Thursday, August 24, 2006

NEW Endoskopische Gynäkologie at Endogyn

INTRODUCING the services at the "New and Improved" Endogyn - Web-Cam Computer based Endoscopic Gynecology!

"Nurse" Michi Katzer, alias, Czerwinski, alias Reimann, who has no nursing documents, but she has recently updated her CV in the Endogyn site! So she has THAT going for her! Here we see her preparing for a web-cam gyn consultation!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Receptionist" Mrs. Lotz, who is answering the "Endogyn" phone one day a week for a few hours, and this is from her apartment near Seligenstadt! Mrs. Lotz is no joke, as she multi-tasks her receptionist skills between cleaning and cooking in her apartment. How she accomplishes her receptionist skills is beyond IHRT as she has NO patient files, NO office equipment, NOTHING but a phone, broom, mop and microwave!! So, she has THAT going for her!


Kruschinski alias Kruczinsky said, "Anyway, I AM Endogyn, where I am Endogyn is. I already told you that I can do whatever I want to do. Close one place, open another. I am my own master. EndoGyn is not a buidling and not a facility."

"EndoGyn is not a buidling and not a facility. It has to start new avoid mistakes done before.
We continue to perform surgeries and probably in a better facility than it was before and more secure for patients. (see pictures of new Endogyn Office below)
Patients are coming, even if DB / DR don't believe it and try to make every one to believe that to. "I still function, whatever they do and say, makes them even more angry and they attack even more, but those attacks lately are nothing than garbage and not effective, as I have nothing to loose anymore…
Those patients, believing this bullshit, anyway would not even understand an informed consent as Dawn Rose didn't understand it and what I was telling her.
And their attacks on the german board and patients ... no chance to win there !
No one believes garbage of mentally ill and drugs-addicted ...
So let's wait and see... "
--------------------Daniel Kruschinski, MD),,,,,


ENDOGYN Web-Cam Located in the apartment of:
Katzer, Michaela Passauer Str. 22 Rotthalmuenster, 94094 DE
Phone: +49 171 6204621 Fax: +49 7000 3636496 (Fax not working,sorry!)


Cash must be paid at the time of the computer web-cam consultation, per Endogyn's new infrastructure! 10,000 Euros NOW!


Endogyn reception area...

What do you mean I didn't pay? I paid cash!

WHOEW!! Can I make an appointment with Endogyn???


Patient accomodations: These apartments are not owned by Shirli Homburg

Shared rooms at 3000Euros per day - cash only.


Bar in each room, additional cost added to bill -cash only.


Partial bath, no showers or baths. Shared toilets - No extra charge


Meals served, at your own risk. 100 Euros per day - cash only. Supply your own food.


You do your own laundry and bed changes, after all, Michi, is NOT the housekeeper!


Remember, "Endogyn" we're only a phone call away, and it's FREE! Tollfree Phone consulting with Dr. Kruschinski only Germany, every Thursday between 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm (except holiday times)


IHRT questions the services being offered through =12thISGERegionalMeeting


IHRT ask "Kru" how he will provide research and statistics at the PAX meeting next month, when all his research and stats were bogus?? We look forward to seeing what you present there, Kru, and more so, IF you will present there! IHRT is watching this meeting as it unfolds!!>>>> PAX: Session 3 The CO2 pneumoperitoneum during laparoscopy
Gazless laparoscopy
Daniel Kruschinski ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

IHRT asks "Kru" who will be sued for libel and slander and when will the,"conspiracy team" be sued, Kru? You pulled all these people into YOUR drama, only to throw them to waste when the truth is, there is no libel or slander, only truth!
Closing the story ....
Doc Kru
Posted Monday, July 24, 2006 @ 03:11 PM "Actions can be taken now to finally close this kind of slander in the internet.
The extreme libel destroyed so much, so a way will be found to sue the "conspiracy team" for compensation of the damage they caused.
It's the most severe libel action with the longest duration that was found on the internet. Special orgnaisations are involved in securing legal actions agains the "conspiracy team". To all that story:
I can only say, there were some obstacles to overcome, but I am still doing surgery ... and EndoGyn is in full function...
And anything this people publish, scream or shout is going to happen...
No FBI, no closing of EndoGyn, no investigations....


Posted Friday, August 4, 2006 @ 08:45 AM

There are anonymus people, illiterates drugs-addicted, mental ill human and other idiots throwing all kind of trash at me, my family, kids, relatives, my surrounding, cooperation partners, collaborators ... they even throw puss on outstanding surgeons, visiting me...

