Thursday, August 10, 2006

Kruschimski "entfernt" Landkreis Passau Krankenhaus

Kruschimski "entfernt" Landkreis Passau Krankenhaus
IHRT tips it's hat to the "AYURVEDA am Krankenhaus Rotthalmünster" Passau for stepping out to protect it's patients from Kruschinski!It is not for a Klinik to place it's image and reputation before patient consideration, and IHRT is very pleased to say that your Klinik has stepped up to the plate showing that you are a first rate hospital!

This is a step in the right direction!Bravo, Bravo, Dr. Kronpass MD (Chefarzt Dr. Ludwig Kronpaß)

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--------------------Dr. med. Daniel Kruschinski

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Anonymous said...

Well if there was ever a question as to who caused the downfall of Dr. Kruschinski, the Ayursan decision to get rid of him proves that it was not the two women of IHRT.

How could two women writing on their own blog ever influence a hospital to ban Dr. Kru?

There has to be a lot more to it.
One can only imagine.
For a really long time, I thought that IHRT was exaggerating when they said that Kru had been kicked out of 5-10 former clinics.

I thought I was one of the FEW who had bad results, now I see that I was one of the MANY who had bad results.
But it seems more plausible now.
It seems that he worked in a lot of places before the Emma Klinic. Nobody will ever know the full truth (except him), but the fact that so many people were tricked by him is just so upsetting.

I wonder just what he did in some of our surgeries that made everything so much worse. Did he deliberately chose not to remove certain adhesions, so some people would have to go back to him? Did he give us our own photos or copies of somebody else's photos? Did he leave something inside certain pts. like a gauze? Did he use adequate sterilization
methods of his instruments and the abdolift? Did powder from surgical gloves fall into the "ports" and cause an inflammatory response and more adhesions?
A few people say they are pain-free, adhesion-free, and doing great, but what happened to the large numbers of people who are no better, and in many cases, so much worse?
Much worse than before