Saturday, August 05, 2006

Who suffers when the money is paid?

There are things worst then death! I am doing great and I am fine and perform the best surgeries ever... every week ! Kind regards and let's all keep smiling ...

Until we get rid of those surgeons who think they can do it all, and without consideration for the patients, people will continue to suffer and die from Adhesion Related Disorder!

??Who does the suffering after the money is spent??

In memory of
Susan Stransky
Died April 15, 2000

Battling the pain of adhesions for many years, in April of 1999 Tammy Wynette died in her home!

Rochelle “Shellie” S. Sabowski died July 13, 2003 (10 years of suffering with ARD) age 38

Marjorie Lee Wantz, age 58, Sodus, Michigan Died October 23, 1991. Dr. Kavorkiens 2nd "patient!" Can we blame her!!!

Marion Lewis Born: February 1931 - Died July 26 2000

Gus, lots of surgeries, but no children!

Cindy (left)
Cindy McAleer November 13 1962 ~ June 11 2000

Christine Buelteman had adhesions for 9 Years before detection
Diagnosed on November 9, 1999 ·
Husband & 3 Children ·
Born on December 3, 1952 · Died January 2000 (from a perforated stomach during an adhesiolysis procedure)


In Memoriam


Tammy was sent home like this after an adhesiolysis! Surgeon called her a "frequant flyer" to the ER!