Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Kruschinski - "The Master" speaks

Dear Brigitta, and all.....

Endogyn is closed down.

Kruschinski is not performing any surgeries and has been dismissed from all Kliniks listed in the web site. All photos of Kruschinski with other surgeons and patients are not associated to any klinik or office if you read them, but rather are made to appear like they are associated with a functioning "Endogyn!"

IHRT is deeply sad that you had to find out this way, but it is in your best interest never to seek a surgery with Kruschinski again! His "nurse" Michi is NOT a nurse, he has no office and is doing, " bussiness" only visa a lap top computer in an apartment in Mainz. There is a lady, Mrs. Lotz, who is answering the "Endogyn" phone only one day a week for a few hours, and this is from her apartment!
NO patient files, NO office equipment to assist you with your billing issues, nothing but a phone!

Kruschinski has been stopped from performing surgeries, and this was done for the benefit of all who might be blinded by his lies and many other fraudulant practices, not to mention his many unethical behaviors in his medical, civil and social dealings!

Kruschinski IS the "master" of his own life, no matter where that takes him, HE mastered it for hiself! Not IHRT, Not patients, Not Kliniks, Not family members, Not his mistress, Not his colleges.... ONLY HIMSELF!
Kruschinski has ruined his own life, as in his hands he is the best at doing that and has a 100% success rate too!

More from the "Master" himself.....
Anonymous said... (Daniel Marion Kruschinski)

Your destructive laities will never quit.
Now you go at night and take photos of what? The Rondell with its lights turned off? You do not prove anything with your lies of proof... as concering the other two photos, what are they?
A reflection of what is seen when somebody took a photo thru the window (no better than a belly reflection with a broken endoscope), and some green railings. what does that prove?
Anyway, I already told you that I can do whatever I want to do. Close one place, open another.
I am my own master. Signed,Marion
7:45 PM 7/8/06

Just when you might think "Kru" is being honest...poof!
He can be proven a liar!
Lady from Ireland adhesion free in her 2nd look...
Posted Tuesday, August 8, 2006 @ 09:40 AM

The lady from Ireland which had surgery last Monday, had her 2nd look yesterday and was adhesion free.
Today we had a severe adhesiolysis case from Germany, that had 14 surgeries. All adhesions could be taken down.
Regards --------------------Daniel Kruschinski, MD)
EndoGyn.com, Adhesions.de, Hysterectomy.de, Fibroids.de, Endometriosis.de, gasless-laparoscopy.com

Posted Thursday, July 6, 2006 @ 09:17 PM
only in Passau...
--------------------Daniel Kruschinski, MD)
EndoGyn.com, Adhesions.de, Hysterectomy.de, Fibroids.de, Endometriosis.de, gasless-laparoscopy.com

Kru was busy, busy posting all over IHRT and ARDblog, AND performing surgery in Passau, using the Abdolift on an intestinal adhesiolysis?
Krankenhaus-Rotthalmuenster, has more brains then to allow this "crack-pot" to do a surgery at thier Klinik, and no way will they allow the Abdolift to be abused in the way Kru abuses it! Kru may be stupid, but Krankenhaus-Rotthalmuenster isn't!!
Everyone is aware that Kruschinski is computer and bragging crazy, however, there are NO posts in the "AyurSan hospitalRotthalmĂĽnster-Passau" forum!,%2BHospital%2BRotthalm%25C3%25BCnster.%26hl%3Den%26lr%3D%26sa%3DG

Kru cannot be in two places at the same time....and for more reasons then one...no one wants him around!

p54A96E3D.dip.t-dialin.net (Deutsche Telekom Ag)
Rheinland-pfalz, Mainz, Germany,
8 returning visits
7th August 2006
10:08:08 AM


IHRT said...

Aw Jeez Daniel,
You set Karen off again to write more horrific, maudlin poetry.
That is the one thing I can't take.
Make her stop, I'll do anything just please sir for all humanities sake...
Make Her STOP!

Anonymous said...

Interesting opinion expressed by "Dr. Dan the Man who Can":

American pts. have worse surgical outcomes. American pts. take lots of heavy duty pain meds whereas German pts. only take antiflugistics (anti-inflammatory meds like advil).
Very interesting.
I guess it is true that the Germans are the Master Race.
American pts. are just babies who cannot endure even a little pain. We probably do not even really need advil for the pain of intestinal obstructions. If we were not all such uptight babies, maybe we would be more relaxed and never develop adhesions in the first place.