Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Kruschinski has another "guest" in surgery!!

News Release!!

Aliens has kidnapped Elvis from a 7-11 in Michigan!

And even more startling news…

"Daniel Kruschinski" claimed to have performed another adhesiolysis with the “Abdolift” in Passau!

IHRT can believe the news about Elvis being kidnapped by aliens because the 7-11 is now hiring, so this must be true!
However, any words out of "Kru's" mouth is unbelievable to IHRT! There is never one reason, what-so-ever, to believe that “Kru” (of Kruschinski fame aka “The Master”) performed a surgery anywhere at anytime on anyone within the last month!
Kru claims to be performing surgeries at Rotthalmünster Ayursan-Klinik, don't take IHRT's word for this, just try to schedule one! He may be "consulting" but he is hands off! (Must be a low blow to one who sees himself above all other surgeons!)

This whole “Kru” case is so weird and wild that it seems to be out of Wonderland for sure, but folks, everything you read or hear in the ARDvark Blog & IHRT, might be humorous, but it is all too true!


Come with us as we locate IHRT's "Quack Finder" as he takes a look at the “Kru” surgery factor here at Passau…


IHRT "Quack Finder" asks:

" Who is it that “Kru” is reporting to (or for) in these posts?"
“ Is this what professional German surgeons do with patient cases?
“ Does “Kru” not know patient confidentiality?
“ Do patients who go to Passau want to be exploited like this?
“ What is the reason for exploiting patients like this? “
“ Is the computer the way German Dr.’s advertise themselves?”


Please note the date of this surgery claimed by “Kru,”

Doc_Kru Master
Gender: Male
Location: Wonderland Registered: Jul 2003 Status: Offline Posts: 3000 - 4000(Give or take a few 1000)

Lady from Ireland adhesion free in her 2nd look...
Posted Tuesday, August 8, 2006 @ 09:40 AM

"The lady from Ireland which had surgery last Monday, had her 2nd look yesterday and was adhesion free.
Today we had a severe adhesiolysis case from Germany, that had 14 surgeries. All adhesions could be taken down."
Regards --------------------Daniel Kruschinski, MD),,,,,

Doc_Kru Master
Gender: Male
Location: Wonderland
Registered: Jul 2003 Posts: 3000 - 4000(Give or take a few 1000)


"SprayGel is a miracle in our hands..."

"After using SprayGel for more than 5 years now, everytime I perform surgery I am very surprised how it works and what wonderfull results one can achive by using it properly... " Daniel Kruschinski, MD),,,,,

IHRT add's> "We are shocked that ANYHTHING works in Kru's hands! But when you read the surgical outcomes of his patients, it is easy to realize that this is just in Kru mind!" This makes IHRT wonder when Kru will post a picture of himself with Michael Jackson sipping German beer in Wonderland!


Oh, He did post that visit! Here is the beer, and here is Micheal and "Kru!" (Kru can be seen behind Liz Taylor in this photo taken by Michi.)
Here we see Micheal coming out of a recent surgery with "Kru!" (Kru can be seen behind Jackson in this photo!)

Kru stated that Jackson was impressed and wants to adopt the technique for his various surgeries. While mixing the SprayGel... in our high-tech operationg room... Jackson stood behind the curtain waving to fans!


Hamburg Newspaper- Popstar "Jack-o" maintained a low profile Sunday during a weekend visit to Endogyn where he was reported to be staying at one of the many apartments of a friend called "Kru" who hides out as well. Both are under what appear to be constant attacks of "conspiracies" against them for various reason by various people. Both are always claiming to be innocent of everything, as Jackson never dangled his baby over a balcony!

An attempt to go out drinking with "Kru" Saturday night came to nothing, apparently because the 47-year-old King of Pop was put off by crowds of police, patients, fans and reporters staking out the apartment in a quiet, slum district on the city's outskirts.
Police used several patrol cars to form a road block that would enable a quick getaway, but Jackson failed to emerge, however, "Kru" thinking that this was all about him, did come out breifly and attempt a fast getaway, supposedly from those he owes money to!

The mass-circulation daily Bild reported Saturday that Jackson was the guest of an old man, and his mistress. Their acquaintance reportedly dates back to a Jackson TV appearance in Germany in 1999 when his host offered to do plastic surgery on Jackson's nose, other body parts and also turn him white! TWO of the procedures were 100% successful in Kru's hands, but the other was not. Jackson is now white, but has no nose! The reason for the nose failure was never discovered!Neither Kru nor Jackson would comment on the other reconstructive procedure, but supposedly it is one of "Kru's" specialties! (See Kru's CV regarding his research on rats' testicles.)

Tyfune did "Jaks" hair and gave it a little color and curl.

