Sunday, August 13, 2006

IHRT had company! (More then once!)
And, a couple of IHRT members also received some phone calls, long, long distance ones that is, and they were about....

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IHRT can also tell you that we know you got a "spanking" from your mentor after she visited Endogyn, and our web sites last week! She wasn't happy at what you were doing, you naughty, you had to clean your room to apease her (as you have followed her around like a shadow ever since you and she were at the 1998-2000, and everywhere else since then!)

You will probably be the fall of her as well as yourself....and though you cleaned your room up as she ordered you to do, she will find out that all you really did was push the stuff under the bed, so to speak!
Dr. M....LOOK for the dirt from in Endogyn's TRASH BINS in each of it's message boards!
"Kru" is a sly one!


Anonymous said...

Dear IHRT,
The other night on "Dr. Phil", the topic was women who have been conned by CON ARTISTS, and how some of them go on a obsessive mission to get REVENGE.
You could teach them a few tricks, but eventually you are going to run out of ideas, and find another outlet for your creativity and rage.
I don't know what to think or say. I wrote it support of him, but now all those messages of support are trashed.
He ASKED me to write in support of him, and then he TRASHED our letters of support.

Anonymous said...

I want to say that Dr.'s, priests, lawyers, and teachers, among other proffesionals are JUST people! If people want to place them up on a pedistal like some sort of deity, then those people will be easy to scam and con!
To be educated and aware of who your dealing with and what to expect from them, you have some semblance of protection from being scammed.
You do not need to be hostile, aggressive or nasty in your behavior with persons in authority positions, but you had better be assertive enough to ask ALL your questions, and then check up on ALL the answers! If it sounds to good to be true....well, then it is probably not true!

I think some of "Kru's" crew realized that he was a "schmuck and con man," and that he was being dishonest with them, and others, but they had promoted him so much and so loud for so long, that they did not know how to save face when they realized he really was a danger to patients, a liar, cheat and con artists!
Even if someone saves your life, are you committed to uncondition allegiance to that person no matter what he does? NO!

The more that comes out about Kruschinski, the more one realizes that this is not a "conspiracy" against him, but rather,it IS just HIM!

I can't stop reading about him as just when I think I cannot be shocked anymore, things like this come along to prove me wrong!

Why is his bank searching about him??? Is it about the cash we all paid him!??? Do they know we all paid him cash?? Maybe they SHOULD know!!

PS: I was trashed by Kruschinski!

Anonymous said...

Dear Daniel,
I waited for you at the Chicken Cart in Selingenstadt, but you did not show up. And, you do not answer your cell phone. Where are you? I am getting worried.
Are we still going to the PAX conference? I need to know for sure so I can plan. Please contact me.
PS: How is that hairpiece that I made for you holding up? Looks real, right?

Anonymous said...

Dear Tyfune,
Sorry I did not make it to our meeting, I was so busy doing surgeries in Bavaria, and I just forgot. Please forgive me.

The hairpiece you made for me is great. I can even take a shower and swim in the hot spa, and the hairpiece stays in place, except for one tiny section which seems to be coming unglued, that part flops up and down if I shake my head too vigorously. I guess the glue you used is not holding up as good as the Spray Gel that I use in my work. Oh well, nothing is guaranteed 100%.
Can you re-glue that part? Please meet me tomorrow morning at 4 am at the back door of your beauty salon. I do not want anyone to see me because I have an image to maintain. I am sure you understand. Call me tonite, ok?

Anonymous said...

Dear Kru,
Ok, fine, as you say, we will take the opportunity of a "Backdoor Look" (third look), which will reveal so much data about this method.
I will meet you at the backdoor tomorrow at 4 am. My services will be at no charge, but of course there will be a charge for the glue, and for the use of the chair in the salon, but you will be getting a huge discount. Bring cash.
Your friend,

Anonymous said...

Dear Kru,
You have stood me up FOUR times. Four times you were supposed to meet me at a certain place, and you just did not appear.

I have had it with you!

I am tired of you wasting my time.

