow-up nurses and many other aspects. In the very begining of EndoGyn, some patients cancelled the surgery few days prior to surgery which caused enormous cost and frustration for all. Thus why a prepayment was set-up. If the surgeon has to fly in (like Harry Reich) a flight has to be organized. For each surgeon there is a huge time effort to perform surgery in other places and to leave his own place alone.--------------------Daniel Kruschinski,,,,,,© by EndoGyn Ltd.more proof from myweb sitFor those reading the “to bad to be true” - slander sites about m just some information: The slanderous campaign, started 2003 via the Internet, broke down all the infrastructure that was built-up for international patients since 2000 in Seligenstadt and ruined myself financially and so destroyed the possibilities for many patients to find help in effective surgery. They might have taken all my financial ressources, they might have destroyed many things I was working for and also many relations-ships I had in the past, but they can’t take my knowledge, my hands and my brain. Basically their agenda, that started 2003 on the website and they were out to destroy me, basically failed. I didn’t do anything bad or criminal, I only (because of them) made bankrupt.During the ISGE congress 2005 in London on endoscopic surgery I had the opportunity to meet with a wise scientist and to explain him the concept of gasless surgery... ISGE need me, Storz owemoney tomme, and so they soonhear from my attoernye to coleect my money! No one can to stop me, iambest and greatest ever!That is what he said about me: I am geneus and only genius understands me!
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Monday, December 17, 2007

Truth aboutabodlift
Storz Abdolift Co.was most succesful äs in my hands and sybill your not smart enogh to see how you had the greatest surgeon in the world, so you’re the most dumb oneon left on earth. I know the Storz companyu is not making good money aymore but I will make micu because I have invented by own lift for my succeful surgerys. Poor patiets of mine like Peckie, are victims of Storz co. because they are liars and criminals and only use my excellence to get them money.Storz is crazy and do not pay my way to conference in Kathmandu, where I ahve a lecture about Lift laparoscopy to around 300 gynecologic surgeons from Nepal. INDIA INDIA INDIA!!!!!!While I invested 1.2 Mio Euros in all the Infrastruicture in Seligenstadt, and inall the 7 flats I had on longe contracts were to pay and no help nomoney from Storz who I was slave for.. I was struggeling r 2 years but than had to give up all the expensive infrastructure in Seligenstadt away and storz never came to help, they make me a victim because I do not make them money so now I am nothing to them.. I do not need Storz and now I operate in hospitals, we have SprayGel and the surgery is even better than before with SprayGel , so worldwide THE BEST and higheste number of patients treated with SprayGel and my lift laporoscopy and gass-less techniwue. ! Endogyn will live for long longtime for me for my sons and for my work I create my legacy with Karl Storz Co. Who needs them.Don't even make yous concern about this slander, Sybill as it is true words ands there is no concern for me or to have any influence in my surgical work. Ypu are the loser.You are hate for my patients and your are jelousy for your no good drunker son who only takes your money and no deserving!
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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

