Friday, August 04, 2006

Kruschinski asks a question!

I am wondering who?

Why Daniel! "Wonder" no more, it's just us, YOUR "wonderland" dream!



Helen Dynda, always trying to clean up after the horse cart!

"Nurse" aka Katzer, aka Reiman aka Czerwinski- a nobody (Kru sleeps here)

Jutta Lotz Chefarzt- Endogyn Headquarters Back-up Office (Kru sleeps here too)
Answers Kru's phone in her house, every Thursday between 1:00p and 5:00p (except holiday times)

And Karen Steward, looking for her "alter" ego! (She wished Kru slept there!) Karen posts:
"I will only grow stronger,as God is my strength and at my side."
"You are weak, pathetic, white trah scum" (As she prays her rosary!)

Sally Grigg & Lisa Gravens -already took the fall from Kru's crew!

Carolyn, Connie, Leiza ..
"following the leader, following the leader, to the edge of the cliff no less!"


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Posted Friday, August 4, 2006 @ 08:45 AM

There are anonymus people, analphabetics and other idiots throwing all kind of trash at me, my family, kids, my surrounding, workers, relatives ...
...and each other...

Let us introduce ourselves!!!!!!
Guess who? IHRT Blogger and loving it!
"I am everywhere looking over your shoulder, Kru! You cannot stop me! You WILL fall, but for now, you are just "sport" for me! Like a cat playing with a mouse, your sooo easy to bat around!" "MEOW!!"

Silent partner! Busy fighting injustices and speaks more then one language too! Watch your back, a patient might be just around the corner watching the clock, and YOU...but which of the houses will the "White Rabbit" be waiting at??? Wouldn't Kru like to know you! Ha, Ha!
(You wanted to be the "rabbit," looking good here, and thank-you!)

Sweet Dawn Rose - aka "Queen of Hearts" - "OFF with Kru's Head!"
Soon, my queen, soon!

Alice aka IHRT blogger - maintains a constant search for lies, and challenges Kru for the truth! VERY good at searching for the answers in "wonderland" too! Excellent blogger too!

Other IHRT bloggers- the "good guys," that know the truth and vow to fight injustices done to them as well as other patients of Kru's!

They post German Telekom stats that I am supposed to post in their stupid blog, parallely from several cities at the same time.. Mainz...Frankfurt (60 km away) and RotthalmĂĽnster (600 km away)... Here with I am happy to present my cloned body...
All nonsens...

Your NOT in Bavaria, not near there! Not in any Kilink either, nor will you be!
IHRT knows where you are and when you are there! And we are not the only ones!!!!

I can only say, I am still doing surgery ... and EndoGyn is still in full function...

Endogyn is YOU and a computer! Of course your still doing Endogyn! A phone number, and not even a "web cam" yet! From house to house, apartment to apartment you wonder around in your "wonderland," typing, cutting and pasting bogus material into the only thing you haev left to make you feel powerful, needed, important, your computer! There is no building, office, back-up headquaters...STOP! There IS a back up headquarters, Jutta Lotz's house, and phone, but no web cam, Kru!

And anything this people publish, scream or shout is going to happen...
No FBI, no closing of EndoGyn, no investigations....
They are screaming this already since three years !!! Who is going to believe that ???

You do, Kru! Your scared of us, your scared of everyone right now, your acting crazy and your paranoid! Your ruined, you have nothing, no Kliniks, no friends in the medical societies, no family, no money, even "nurse whats her name??" is mad at you for putting those fraud documents up on your web site, your a loser, your going nutty, your a fraud and, your found out! Three years? Is that all, how time flys when your having fun! Heck, we've only just begun, Kruschinski!
FORWARD MARCH! Hee, Hee, Ha Ha , Ho, Ho,...on we go!

Anything else, what they say, has happened, is happening or will happen...

It certainly has, is and will, Kruschinski!

They twist some objective hings to their agenda, nothing else...
It is a big sack of garbage and simply not adequate for humans ...