Kru did offer Jackson a disount for any return trips to Endogyn as Kru WILL do it 100% right the next time!

Here you see Jackson looking through the wide selection of noses, and other facial parts, that Kru has in his "plastic surgery" collection.

The following photo was taken ONLY THREE DAYS after Jackson's surgery at Endogyn!

A photo in Bild suggested Jackson was not displeased by Kru trying to steal his thunder, and claims that they are still VERY close friends. "Jak," as Kru calls him, even responded to Kru's request for Micheal to show some public support for him so people can see that Kru really does have some friends!

Jackson responded with a sheet of paper briefly held up in the window of the house they were hiding in, saying, "I'm proud to be back in Hamburg. Kru makes me so happy. I love Him. Michael J." Kru was quick to say, " Not THAT paper!"

IHRT says that this does prove that Kru has friends! And with friends like "Ja," who needs enemies!


On to Kru's other issues.......


IHRT’s heartfelt thoughts are with Petra! "You hang in there, girl!

Please note the date of this patient's post on Endogyn

Created by Gisela on Monday, 7th August 2006 @ 20:02:3

Hello everybody,
I just phoned with Pekie. Unfortunately she is not well at all.I feel completely worried and just want to send you a brief report.
During the abdominoscopy today it was stated now that she had an abscess at the ovary. This was the supposed cyst which presumably caused the pain in the last months. But it is even worse: she is full of adhesions; on the picture you can see that her entire abdominal cavity is full of adhesions. Dr. Kruschinski can operate her again in approx. 2 months and then only with big abdominal incision and needs to call in a surgeon.
Then there will be a hysterectomy. Until then she must get along with pain treatment. Also she can not attend the planed rehab, and has to wait until the operation is done.

I could hardly believe what she told to me and ask myself already the every whole time, from where that comes.
How ever like all of us on the board I hoped that she will recover quite soon, because the doctor wanted to take out the uterus including the ovary. And now that!

Many greetings to everybody from Pekie; at the moment she is totally despaired and is thankful for every call. Therefore I announce the Tel. Nr. here with her consent: 08533991908. I could hardly believe it. And feel so sorry for Pekie.
I hope that she will survive the next months in moderate pain; because her mental health is in no good condition, no wonder.
Please don’t be angry, but I have to recover a bit, and therefore I now I finish my report.
Many dear greetings Gisela

Creates of Peki on Tuesday, 8th August 2006 @ 11:35:58

Hello everybody, just want to contact you from the hospital, except of a slight pain in the lower abdomen and my mental condition I feel better, because the abscess is gone.

I will survive the next weeks; I thank all of you for thinking of me.Next Saturday I will be home, and I already look forward to that. Naturally yesterday I was totally exhausted after the OP yesterday; however, I can get up today again.

I can also calm you, and don’t let your head hang down.
You helped me very much in encouraging me.Due to the high internet costs I will contact you when I am back at home.

Until then Petra

IHRT asks why a surgeon who can do “miracles with his hands and the Spraygel” in Passau, refused to treat this desperate and suffering patient of his by putting her off for TWO months! You may not understand the desperation of this patient, but IHRT does, and we also understand that her issue WAS an emergency!

Kru states that he was right there in Rotthalmünster Ayursan-Klinik at the time this patient reached out for medical help from him, and what does she get from Kru? Kru tells her to go home for two months and suffer, and possibly die!
That is exactly what he told Petra to do!!!!!

If you think that was bad enough for this patient to hear, consider these facts…
*** This patient and many, many, others, if not all patients of Krus, were told that they were 100% adhesion free after each second look he performed on them!
*** When patients presented to Kru with pain again, and again and again, he made up reasons for the adhesions forming after his surgery, (and he is doing that in Petra’s at this time! )
*** Kru also tells the above patients that they were, crazy, on drugs, or booze, or just trying to hurt his reputation!

Now, if you think that isn’t bad enough for a Dr. to do to his patients, lets go another step with Kru facts..
**EVERY adhesion patient “Kru” performed surgery on was told by him that there is not another surgeon in the world who would ever operate on them, but him!
Is this a threat or another con job?
Answer = actually it is both, and any ARD patient who believes Kru words here, just might be suffering needlessly!

Here we go again!!!!!!

"Dandy Dan - Drama Queen".......

IHRT asks our audience to please consider that out of everything surrounding this most unfortunate situation for Petra, the most important factor to “Kru” was HIMSELF! Kru>“Slowly this slandering campaign circles pulls also to Germany and on the German board. so that I you some to it point m?chte and to your reactions am strained.”

IHRT Translation:

"Whoa is me! Now the “Germans” are slandering me, a conspiracy is starting her against me, this drug crazed German patient is hurting me now…like a cloud of bad gas, and the stench about me in the USA is slowly drifting to Germany! Whoa is me, poor me, I am like a martyr in Rome's colliseum!