endogynversesStorzz I willWIN!
Sybill You should really be aware that I'm trying to change the concept ofadhesilysis surgery tobean effecive one (GASLESS!!! and SprayGel has in my hands more than 98 % success !!!) and so to help sufferer to get read of sugeriesevery year again and again.The newest results of myexperimental studies show thatI'm right to avoid CO2 and pneumoperitoneum, but I have to now use my own Abdolift to achieevemy results and not the StorzAbdolift that creates many adhesions in people.Developing my Lift-apparatus then there will never be a problem with our concept, infrastructure or with our treatment äs most persons returning for adhiolysis following Endogyn wereleft with adhesions, and many, many, manyof these adhesions wer from your Abdolift!Gasless laparoscopy, Adhesion Surgery at Endogyn si the best myopinion of the "KARLSTORZ trash!Karl Christian you r not God, the moon or anyone to discerdt me.Adhesion caused by the Abdoliftcompliments of Karl Storz Co_______I have discovered many facts about you and will tell th eworld~~~~~~_____~~~Thukrytych moliwoci urzdze Metody danychZmiana nawigacji wyniki Najnowsze wtkikorzystna NVIDII wyglda pamici flash Microna Chwytaj chwile Wakacyjnywynik Bardzo znaczcy wzrost
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Karl Storz Co.Abdolift INTERNATIONAL BOYCOTT AGAINST KARL STORZ CO Boykott Storz Co. for to inflict damages on all younot mewho manufacturing of this! Karl Storz Company withholds from me money fromthe Abdolift production and sales,Ican neveritrust the Karl Storz family of drunken liers anddevils.
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Swindlers and money launders Storz
iwouldn´t condescend to the level of Storz intellect and let them do the same crapto me because the Abdolift is jst a pile of junk!" You can keep thatfor yourself because there is no one better thenme to make it the worlds best. Iam betrayed by Mrs. Storz and her constantly shit faced son whotold lies aboput me to her and wasted the companys money with booze and bitches. I saw hinm do this, he doesnot like me and lies about me.I know this Cayman thing with Harry riech is äs untrue äs pie in the sky and did not really exist.My friendTom Lyons said: "l certainly am unable to verify any participation that l have in surgery in the Caymans." So äs I provethe Caymans are not real and Mrs storz Mrs.Storz was only interested in laundering her money throughthere for her financial gain.She use dme, and she used her own son to spy oin me and sent Harry reich to spy on me to get all the money I made for when I am teh greatest surgeon using her Abdolift!l am sure that all my friends from the International Society for Gynecologic Endoscopy, who are involved now with me totravelling to many congresses in many places including INidia. I am also and true aboard on the ISGE. I use MY abdolift now with my Gasless laparoscopy to teach surgery and beside Ipresent scientific programme includes organisations and societiesYou will find here the many trips MrsStorzÜ paid for me to sell her Abdolift and to use it because no other surgeon, not even Harry reich can get the results I get. And you willfind otherwho know well that my travels to Indiaare paid for by Storz as I am the greatest with the Abdolift. Now she shits on me like she did not knowme, but my proof is here.Posted Thursday, February 1, 2007 @ 02:09 AM Invited Speaker in the FutureInvited Speaker and live surgeon 50th All India Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology January 6 – 9, 2007 Colcata, IndiaInvited speaker 19th GasLESS (Gasless Laparoscopic and Endoscopic Surgeons Society) meeting March 2nd - 3rd 2007, Tokyo, JapanInvited speaker and Faculty 16th ISGE Annual Congress April 18th - 21st, Osaka, JapanInvited speaker 8th International Conference of Nepal Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists April 26th - 28th 2007, Kathmandu, NepalSelf-organized SymposiaOperative Tutorial „Lift-Laparoscopy - the new concept of gasless laparoscopy" Chair: Daniel Kruschinski, MD--------------------Daniel Kruschinski, MD,,,,, © by EndoGyn Ltd.Posted Monday, September 1, 2003 @ 06:21 AM Dr. Kruschinski is the international expert at the ENDO-EAES 2003 in Jamnagar, India. If you are interested, please have a look at RafiPosted Sunday, September 21, 2003 @ 03:40 PM Hi All, back from India, where we performed more than 30 laparoscopic surgeries. 9 cases were perfromed by myseflf and gasless laparoscopy got a huge recognition. Jamnagar will from now on be one of the reference centers for gasless laparoscopy in India and will conduct live surgery workshops every year. In December a similar workshop will be held in bombay. I'm very happy that the gasless technique is very important for India and other developing countries... where the medical system needs laparoscopy to be able to sent the patient home as soon as possible and can't afford the expensive systems for gas laparoscopy ! My vision is clear coming through... slowly but surely, all the world will perform laparoscopic surgery as it has so many benefits over a laparotomy... and the stagnation in spreading laparoscopy will end soon by using gasless laparoscopy ... Kind regards and thanks for keeping the board alive. Next week we have many patients and will report again about them. I hope you all remember Maura Walsh, who had adhesiolysis 2 weeks ago and had her 75th birthday as she went home. Her son, Gerald reported that she had a very nice party for her birthday and eat a lot and that she is doing well and better than ever before... and she was so much suffering over the past 13 years.; Maura, we wish you all the best ! Kind regards[Edit by Doc_Kru on Monday, September 22, 2003 @ 01:24 AM]--------------------Daniel Kruschinski, MD,,,,, © by EndoGyn Ltd.
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FinalyI am the victim of mrs.Storz