"Kru" cried,
If they couldn't reach anything by throwing garbage on me for 3 years, they started to involve my kids and people in my surrounding, even my dead dog is involved in that crap... and it's going to be the lowest level of human interaction, one can think, but please see yourself:

IHRT was concerned for "Kru's dog", we are glad that it rests in peace! More then we can say for the rest of us who have suffered at the hands of Kruschinski! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

IHRT asks for the official nurse's documents of Michaela Katzer!

Oh, here it is!!!

IHRT asks Kru, " Why haven't we seen any new pictures of you??

Oh! Here one is!!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Recent posts by Kru..+ current contact info for Endogyn! Message Board
Access Denied!Sorry, your ip address has been blocked and therefore you cannot access this board.*************************************************************************
The above message greets IHRT volunteers when accessing Endogyn! LOL! IHRT says, "Kru, you will have to do better then THIS to hide from IHRT!!!!

IHRT also say's, " No need to appologize to us, we have access to get in, no problem at all!"

"Kru, no matter where you go or what you try to do to keep us from watching you, IHRT will always be right there inside of your computer!"

IHRT> So we see "Kru" once again trying to claim a surgery in Passau, however, all one needs to do to confirm that this is NOT true, is to try to schedule a surgery with Kru at Hospital Rotthalmünster (near Passau)
Simbacher Straße 3594094 Rotthalmünster
Telefon 0 8533 - 99 0
IHRT doesn't want to spoil the surprise for you, so call today!

Here is a post by Kru "sharing" his expertise once again! It gets good considering there IS no Endogyn INSTITUTE, or office, or operating room, or anything but a phone monitored 3 hours a week by Mrs. Lotz, and 200km from Passua!


EndoGyn® Institut für Endoskopische Gynäkologie


Did I get found out yet?????
Most advanced
Gender: Male
Katzer Michaela
Postleitzahl, Ort 94094 RotthalmünsterStraße, Hausnummer Passauer Str. 22
Registered: Jul 2003
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Posted Sunday, August 13, 2006 @ 06:56 AM

ICQ and yesterday she went home to Ireland pain free, together with her brother and his wife, who accompanied her.

By the way, Ryanairreaches Linz from most of the european cities and one can fly for around 20 Euros from each of them,
like London (Stansted) 17,81 €
Mailand (Orio) 17,81 €
Pisa (Florenz) 19,29 €
Dublin 19,79 €
Marseille Provence NEW 15,41 €
Dublin 15,41 €
Rom (Ciampino) 16,39 €
Girona (Barcelona) 16,39 €
Pisa (Florenz) NEW 17,39
Stockholm (NYO) 14,51 €
Glasgow (Prestwick) 17,39 €
Shannon 18,39 €
Girona (Barcelona) 18,39 € and many more.
If you fly from outside Europe, you can fly via London to Linz or direct to Salzburg or Munich.

Many, many ways to get to EndoGyn in Bavaria...

Regards--------------------Daniel Kruschinski, MD),,,,, gasless-laparoscopy.
Here are some of them for you!

What about your patients from the USA???

Surgery, consulting, surgery, consulting, surgery, consulting..and around and around

Tollfree Phone consulting with Dr. Kruschinski only Germany, every Thursday between 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm (except holiday times)

Address EndoGyn® Institut für Endoskopische Gynäkologie

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Responses to post below:Kru's bank visiting IHRT & ARDvark

Two responses to the post below about Krus bank visitng IHRT and ARDvark

Anonymous said...
Dear IHRT, The other night on "Dr. Phil", the topic was women who have been conned by CON ARTISTS, and how some of them go on a obsessive mission to get REVENGE.You could teach them a few tricks, but eventually you are going to run out of ideas, and find another outlet for your creativity and rage. I don't know what to think or say. I wrote it support of him, but now all those messages of support are trashed.He ASKED me to write in support of him, and then he TRASHED our letters of support.
13/8/06 7:42 PM

