Thursday, August 24, 2006

NEW Endoskopische Gynäkologie at Endogyn

INTRODUCING the services at the "New and Improved" Endogyn - Web-Cam Computer based Endoscopic Gynecology!

"Nurse" Michi Katzer, alias, Czerwinski, alias Reimann, who has no nursing documents, but she has recently updated her CV in the Endogyn site! So she has THAT going for her! Here we see her preparing for a web-cam gyn consultation!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Receptionist" Mrs. Lotz, who is answering the "Endogyn" phone one day a week for a few hours, and this is from her apartment near Seligenstadt! Mrs. Lotz is no joke, as she multi-tasks her receptionist skills between cleaning and cooking in her apartment. How she accomplishes her receptionist skills is beyond IHRT as she has NO patient files, NO office equipment, NOTHING but a phone, broom, mop and microwave!! So, she has THAT going for her!


Kruschinski alias Kruczinsky said, "Anyway, I AM Endogyn, where I am Endogyn is. I already told you that I can do whatever I want to do. Close one place, open another. I am my own master. EndoGyn is not a buidling and not a facility."

"EndoGyn is not a buidling and not a facility. It has to start new avoid mistakes done before.
We continue to perform surgeries and probably in a better facility than it was before and more secure for patients. (see pictures of new Endogyn Office below)
Patients are coming, even if DB / DR don't believe it and try to make every one to believe that to. "I still function, whatever they do and say, makes them even more angry and they attack even more, but those attacks lately are nothing than garbage and not effective, as I have nothing to loose anymore…
Those patients, believing this bullshit, anyway would not even understand an informed consent as Dawn Rose didn't understand it and what I was telling her.
And their attacks on the german board and patients ... no chance to win there !
No one believes garbage of mentally ill and drugs-addicted ...
So let's wait and see... "
--------------------Daniel Kruschinski, MD),,,,,


ENDOGYN Web-Cam Located in the apartment of:
Katzer, Michaela Passauer Str. 22 Rotthalmuenster, 94094 DE
Phone: +49 171 6204621 Fax: +49 7000 3636496 (Fax not working,sorry!)


Cash must be paid at the time of the computer web-cam consultation, per Endogyn's new infrastructure! 10,000 Euros NOW!


Endogyn reception area...

What do you mean I didn't pay? I paid cash!

WHOEW!! Can I make an appointment with Endogyn???


Patient accomodations: These apartments are not owned by Shirli Homburg

Shared rooms at 3000Euros per day - cash only.


Bar in each room, additional cost added to bill -cash only.


Partial bath, no showers or baths. Shared toilets - No extra charge


Meals served, at your own risk. 100 Euros per day - cash only. Supply your own food.


You do your own laundry and bed changes, after all, Michi, is NOT the housekeeper!


Remember, "Endogyn" we're only a phone call away, and it's FREE! Tollfree Phone consulting with Dr. Kruschinski only Germany, every Thursday between 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm (except holiday times)


IHRT questions the services being offered through =12thISGERegionalMeeting


IHRT ask "Kru" how he will provide research and statistics at the PAX meeting next month, when all his research and stats were bogus?? We look forward to seeing what you present there, Kru, and more so, IF you will present there! IHRT is watching this meeting as it unfolds!!>>>> PAX: Session 3 The CO2 pneumoperitoneum during laparoscopy
Gazless laparoscopy
Daniel Kruschinski ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

IHRT asks "Kru" who will be sued for libel and slander and when will the,"conspiracy team" be sued, Kru? You pulled all these people into YOUR drama, only to throw them to waste when the truth is, there is no libel or slander, only truth!
Closing the story ....
Doc Kru
Posted Monday, July 24, 2006 @ 03:11 PM "Actions can be taken now to finally close this kind of slander in the internet.
The extreme libel destroyed so much, so a way will be found to sue the "conspiracy team" for compensation of the damage they caused.
It's the most severe libel action with the longest duration that was found on the internet. Special orgnaisations are involved in securing legal actions agains the "conspiracy team". To all that story:
I can only say, there were some obstacles to overcome, but I am still doing surgery ... and EndoGyn is in full function...
And anything this people publish, scream or shout is going to happen...
No FBI, no closing of EndoGyn, no investigations....


Posted Friday, August 4, 2006 @ 08:45 AM

There are anonymus people, illiterates drugs-addicted, mental ill human and other idiots throwing all kind of trash at me, my family, kids, relatives, my surrounding, cooperation partners, collaborators ... they even throw puss on outstanding surgeons, visiting me...

"Kru" cried,
If they couldn't reach anything by throwing garbage on me for 3 years, they started to involve my kids and people in my surrounding, even my dead dog is involved in that crap... and it's going to be the lowest level of human interaction, one can think, but please see yourself:

IHRT was concerned for "Kru's dog", we are glad that it rests in peace! More then we can say for the rest of us who have suffered at the hands of Kruschinski! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

IHRT asks for the official nurse's documents of Michaela Katzer!

Oh, here it is!!!

IHRT asks Kru, " Why haven't we seen any new pictures of you??

Oh! Here one is!!


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