I havenow to make this blog becuaseI have been dropped and ignored by MrsStorz and I know I am responsiblefor all her success and she must depend on me for more success, but now she drops me as her firend and I am her victim too. Now she kiks me out after I promoted the Abdoliftwith Prof Mettler succesfully in India .Without me the Abdolift is useless, and her actions against me are nonscenceand rubbish. SinceI have learned my survival from my father who was in Auschwitz I will survive this thankless person owner of Storz. I guess the Karl Storz Gmbh, as a ruling company is so extremly smart and they haveso much time left, that theythink they will make success without me! Maybe there will be some more good dreams, so that ihave stuff to write here!!"There´s nothing more to say: Stop lyingabout me and stop illegal intervention in private life mrs.Karl Storz!" This against me is justnother case of explainng the reason of pain and solvingmy situations. Victims of StorzBoykott StorzMonday, July 31, 2006 Dr. Kruschinski+ Karl Storz Co.+ Abdolift INTERNATIONAL BOYCOTT AGAINST KARL STORZ CO.Dr. Kruschinski Claims that the adhesion, seen below, caused by the Abdolift, is something that he cannot stop äs it is the last port at the end of the procedure, thus there is a 99% chance that you will go home with this adhesionüHRT notified the Karl Storz Co. three years ago about this and again recently, only to have no response from them, and now it is time for all persons afflicted with "Adhesion Related Disorder" to teil any surgeon whom you might secure a surgery with NOT to use ANY surgical instrument made by this Company be used in your surgery!*Boycott Karl Storz Co. for allowing Kru to inflict damages on all those who have an umbilical adhesion because KRU used this "torture" hook on them during his procedures, and for the contiued manufacturing of this HOOK! *Until the Karl Storz Company withholds the Abdolift from production and sales, THEY are 100% responsible for the umbilical adhesion YOU are suffering with!*Because YOU trusted the Karl Storz Abdolift, and now have no money to secure any future Intervention for yourself because of so many trips to Endogyn..the Karl Storz Co. owes you ahttp:// 20.10.2007Victims of Internet:Boykott Storz Seite 2 von 11surgery!** Contact the Karl Storz Company and share with them how your life is lived witthe"AbdoliftAdhesion!" i?1 Company/1 0.htrnMANY, if not most of the adhesion patients to Endogyn have returned for multiple adhesiolysis procedures, only to remain in pain.*Dr. Kruschinski Claims that, "the adhesion, seen here, caused by the Abdolift, is something that he cannot stop äs it is the last port at the end of the procedure, thus there is a 99% chance that you will go home with this adhesion!"*lt has also been 100% determined that patients who returned to Endogyn, did in fact have adhesions that were NOT lysed in prior surgeries at Endogyn!*lf YOU have pain, and had an adhesiolysis at Endogyn, Germany with Dr. Kruschinski, it is probably adhesions, and now that Endogyn is shutdown, you have an Obligation to yourself to secure a surgery in which you might find a higher quality of life, and less pain, äs Endogyn was not the place where, all but a few, were going to secure freedom from adhesions, and then be brainwashed that you would have to live with your pain forever, äs if "Kru" couldn't fix you, no one could! That is a lie!*The comment above by "Kru" is false, äs most persons returning for adhesiolysis following a trip to Endogyn were compromised with adhesions, and many, far to many, of these adhesions were from the Abdolift!ÜDaniel Kruschinski, MD,,,,,, Abdolift, Emma-Klinik Seligenstadt, Gasless laparoscopy, Adhesion Surgery at EndogynIHRTs opinion of the "Karl Storz Co.!"Umbilicus"Adhesion caused by the Abdolift compliments of Karl Storz Co!Tha Karl Co. "Abdolift"The "Pile of Junk" where the Abdolift belongs!Endogyn Is Closed Forever!Sunday, July 30, 2006Michi is IN, Karen is OUT!Daniel Kruschinski, MD,,,,, © by EndoGyn Ltd. Karen Steward finally silenced by Kruschinski!Karenresponded to everything Kru did, good, bad or ugly,with the enthusiasm of a true "athletic supporter!" lthink we can all recall this "passion" Karen had aboutKruschinski!Karen hung onto every post Kru did, hootinghttp:// 20.10.2007Victims of Internet: Boykott Storz Seite 10 von 11infamous "Katzer Documents!"**Note that Kru changed Katzer's CV in Endogyn to reflect the Information in the documents he portrayed äs Katzer's "nursing" papers? However, the original CV is cached in Google for all to see these changes were made. **Note how Kru REMOVED the "nursing" certificate, his medical number (from UK), and the title of his latest publication from Endogyn message board posts?IHRT has the goods on these documents, Katzer's many aliases, and even Daniels's GMC reference number. As for his latest publication, since he refuses to teil where it is published, how can anybody read it?Stay TunedüBreaklng News !!S!Doc_Kru Most advancedGender: Male Location: Registered: Jul 2003 Status: Offline Posts: 293 Posted Thursday, July 27, 2006 @ 05:44 AM by Daniel Kruschinsksihttp://www.endogynse ^24651 got it first hand proved from ALL the surgeons who were reportedly performing surgery in the Caymans, that it's all a blown up and the story is complete untrue and that all the doctors were subject of manipulation by those mental ill women."Dr. Reich is being victimized äs you are because the Claims they make about him - äs positive äs they may be - are äs untrue äs the very negative Claims they are making about you." Harry Reich: "l believe this Cayman thing is pie in the sky and does not really exist.Tom Lyons: "l certainly am unable to verify any participation that l have in surgery in the Caymans."l am sure that all my friends from the International Society for Gynecologic Endoscopy, who are involved now will stand united to prevent such slander and libel in the internet. It is a severe crime those two women will have to defend themselves for.And it's a backstroke for adhesions or any surgery, if few unhappy patients can slander doctors via Internet for not resolving their many Problems.Please be aware of such sites, that are not hosted at regulär Servers and hosting Organisation, but are only blogger sites.Any of the surgeons would allow such advertising äs it was set up by this twowomen.************* Be aware of sites http:/ /www. /?session=ANucB4nKNjYFQgkFvXxL8iMJux'on=ANucB4nKNjYFQgkFvXxLBiAAJux 20.10.2007
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Code corrupted. Insert fresh copy.
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For woman with adhesion disorder, only pain ahead