YOU posted those bogus documents about Katzer,
YOU posted those bogus taped up OR pictures
YOU got evicted from the Rondell in Seligenstadt and didn't tell anyone
YOU got evicted from the Endogyn Apartments and didn't tell anyone
YOU got kicked out of Emma Klinik, and still lie about it!
YOU got kicked out of EVERY Klinik you list on your web site
YOU frauded research papers
YOU cheated other Dr.'s and patients
YOU took payments in cash
YOU left two wives and four children for a hooker
YOU frauded Katzer's CV in your web site, she is no nurse,
YOU brought your troubles to your patients
YOU brought your troubls to your colleges
YOU frauded the Kliniks you were at, ALL of them
YOU harrass your patients
YOU use patients and people to work for you by putting guilt trips on them
YOU use "suicide" as a guilt trip to secure help from them, another lie, obviously!
YOU take advantage of desperate, suffering people for your own gain
YOU put false material in your web site
YOU lied about being a plastic surgeon to get desperate people to you
YOU lie about everything, and then believe it yourself
YOU blame others for doing what your doing, because your guilty and you think everyone else does it too
YOU are a thief
YOU are greedy
YOU are selfish
YOU entrapped your family into your illegal actions
YOU used your own family for your gain, of which didn't work for you!
YOU have lost all support of family and colleges
YOU have no office
YOU have no home
YOU have no life
YOU accomplished all of this all by yourself
YOU are a poor father
YOU cannot be trusted
YOU are a piss poor surgeon, to many returns for surgery!
YOU have the highest record of return surgical patients for ARD
YOU are a "pathological" lier
YOU did not come from a family with an Auschwitz survivor in it
YOU are just a loser
YOU are smater when your mouth is shut
YOU intentionaly harmed people to get more money from them on return trips

YOU can blame others for everything, that will not change what you are today...a lonely, desperate man with a computer who is making one last ditch effort to get some attention from those who are the least able to protect themselves against you, the suffering, desperately ill people who have learned to trust Dr.'s, thus YOU will suck every bit of that trust from them so that YOU have attention from them and all for one reason...
YOU are so needy because YOU have never been anything, ever!!

Only those who are using social money as unemployments or on disability, like they are, have all the day nothing else to do...than to throw garbage...

Not "only" those people, Kruschinski, and "those" people are on disablity because of YOU!
The truth is that there are plenty of us here who do NOT have to work, and have every intention of staying on your back forever if it means we can save people from you! There are people who work, and they STILL work to make your antics known! We ALL work together for truth and justice! Heave hoe, throw that garbage, Kruschisnki, as far as he can be thrown!

No positive energy... only destruction...unnecessary aim of life sense aim...
If that is all what is left for them to be alive... I am really sorry for such human beings... it's really tragic...

Who cares about "positive" energy, as long as our energy is used to prove who and what YOU are, Kruschinski! "Counter-productive? Sounds like we are VERY productive, you just said in this email that weAnd we are, we will, we want to, we did, and we will continue to do it...we need no aim, Kruschinski, as your an easy target, YOU give it all up everytime you post! YOU make our goal so easy, almost too easy! Doesn't take much work to show what YOU are, not with YOU posting like you do! Whoew! What a putz Your are, Kru! We don't care what YOU think anyway...Ha, Ha, ha!

And. YOU WILL keep posting because we say so!

It's useless, even to consider, believing them.
If you think about all that what is written in the fraud websites, it can't be that someone believes this...
If anyone believes something like this, fine...
It's to bad to be true...

YOU make our words true, and YOU make that known everytime YOU hit the bottle and then waddle to your computer! It IS bad stuff, and all True. Only YOU cannot see it, only YOU Kruschinski, and that is because your writing it all, not us! Don't stop...YOUR doing a good job of incriminating yourself, and trust IHRT when we say, EVERYONE IS watching YOUR posts! Karen Steward does the second best job..and we love her to bits for it! Who needs enemies, with friends like her, Kruschinski! Keep her on board! A loose cannon that one is..BOOM! (And always right at YOU!) Ha, Ha, Ha! ROFL!