Anonymous said...
I want to say that Dr.'s, priests, lawyers, and teachers, among other proffesionals are JUST people! If people want to place them up on a pedistal like some sort of deity, then those people will be easy to scam and con!To be educated and aware of who your dealing with and what to expect from them, you have some semblance of protection from being scammed. You do not need to be hostile, aggressive or nasty in your behavior with persons in authority positions, but you had better be assertive enough to ask ALL your questions, and then check up on ALL the answers! If it sounds to good to be true....well, then it is probably not true!I think some of "Kru's" crew realized that he was a "schmuck and con man," and that he was being dishonest with them, and others, but they had promoted him so much and so loud for so long, that they did not know how to save face when they realized he really was a danger to patients, a liar, cheat and con artists!Even if someone saves your life, are you committed to uncondition allegiance to that person no matter what he does? NO!The more that comes out about Kruschinski, the more one realizes that this is not a "conspiracy" against him, but rather,it IS just HIM!I can't stop reading about him as just when I think I cannot be shocked anymore, things like this come along to prove me wrong!Why is his bank searching about him??? Is it about the cash we all paid him!??? Do they know we all paid him cash?? Maybe they SHOULD know!!PS: I was trashed by Kruschinski!
13/8/06 10:29 PM

IHRT had company! (More then once!)
And, a couple of IHRT members also received some phone calls, long, long distance ones that is, and they were about....

Navigation Path
8 Aug
08:34:21 AM
MSIE 6.0
Windows NT4.0
Germany (

IHRT can also tell you that we know you got a "spanking" from your mentor after she visited Endogyn, and our web sites last week! She wasn't happy at what you were doing, you naughty, you had to clean your room to apease her (as you have followed her around like a shadow ever since you and she were at the 1998-2000, and everywhere else since then!)

You will probably be the fall of her as well as yourself....and though you cleaned your room up as she ordered you to do, she will find out that all you really did was push the stuff under the bed, so to speak!
Dr. M....LOOK for the dirt from in Endogyn's TRASH BINS in each of it's message boards!
"Kru" is a sly one!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Kruschimski "entfernt" Landkreis Passau Krankenhaus

Kruschimski "entfernt" Landkreis Passau Krankenhaus
IHRT tips it's hat to the "AYURVEDA am Krankenhaus Rotthalmünster" Passau for stepping out to protect it's patients from Kruschinski!It is not for a Klinik to place it's image and reputation before patient consideration, and IHRT is very pleased to say that your Klinik has stepped up to the plate showing that you are a first rate hospital!

This is a step in the right direction!Bravo, Bravo, Dr. Kronpass MD (Chefarzt Dr. Ludwig Kronpaß)

Message Board des Institutes für endoskopische Gynäkologie (EndoGyn®) - AYURVEDA am Krankenhaus Rotthalmünster
AutorBeiträge doc kro Starter +Geschlecht: männlich Herkunft: Bayern Registriert: Feb 2006 Status: Offline Beiträge:
10Posted Dienstag, 16. Mai 2006 @ 09:59:03

entfernt (removed)
doc kro

doc_kru MasterGeschlecht: männlich Herkunft: Registriert: Okt 2003 Status: Offline Beiträge: 377
Posted Donnerstag, 18. Mai 2006 @ 11:31:30

entfernt (removed)

--------------------Dr. med. Daniel Kruschinski

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Kruschinski has another "guest" in surgery!!

News Release!!

Aliens has kidnapped Elvis from a 7-11 in Michigan!

And even more startling news…

"Daniel Kruschinski" claimed to have performed another adhesiolysis with the “Abdolift” in Passau!

IHRT can believe the news about Elvis being kidnapped by aliens because the 7-11 is now hiring, so this must be true!
However, any words out of "Kru's" mouth is unbelievable to IHRT! There is never one reason, what-so-ever, to believe that “Kru” (of Kruschinski fame aka “The Master”) performed a surgery anywhere at anytime on anyone within the last month!
Kru claims to be performing surgeries at Rotthalmünster Ayursan-Klinik, don't take IHRT's word for this, just try to schedule one! He may be "consulting" but he is hands off! (Must be a low blow to one who sees himself above all other surgeons!)

This whole “Kru” case is so weird and wild that it seems to be out of Wonderland for sure, but folks, everything you read or hear in the ARDvark Blog & IHRT, might be humorous, but it is all too true!


Come with us as we locate IHRT's "Quack Finder" as he takes a look at the “Kru” surgery factor here at Passau…


IHRT "Quack Finder" asks:

" Who is it that “Kru” is reporting to (or for) in these posts?"
“ Is this what professional German surgeons do with patient cases?
“ Does “Kru” not know patient confidentiality?
“ Do patients who go to Passau want to be exploited like this?
“ What is the reason for exploiting patients like this? “
“ Is the computer the way German Dr.’s advertise themselves?”