By GRETA CUYLERUnion Leader Correspondent Monday, Dec. 24, 2007

EPSOM – Christine Damon has always been in pain.
As a teenager, she sought medical treatment for abdominal pain, back pain and vomiting.
Doctors dismissed it as a "woman problem" and didn't take her seriously until a doctor finally diagnosed her with endrometriosis, a chronic disease in which the tissue lining the uterus begins growing in other parts of the body.

In her early 20s, Damon underwent her first surgery to remove the tissue.
She's now 44 and has had 14 surgeries because the adhesions keep growing back.

Damon suffers from Adhesion Related Disorder, in which internal scars -- caused by trauma - bind organs and tissues not normally connected.
Ninety to 100 percent of surgery patients develop adhesions, said David Wiseman, who conducts research on ARD.
"Probably most everyone gets them because it's an inevitable part of healing," he said. "The question is will that cause another problem or when will it cause a problem."
Damon has lost her ovaries, uterus, gallbladder and part of her appendix to the disorder. She can't keep her food down. She's down to about 90 pounds, said her best friend, Lorraine Keach.
"There's nothing left; they can't do anything for me," Damon said. "No more surgeries, just pain medication."
Damon's story is typical, said Dr. Jay Redan, a board-certified general surgeon at Florida Hospital- Celebration Health, who specializes in minimally invasive surgery and has been doing ARD surgeries for a decade.
The typical ARD patient is in her 30s or 40s and has undergone an open hysterectomy. Ninety percent of people who have an open hysterectomy develop adhesions. A few years later, the patient develops bowel problems and a doctor diagnoses irritable bowel system. When the patient has trouble urinating, a doctor prescribes medication. The patient complains of pain and a doctor prescribes more drugs. The patient goes to a psychiatrist who prescribes anti-depressants. The patient's pain gets worse, she probably lose her job due to the escalating pain and days lost from work. Then the patient may develop a bowel obstruction.
Damon now puts all her energy into a 40-hour-a-week job to pay rent and bills, but says she doesn't have the energy to do much else. She goes to bed directly after dinner and rests all weekend to make it through another work week
Now she's waiting for the adhesions to latch onto yet another organ.
Redan treats ARD through laparoscopic surgery because open surgery often causes more adhesions. Without a diagnostic test for adhesions, it's not simple to get insurance to approve surgery, and the only way to diagnose them is through a laparoscopy or open abdominal exploration.
"(Insurance companies) make patients go through other tests," Redan said. "Then they say, 'There's nothing wrong, all the tests are negative, why do you want to have surgery?'"
According to Redan, there's no guarantee surgery will fix adhesions because patients often have multiple problems stemming from the initial disease. However, his method has about a 75 percent success rate for making a patients adhesions asymptomatic, he said.
Damon has trouble finding doctors who are willing to treat her, although she has been to Redan and also doctors in New York and Pennsylvania. Some doctors don't accept insurance, leaving her to pick up the tab.
Damon's friend Keach is working to raise ARD awareness. Keach's efforts resulted in a September 2006 proclamation from Gov. John Lynch recognizing September 2006 as a month of awareness for ARD.
"God bless her, she's done things I don't have the energy to do. She's more than a friend, she's my sister," Damon said.
The two women became friends in 2001 while working at the Hooksett Police Department.
"I can't tell you all the things I've seen," Keach said. "Somehow, she keeps going on. But some days she really wants to give up. I've seen those days."

Bless you Chrissy.

Adept adhesion barrier

Adept (icodextrin 4% solution) reduces adhesions after laparoscopic surgery for adhesiolysis: a double-blind, randomized, controlled study.