Psssst...Ah, Daniel, we don't want to tattle here, but Karen Steward hasn't been posting on YOUR support web site, nor on IIHRT, actually no one is posting on them, ..YOUR getting less PC time..maybe you need to "talk" with her, or something??? Just trying to help here now that the computer is all you have! Know what we mean, Kru? Huh? We're just concerned, you know!

and I am still doing fine... and will continue so...

Finer then "frogs" hair, Kru! If YOU think so, and if you do, YOUR the only one who does!

Rom was not built in a day and there are many ways to reach Rom ..

Well, now, we don't want to be accused of "twisting" your words, Kruschinski, however, your words here already seem to be "twisted, so all we will do here is, "untwist" them for you!

Rum was not brewed in a day..and there are many ways to reach Rum!

How is that, Kru? Kru? Kru?


PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

please for those who post THERE positive about me... just leave it... it's useless energy...enjoy your life with your beloved ones... don't get angry on that crap... they can't do anything else ... and they even think and believe, they are right with what they do

Oh boy, twisted words here, to many twisted words here...and he accuses US of twisting his words..."There"= booze talk for "Their?" "Your "beloved" ones = booze talk for, well, "loved ones," perhaps? Or maybe a eulogy???

... and it has no influence on me or EndoGyn. Not me, they are the loosers, that throw their life away...

Great! Alright!! It is not our intentions to have any influence over Endogyn, one way or the other! Now that we have THAT straight, lets continue, folks! Can't do no harm...Kru says so himself! NO more "whinning" about US, Kru, as long as we have no influence over you, Endogyn, or your life, no harm in us playing wich ya, is there, buddy? NO more emails to your patients, other surgeons, anyone else, as there is no harm in anything we are saying or doing, right buddy!

Karen, you can rest now, no harm done to Kru! Whoew...well, now THAT felt good!

Anyway their life seems to be full of garbage and nonsense and nothing worth, if they use it for their slander agenda... poor ones...nothing worth ... no contribution to anything that is positive ... only garbage and contra-productive destructive energy ...

Yeah! Right on, Kru! You go guy! Your on a roll now!

Whatcha mean, "destructive energy?" Who? Us? We thought you just said we had NO influence over anything with you? Hey, Kru, you lying again, man? Come on, your lying again! You playing with us, Kru! Man, we bit, and you were just lying again. All in one email, one you just don't stop that lying stuff, do ya!

I feel sorry for their children, partners and relatives for getting so much NEGATIVE energy, but they probably have any kids or partners or relatives ... they probably all left the club of destruction...

Probably! YOUR probably lying again, as you always lie, so why would anyone believe your words here? We don't! And he goes on, and on and on......

and I am getting to vomit because of dealing with such human... and their language and IQ levels... pfuj... shu, ugh, puh

Poor Kruschnski! He cannot handle all this corruptness, lies about him! His tender heart cannot except such vile accusations against him, his compassion for others struck deep by all of this, his hopes, dreams, less money, greed, need of attention, his demeaning ways, injuring patients, patients suffering because of his bad surgery, all his lies, his horrendous lifestyle, women, booze, lost family, lost children, poor quality friends, being caught in his con games, losing his bussiness, his fame, his home, his Abdolift, his book, of course he is sick to his stomach! Anyone would be when they know they got caught!

Kruschinski got caught!

I prefere animals ... to my own children and people that is! (Lucky kids!)

So much for Michi! Karen, wonder he deletes their stuff from Endogyn!

Poor, Poor Dubin
To be preferd by Kru is animal abuse!

Poor David (Gucci) Corrupted already!

Maybe Tom will be spared!

Kind regards and keep smiling ...

Daniel Kruschinski, (Has Been),,,,,


Anonymous said...

