Sunday, August 13, 2006

Responses to post below:Kru's bank visiting IHRT & ARDvark

Two responses to the post below about Krus bank visitng IHRT and ARDvark

Anonymous said...
Dear IHRT, The other night on "Dr. Phil", the topic was women who have been conned by CON ARTISTS, and how some of them go on a obsessive mission to get REVENGE.You could teach them a few tricks, but eventually you are going to run out of ideas, and find another outlet for your creativity and rage. I don't know what to think or say. I wrote it support of him, but now all those messages of support are trashed.He ASKED me to write in support of him, and then he TRASHED our letters of support.
13/8/06 7:42 PM

Anonymous said...
I want to say that Dr.'s, priests, lawyers, and teachers, among other proffesionals are JUST people! If people want to place them up on a pedistal like some sort of deity, then those people will be easy to scam and con!To be educated and aware of who your dealing with and what to expect from them, you have some semblance of protection from being scammed. You do not need to be hostile, aggressive or nasty in your behavior with persons in authority positions, but you had better be assertive enough to ask ALL your questions, and then check up on ALL the answers! If it sounds to good to be true....well, then it is probably not true!I think some of "Kru's" crew realized that he was a "schmuck and con man," and that he was being dishonest with them, and others, but they had promoted him so much and so loud for so long, that they did not know how to save face when they realized he really was a danger to patients, a liar, cheat and con artists!Even if someone saves your life, are you committed to uncondition allegiance to that person no matter what he does? NO!The more that comes out about Kruschinski, the more one realizes that this is not a "conspiracy" against him, but rather,it IS just HIM!I can't stop reading about him as just when I think I cannot be shocked anymore, things like this come along to prove me wrong!Why is his bank searching about him??? Is it about the cash we all paid him!??? Do they know we all paid him cash?? Maybe they SHOULD know!!PS: I was trashed by Kruschinski!
13/8/06 10:29 PM


Anonymous said...

Yes, I paid cash, I had to wire it directly into his personal bank account. Then I had to pay more at the end for spray gel, and this and that.
Not until I returned home did I notice that he had signed the receipt for the hospital and Shirli Homburg signed the reciept for the apartment. At that time, I had no idea who Shirli Homburg was. I guess he was putting money here and there, in different accounts. I remember one pt. telling me that one of her receipts was signed by one of his sons.
Did these different accounts have perhaps something to do with income tax evasion?
This case is so weird. I feel so stupid.

Anonymous said...

Now even the TRASH has been emptied.
He sure seems to be running to dodge something.

Anonymous said...

Oh where, oh where did Karen Steward go, after she was trashed AGAIN by her "friend" Kruschinski!

Karen, IHRT told YOU,that Kruschinski said you where his worst enemy in this "war!" Didn't you believe us, dear????? Do you believe us know, dear??

It might have taken some time for Karen to figure this all out, as her mode of existance seems to be "rage," so she could easily have missed a few signals in Kru's behaviors toward her, but like she always said,
" What goes around comes around,"
" In the end the TRUTH shall prevail!"
And,in those words,IHRT always agreed!

So, where doesa all this leave Karen Steward, Helen Dynda, Lisa Gravens? TRASHED!
Carolyn and Connie ran the other way a month or so when things heated up and they could have easily been exsposed for a few thingy's about them while they were in Germany! Leiza, well, she has her own battles to content with we hear, and others like Heart and Jan, well, they just keep posting best wishes to Kruschinski's family, his mistress and his future endeavors, so it appears that they are one fry short of a happy meal, and if they are happy, IHRT is happy for them!!

Speaking of Kruschinski's future.... IHRT is waiting on his presentation to the PAX society next month regarding his "research" & "statistics," and then he claims he has his papers ready to be "Published" and coming out soon, and of course, in October, Mirocca, Spain, a new facility for surgery with the Abdolift!

Seems Doc. Kru is on the "up-swing" in his life...what he doesn't seem to know is that the "up-swing" will probably be at the end of a noose! Oh, that's right, he already threatened suicide, and didn't do it, oh well, Kru was never much for honesty!

(Since his "mommy" spanked him for being so nasty on his web site, Kru really can't respond to much without fear of her finding out...WHAT? You all want to know who is it that "birthed" him into the "ARD/Endo/Ob/gyn/
Research/Abdolift" scene and appears to be responsible for everything Kruschinski has ever done? And keeps surfacing in Krus past as sort of a "mentor" or "groomer" shall we say?

You can figure this one out, by starting here...

Anonymous said...

A "bullet" perhaps?
Naw, who would be angry at Kruschinski anyhow???

LOL! LOL! LOL! Probably Karen! LOL! LOL! LOL!

She paid for two web sites for "support" for Kru, and now she is stuck with them, and no one to support!

What is she going to post in them,
"I will help you secure a surgery with Endogyn, and the costs just went down to 19.99 Euros and a set of FREE Ginsu Knives if you pay cash right now!
Services at Endogyn indclude,
Teleconsultation with Kruschinskiin an apartment with a webcam AND a high tec laptop computer and his mistress "acting" as his nurse!
Like any proffesional Dr., his "nurse/mistress" will remain in the bedroom at all times during the exam! She will also be doing the videotaping!(And then she will take pictures of you sightseeing aand drinking with Kru, and only three days after the exams!)

For those who cannot travel, you can purchase a webcam at home and he will do the exams via his webcam & computer, complete with pictures, AND videos now!
ALL pictures are property of Endogyn and WILL be put on the Internet WITH your praise of Kru and his "Telecommuncation Institue," complete with a list of other Dr.'s practing in the apartment!

THIS "infrastructure" is not completed, as Kru is having a bit of a cash crisis, and buidling an "INSTITUTE," keeping with his ideas of franchising endoscopic surgery via webcam, takes investors. He should have all of this ready by next week, though!
He will be the "director" keeping with his position at the Witten-Herdecke University back in 1998!

For now, ALL teleconsultations will require a self exam with discription over the phone!
Thursday afternooons, from 1PM - 5PM (except holidays)
NO International Patients Allowed!!

THANK-GOD he has spared the International patients this "honor" of being part of his NEW ventures in Endogyn!

Your definately worth keeping an eye on Kru!
IHRT will gladly do that too!

Anonymous said...

You ladies think you are so smart, but you make so many errors which show that you are not as smart as you think.

Please get your facts and spelling straight!
It is Majorca, Spain. Also acceptable spelling is Mallorca.
The pronounciation is My-our-ka.
It has a Spanish pronunciation.
Like Tortilla is tor-tea-ah, not tor-till-ah. Not Mirocca. But what would you know, you Americans are so poorly educatated and poorly travelled and you only speak one language, while us Europeans all speak several languages.
Grammar cop in London