And I am tired of your excuses. First you tell me that you just forgot, then the second time you tell me that you were involved with international phone calls. Then the third time you tell me you tried to call me but your cell phone did not work in the stairways of Krankenhouse Rotmuenster, then the fourth time you tell me that you were busy writing your paper and it slipped your mind.
You are wasting my time, and time is money in my business. Go away, and never call me again.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tyfune,
I no not accept your letter. It is unacceptable to me. So I am asking you to give me another chance.
You say that I did not meet your expectations on attempt 1,2,3,4. What do you expect, perfection? Some situations are just too complicated to be easily resolved. Please come back, I need you, so very much.
I have a questions....It is Ok to ask questions, isn't it? Do you take credit cards? I went to the bank to withdraw some cash, but there was a minor problem. Somebody emptied my bank account. I think that it was one of those mentally ill drug addicted former patients who have been persecuting me. You can call the cell phone of the person who does OI (OR)instrumentation for me. Don't call my wife. She is really mad at me and I do not want her to be bothered any more than she already is.
Your buddy Kru
PS: Yes, we are still going to the PAX conference in OCT.and I REALLY need you to come with us. I want to look my very best and lately I have been having a long string of "bad hair days." <

Anonymous said...

Dear Kru,
What is wrong with you man? How many times do I have to tell you that the PAX meeting is not in October. It is Sept 28-29 in Belgium. Look at the picture on your own web site. See that beautiful cathedral?
I really like you Kru, and you are such an athletic and trim guy (like me)that perhaps we could repel down those spires, after your speech of course. What do you say, whould you be interested in that?
But no imbibing of alcohol before we repel down. I need to be able to depend on you, so please do not drain the wine glasses of your colleagues after they have left their tables. And please drink only water with the meal, with gas or without gas is OK.
I heard that the nurses at the Emma Klinic messed up and gave some of your post-surgical patients water that had gas in it, and that is what caused their comlications. So the Emma Klinic has extra water with gas, for a reduced rate. I am thinking of buying some for the salon.
What do you think about this? What is really better, gas or gasless? Is it true that in your work, you can start with a bit of gas to get things going, and then change to gasless, and then back to gas for the low-down areas?
I will explain more when I see you. Don't forget to call me. I am trusting you this ONE LAST TIME.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tyfune,
I will answer your questions when I see you. So many questions! Are you writing a scientific study on me?
Let's not let our professions blur here!
And another thing, the term "On the down low" has a really scandalous meaning in the U.S.and also in Europe, so maybe you should NOT use the expression "low down areas." It could scare people off or at least give them the wrong idea about you, and about me. We have our profesional reputations to protect. Call me when you get this and we will set up our time and I promise I will not disapoint you again.
Your buddy Kru.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kru,
I tried to call you, but your phone has been disconnected.
So, this is my only way of contacting you. PLEASE CALL ME as soon as you get this message.

Ok, I will give you one more chance to make things right between us. But because you did not get here within the first three months after your initial procedure, for this "back door approach", I can no longer offer you my services for free, so please wire cash immediately into my NEW private bank account, so I can make all the proper arrangements ahead of time.
Your charges will include the cost of the "glue-gel spray", which is $1000 per kit, also the cost for the use of the salon chair, and the cost of my special services, which as you know are only available "within my hands". As you know, I am the best in the world for this type of service, which by the way I am going to be publishing a paper about soon in a journal called "Image Technologies". Oh wow, I am really excited to see my work in print. The article will indicate that it is 5-year follow-up about 35 people whose image I enhanced, but actually, I have only been doing it with the special "glue-gel spray" for four years, and so there really is no data about ANYBODY regarding what happens after five years, but hey! I do not think my readers will figure that out. They are not smart enough! Because of copywrite laws, I can not tell you any details, except that for those clients who had their "second look" check-up by me one week after the initial procedure, 101% of them had no lack of adhesion of the hairpiece. I think that is pretty good result, don't you?
And,it is probably going to take longer since you have waited so long, so I willl personally order a breakfast for you to be prepared by the cook from the restaurant next door. This meal will contain many special ingredients that will speed the process of the long-term effects of the "glue-gel" method. It will contain finely powdered brazil nuts, which have been reported to increase the potency of the "Glue gel spray", to get the best results.
Ok, Kru, I am glad that we are friends again.
Your buddy,
PS: Some jealous people have started a rumor that I am in love with you or you are in love with me, but you and I know the TRUTH!