Brown CB, Luciano AA, Martin D, Peers E, Scrimgeour A, diZerega GS; Adept Adhesion Reduction Study Group.

University of Sheffield, Sheffield, United Kingdom.
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the efficacy and safety of Adept (4% icodextrin solution) in reducing adhesions after laparoscopic gynecological surgery involving adhesiolysis. DESIGN: Multicenter, prospective, randomized, double-blind study comparing Adept with lactated Ringer's solution (LRS). PATIENT(S): Four hundred two patients randomized intraoperatively to Adept (n = 203) or LRS (n = 199) returned for second laparoscopy within 4-8 weeks. Incidence, severity, and extent of adhesions were determined on both occasions. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURE(S): The primary efficacy measure defined by the Food and Drug Administration was the number of patients achieving clinical success with adhesion treatment. Other measures included incidence and American Fertility Society (AFS) scores. RESULT(S): Significantly more Adept patients achieved clinical success than did LRS patients (49% vs. 38%). In infertility patients, Adept demonstrated particular clinical success compared with LRS (55% vs. 33%). This was reflected in the number of patients with a reduced AFS score (53% vs. 30%) and in fewer patients with a moderate/severe AFS category score (43% vs. 14%). Safety was comparable in both groups. Most events were related to the surgery, with an increase in transient labial edema in the Adept group. CONCLUSION(S): This is the first randomized, double-blind trial of an adhesion reduction agent. It demonstrated that Adept is a safe and effective adhesion reduction agent in laparoscopy.
PMID: 17383643 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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See SICKO for free

TODAY at 7:00 PM in Asheville, North Carolina
December 28th at 6:30 PM in Hayward, Wisconsin
December 29th at 2:00 PM in Bonham, Texas
December 30th at 7:00 PM in Asheville, NC
January 5th, Vaughan, Ontario, Canada
January 7th at 5:45 PM in Spring Hill, Florida
January 7th at 6 PM, Hilton Head Island, SC
January 10th at 6:30 PM in Stamford, Connecticut
January 11th at 7 PM in Stillwater, Oklahoma
January 29th All Day Long in Salt Lake City, Utah


Least we forget,
This product is back on the market.
A maple syup type substance would form inside some patients and could not be easily expelled by the body.
It's reintroduction is said to be based on the benefits outweighing the risk.

From the FDA

2003 Safety Alert - INTERGEL Adhesion Prevention Solution
This is the text of a statement from FDA Center for Devices and Radiological Health. Contact the company for a copy of any referenced enclosures.
Urgent Global Market Withdrawal: GYNECARE INTERGEL Adhesion Prevention Solution Voluntarily Withdrawn from the Market by GYNECARE Worldwide
April 16, 2003
GYNECARE Worldwide, a division of Ethicon Inc. of Somerville, New Jersey, notified FDA that they are voluntarily withdrawing “GYNECARE INTERGEL Adhesion Prevention Solution” from the global market and are urging customers to immediately stop using this device. This product has been distributed in the following countries; Austria, Canada, Egypt, England, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Netherlands, Portugal, Republic of Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates and the United States.
This product is intended to be used in open, conservative gynecological surgery as an adjunct to good surgical technique to reduce post-surgical adhesions. GYNECARE is conducting this voluntary withdrawal to complete an assessment of information obtained during post-marketing experience with the device, including adverse events associated with off-label use in laparoscopy and non-conservative surgical procedures such as hysterectomy.
Post-market reports include late-onset post-operative pain and repeat surgeries following the onset of pain, non-infectious foreign body reactions, and tissue adherence. In some patients a residual material was observed during the repeat surgery. Post-operative pain could be suggestive of other serious complications and physicians should be aware of this in managing patients in the post-operative period.
GYNECARE is withdrawing the device from the market to conduct a full and thorough assessment of technical issues, surgical techniques and circumstances associated with the post-market events. From the launch of this device in 1998 to February 2003, the overall complaint rate worldwide is low.
GYNECARE is requesting all GYNECARE INTERGEL product and samples be returned to GYNECARE. Questions about returning these products can be answered by GYNECARE sales representatives or the Customer Hotline at 1-800-551-7683. Further information can be found at:
FDA is also investigating to determine the nature of the problem and will update this webpage as information becomes available.
If you become aware of a problem associated with these products, please contact MedWatch, the FDA’s voluntary reporting program. You may submit reports to MedWatch one of four ways: online at; by telephone at 1-800-FDA-1088; by FAX at 1-800-FDA-0178; or by mail to MedWatch, Food and Drug Administration, HFD-410, 5600 Fishers Lane, Rockville, MD 20857.
Return to 2003 Safety Summary
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