My gosh, what a post! I am nearly speechless.
I am thinking about the person who recently wrote to IHRT (about one month ago) saying that she was there for her third look, and about ready to leave for home, when another pt came into the Rondell office, and the first pt. was quickly ushered out and into a cab for the airport because Kru did not want the two pts. to talk to each other. Also the first pt. spoke some German, so Kru was always very quiet and guarded around her.
Interesting, no?

I wonder what he said to his "team" when the rest of us were in surgery?

1. This one is a mess. Let's leave half the adhesions and tell her they were unreachable.
2. I am really tired. Let's finish this up and go out for a beer. I will show her some nice photos of somebody else's insides, she will never know the difference. She will feeel better for a couple months, and then she will be back. Let's see, $10,000 the first time, $6000 the second time, hmmmm, this is a good deal for me.

Anonymous said...

It´s sick, it´s only sickness in your own head. I can not tell you how much I laughed about that "report". How old are you, that you are hiding behind Pinocchio and Cinderella? Your crazy and that fact is with your post proven! Go to a psychotherapist and hope for your salvation.

Anonymous said...

This page is the worst crap I've ever laid eyes on. How stupid can an adult person be so write so many wrong things. You are sick you desperately need help - or better - you need to be put away forever!!!! Regards from a german patient of Dr. Kruschinski who is more than happy with the two surgergies he performed on me.
Stay away from him you sick person!

Anonymous said...

It is great that you are more than happy with the two surgeries he preformed on you. Maybe you will be one of the lucky few. On the other hand, if in a few months or a few weeks, you have re-occurring problems, you can always go back to him for more and more procedures, as some people have gone there every year it seems.
If you decide at a later time, that you were deceived, you can contact IHRT, they understand the issues and will not turn their backs to you.
Some people have made three or four trips to Kru, and are still in very severe pain, and it is not "some other cause" such as their gallbladder or whatever, and Kru tells them, "I do not want to see you again." (GO AWAY!).
Then when they tell others by e-mail or phone calls, they are told to shut up and stop making trouble, and threatening e-mails are written to them.
I was one of these people. I received threatening e-mails from some of his advocates, threatening to sue me because I spoke the truth, telling people that my pain is severe.
There is more than one side to this issue.

Anonymous said...

Well my two surgeries were different ones and both took place a while ago. So I really can say that he sure cured my problems, where 3 other doctors made my misery with every surgery worse in the two years before I consulted him! And when I talked to him the first time, he never promised me 100% success, he said, its gone now we have a good chance that it gets better but you must be aware that it can come back - well lucky me - it didnt. And I know many many people that are fine after having surgery performed by him - and they are not only fine for a few months but years.
And the other thing is - I am not a patient who paid him for his surgery - it was all covered by my normal health insurance - and they pay just the lowest rate so you can be assured that there was no profit for him. So he never made money with me, and he never did on the other patients I know. AND - he never turned me down - he was there for me when I needed him or his office staff. They were there when I thought I am not living trough the next week with my pain.
That is why I don't understand all this bad writing about him. With some patients it takes longer and more surgeries, other patients don't even need the second look. And some people you can help only so much and not more. Try to understand that we all have different states of illness, and sometimes its just not possible to heal 100%. I know the expectations are high and you want to be ok one hundred percent - but sometimes it is just not possible anymore. But I am sure he at least could minimize the pain that you had to live with before you had surgery done by him. Its very sad that a lot of patients can not be healed - but please be honest and look around how many many of his former patients live a painfree and happy life!
Thank you for your time and best regards

IHRT said...

IHRT has been contacted by MANY people who say they have not been helped. Some people made three or four or five trips to Germany for surgery by Kru.
They say that they had absolutely no relief of pain, or just a little relief for a few weeks, and then it all came back, or even that they were much worse after the surgery.
And on the other hand, there are people who swear that they are abolutely pain-free.
Although of course there were no guarantees, nobody expected to get WORSE. People were all told "you have nothing to lose", but that turned out to not be the reality. They are in worse pain, they are broke, and they have lost hope.