Please note the date of this surgery claimed by “Kru,”

Doc_Kru Master
Gender: Male
Location: Wonderland Registered: Jul 2003 Status: Offline Posts: 3000 - 4000(Give or take a few 1000)

Lady from Ireland adhesion free in her 2nd look...
Posted Tuesday, August 8, 2006 @ 09:40 AM

"The lady from Ireland which had surgery last Monday, had her 2nd look yesterday and was adhesion free.
Today we had a severe adhesiolysis case from Germany, that had 14 surgeries. All adhesions could be taken down."
Regards --------------------Daniel Kruschinski, MD),,,,,

Doc_Kru Master
Gender: Male
Location: Wonderland
Registered: Jul 2003 Posts: 3000 - 4000(Give or take a few 1000)


"SprayGel is a miracle in our hands..."

"After using SprayGel for more than 5 years now, everytime I perform surgery I am very surprised how it works and what wonderfull results one can achive by using it properly... " Daniel Kruschinski, MD),,,,,

IHRT add's> "We are shocked that ANYHTHING works in Kru's hands! But when you read the surgical outcomes of his patients, it is easy to realize that this is just in Kru mind!" This makes IHRT wonder when Kru will post a picture of himself with Michael Jackson sipping German beer in Wonderland!


Oh, He did post that visit! Here is the beer, and here is Micheal and "Kru!" (Kru can be seen behind Liz Taylor in this photo taken by Michi.)
Here we see Micheal coming out of a recent surgery with "Kru!" (Kru can be seen behind Jackson in this photo!)

Kru stated that Jackson was impressed and wants to adopt the technique for his various surgeries. While mixing the SprayGel... in our high-tech operationg room... Jackson stood behind the curtain waving to fans!


Hamburg Newspaper- Popstar "Jack-o" maintained a low profile Sunday during a weekend visit to Endogyn where he was reported to be staying at one of the many apartments of a friend called "Kru" who hides out as well. Both are under what appear to be constant attacks of "conspiracies" against them for various reason by various people. Both are always claiming to be innocent of everything, as Jackson never dangled his baby over a balcony!

An attempt to go out drinking with "Kru" Saturday night came to nothing, apparently because the 47-year-old King of Pop was put off by crowds of police, patients, fans and reporters staking out the apartment in a quiet, slum district on the city's outskirts.
Police used several patrol cars to form a road block that would enable a quick getaway, but Jackson failed to emerge, however, "Kru" thinking that this was all about him, did come out breifly and attempt a fast getaway, supposedly from those he owes money to!

The mass-circulation daily Bild reported Saturday that Jackson was the guest of an old man, and his mistress. Their acquaintance reportedly dates back to a Jackson TV appearance in Germany in 1999 when his host offered to do plastic surgery on Jackson's nose, other body parts and also turn him white! TWO of the procedures were 100% successful in Kru's hands, but the other was not. Jackson is now white, but has no nose! The reason for the nose failure was never discovered!Neither Kru nor Jackson would comment on the other reconstructive procedure, but supposedly it is one of "Kru's" specialties! (See Kru's CV regarding his research on rats' testicles.)

Tyfune did "Jaks" hair and gave it a little color and curl.

Kru did offer Jackson a disount for any return trips to Endogyn as Kru WILL do it 100% right the next time!

Here you see Jackson looking through the wide selection of noses, and other facial parts, that Kru has in his "plastic surgery" collection.

The following photo was taken ONLY THREE DAYS after Jackson's surgery at Endogyn!

A photo in Bild suggested Jackson was not displeased by Kru trying to steal his thunder, and claims that they are still VERY close friends. "Jak," as Kru calls him, even responded to Kru's request for Micheal to show some public support for him so people can see that Kru really does have some friends!

Jackson responded with a sheet of paper briefly held up in the window of the house they were hiding in, saying, "I'm proud to be back in Hamburg. Kru makes me so happy. I love Him. Michael J." Kru was quick to say, " Not THAT paper!"

IHRT says that this does prove that Kru has friends! And with friends like "Ja," who needs enemies!


On to Kru's other issues.......


IHRT’s heartfelt thoughts are with Petra! "You hang in there, girl!