Drama Queen award goes to, yup, you guessed it.
"Dandy Daniel Kruschinski" (At least he dressed for the occasion!)

IHRT says that the Spraygel works just fine, but in “Kru’s” hands, an adhesiolysis doesn’t! Kru simply is not proficient in offering a high quality adhesiolysis as he does not lyse all your adhesions! This is the reason why he will not offer a video or DVD of his adhesiolysis procedures, remember, he has a state of the art operating room capable of video taping YOUR surgery!
Stay tuned for more news as Kru spews out more accusations against BD & DR, whines and cries about his life and losses, says this and that, then contradicts himself, is confused, angry at his recent buddy Koh!

Kru is really losing it on this next post and if you think you saw "Dandy Dan's Dramas" in THIS post, you ain't seen nothing yet!


"Kru even accuses BD & DR of being "Anti-semitic!" (Next thing you know "Kru" will be accusing "Mel Gibs on" of the same thing! )


Anonymous said...

Hello Ladies, you should read pekies whole story, then you wouldn't write so much bullshit! Anyway, the person that translate for you should inform you about the whole case - not only the bits.
and by the way - first you refuse to acknowledge that Dr. K. is doing surgery , and then you post that thing about pekie.
Well I asume you have 24 hours a day at your computer, so why don't you use it for some fundamental research.
I am sure your downfall is just waiting for you around the corner.
As funny as you might think it is - its sickening! Regards again, and GET HELP!!!

IHRT said...

If a person is allergic to strawberries, they do not eat strawberries. If porno offends them, they do not visit a porn site on the internet.
In fact, they block all porno from entering their personal computers.
If IHRT's publications make you sick, stop looking at them!
Why make yourself vomit on purpose, when it can so easily be avoided?
Turn off your computer, go get a massage and an Aruvedic cleansing ritual, take a long bath in the hot spa, and walk in the beautiful gardens, and when you come home, don't go back to web sites that upset you.

IHRT said...

Next blog....Kru posts: Wednesday, Aug 9, 8:41,,,
"If you know a laywer..."

and after that blog will be this one..Kru posts, "Which is also very interesting, which is mad difference between the Americans and Germans...."

And then we will blog...Kru posts.."There are "ananymus" people, iliterate, drugs-addicted, mental ill human..."

then on to blogging this post by Kru,.." I am wondering..what kind of bussiness?,,,,"

And IHRT knows that Kru cannot close down the Endogyn web site as IHRT needs that to expose the many incriminating things within it! It is one thing to "ban" an ISP from accessing his forum, and that is his right, however, the ONLY thing the forum offered Kru was that he "incriminated himself" in it whenever he posted!
Who needs enemies when your someone like "Kru," who is his worst own enemy!

IHRT thought you said that all this was going to be stopped after you sent out all the whinning and crying letters to patients and Dr's telling them you were going to kill yourself, and that you were under "attack" from IHRT! You DID make that claim when you thanked everyone for coming to your defense, didn't you, Kru?
Oh, THAT was just a lie too...hmmmm! Go figure!

Better stay away Karen....BOO!

IHRT said...

Karen calls those who will not keep the nasty things about Kruschinski secret,
"crazy,liars,evil people," and any other names she can think up in her "Christian" heart and thoughts! And those of us who have been hurt by Kruschinski's lies, ARE angry, and DO take him to task at every turn, and we WILL continue to do it for 3 more years plus if it means others will be spared what we went through from listening to people like Karen Steward!
Yes, Karen, WE are agaisnt Kruschinski's way of dealing with innocent, desperate patients, and we do use strong language, and silly scenarios to get our points acrossed here in these web sites, and we are coming against him and his ways, and we have good reasons to be as we are!
For sure WE do not make Kruschinski look good, not at all, and it iS our intention, but what is YOUR excuse for making him look so bad when you pst in his web site?
Looks like anyone who had associated with Kruschinski will not come away unscathed from the "ordeal!"
Karen, have you tried prayer to get rid of some of those pent up hostilities, as your mouth certainly doesn't give one the impression that you find peace within your faith!
If your praying FOR Kruschinski, and this is what he gets in life, maybe you should stop praying for him!

Anonymous said...

I am in so much pain from the wretched surgeries he did on me,it is day and night and never goes away.
I have tried to find a way to forgive him for deceiving me and others and ruining all my chances of ever getting well, but I just can't forgive him, not yet anyway.
To think that he just did an experiment on me and so many others, just for his finacial gain, it is beyond belief that a person could be so cruel just to get money.
Thank you IHRT for doing what you can to stop this sadistic madman from continuing to harm desperate people.