Please note the date of this patient's post on Endogyn

Created by Gisela on Monday, 7th August 2006 @ 20:02:3

Hello everybody,
I just phoned with Pekie. Unfortunately she is not well at all.I feel completely worried and just want to send you a brief report.
During the abdominoscopy today it was stated now that she had an abscess at the ovary. This was the supposed cyst which presumably caused the pain in the last months. But it is even worse: she is full of adhesions; on the picture you can see that her entire abdominal cavity is full of adhesions. Dr. Kruschinski can operate her again in approx. 2 months and then only with big abdominal incision and needs to call in a surgeon.
Then there will be a hysterectomy. Until then she must get along with pain treatment. Also she can not attend the planed rehab, and has to wait until the operation is done.

I could hardly believe what she told to me and ask myself already the every whole time, from where that comes.
How ever like all of us on the board I hoped that she will recover quite soon, because the doctor wanted to take out the uterus including the ovary. And now that!

Many greetings to everybody from Pekie; at the moment she is totally despaired and is thankful for every call. Therefore I announce the Tel. Nr. here with her consent: 08533991908. I could hardly believe it. And feel so sorry for Pekie.
I hope that she will survive the next months in moderate pain; because her mental health is in no good condition, no wonder.
Please don’t be angry, but I have to recover a bit, and therefore I now I finish my report.
Many dear greetings Gisela

Creates of Peki on Tuesday, 8th August 2006 @ 11:35:58

Hello everybody, just want to contact you from the hospital, except of a slight pain in the lower abdomen and my mental condition I feel better, because the abscess is gone.

I will survive the next weeks; I thank all of you for thinking of me.Next Saturday I will be home, and I already look forward to that. Naturally yesterday I was totally exhausted after the OP yesterday; however, I can get up today again.

I can also calm you, and don’t let your head hang down.
You helped me very much in encouraging me.Due to the high internet costs I will contact you when I am back at home.

Until then Petra

IHRT asks why a surgeon who can do “miracles with his hands and the Spraygel” in Passau, refused to treat this desperate and suffering patient of his by putting her off for TWO months! You may not understand the desperation of this patient, but IHRT does, and we also understand that her issue WAS an emergency!

Kru states that he was right there in Rotthalmünster Ayursan-Klinik at the time this patient reached out for medical help from him, and what does she get from Kru? Kru tells her to go home for two months and suffer, and possibly die!
That is exactly what he told Petra to do!!!!!

If you think that was bad enough for this patient to hear, consider these facts…
*** This patient and many, many, others, if not all patients of Krus, were told that they were 100% adhesion free after each second look he performed on them!
*** When patients presented to Kru with pain again, and again and again, he made up reasons for the adhesions forming after his surgery, (and he is doing that in Petra’s at this time! )
*** Kru also tells the above patients that they were, crazy, on drugs, or booze, or just trying to hurt his reputation!

Now, if you think that isn’t bad enough for a Dr. to do to his patients, lets go another step with Kru facts..
**EVERY adhesion patient “Kru” performed surgery on was told by him that there is not another surgeon in the world who would ever operate on them, but him!
Is this a threat or another con job?
Answer = actually it is both, and any ARD patient who believes Kru words here, just might be suffering needlessly!

Here we go again!!!!!!

"Dandy Dan - Drama Queen".......

IHRT asks our audience to please consider that out of everything surrounding this most unfortunate situation for Petra, the most important factor to “Kru” was HIMSELF! Kru>“Slowly this slandering campaign circles pulls also to Germany and on the German board. so that I you some to it point m?chte and to your reactions am strained.”

IHRT Translation:

"Whoa is me! Now the “Germans” are slandering me, a conspiracy is starting her against me, this drug crazed German patient is hurting me now…like a cloud of bad gas, and the stench about me in the USA is slowly drifting to Germany! Whoa is me, poor me, I am like a martyr in Rome's colliseum!

Drama Queen award goes to, yup, you guessed it.
"Dandy Daniel Kruschinski" (At least he dressed for the occasion!)

IHRT says that the Spraygel works just fine, but in “Kru’s” hands, an adhesiolysis doesn’t! Kru simply is not proficient in offering a high quality adhesiolysis as he does not lyse all your adhesions! This is the reason why he will not offer a video or DVD of his adhesiolysis procedures, remember, he has a state of the art operating room capable of video taping YOUR surgery!
Stay tuned for more news as Kru spews out more accusations against BD & DR, whines and cries about his life and losses, says this and that, then contradicts himself, is confused, angry at his recent buddy Koh!

Kru is really losing it on this next post and if you think you saw "Dandy Dan's Dramas" in THIS post, you ain't seen nothing yet!


"Kru even accuses BD & DR of being "Anti-semitic!" (Next thing you know "Kru" will be accusing "Mel Gibs on" of the same thing! )