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IHRT Presents " Halloween at Endogyn"

Fact or Fiction?
DNA connects a mad scientist of today to one from the past!

In the movies, scientists are quite often "mad," and have been so since the silent movies.

The things they do, however, have been fairly consistent. They tend to be smarter than the “normal” human being, and wittier, often of a boastful nature. A surprising number can play Bach's Toccata and Fugue from memory. They will persevere despite repeated failures. These are usually on human subjects whose remnants, living or dead, are stored in commodious basements. Often unreliable technical equipment, anatomical parts and/or lab assistants plague these scientists.

What is it that we love about the mad scientists in our movies and history? Is it because their probing of the unknown piques our curiosity? Is it their seeming superiority to the common herd? Or is it that they -- at least for a while -- get away with more than we can?

They do so in many realms of knowledge. Some of them are practical, and quest for better things for the human race. Others are decidedly less practical. One of their most prominent technologies has been advanced medicine. Filmic mad scientists of the 1930s and 1940s led the vanguard in such efforts as keeping organs alive outside the body, cryogenics, new methods of surgery, robotic parts for humans, and new serums. Others harnessed electricity for all sorts of uses, but mostly to bring dead flesh back to life (always a useful ability), or to power advanced robots and death rays. It is the potential for cutting-edge science that makes fictions about the subject relevant.

These “mad scientists” are enthusiastic about their work, perhaps even carried away with it. They will let no one get in their way, especially those who call them insane, and start -- but do not finish -- going for the authorities. Generally their creations, be they mechanical or living, go out of control. Until the climax, that is, when they turn on their creator(s) and soon destroys them. This is usually due to “fate” or "God," which restores the status quo against the blaspheming mad scientist. And it is this last motif that connects the various aspects of the subject together: the "god-like" man who rejects the accepted ways and pursues the unknown, running into trouble as a result.

Few really believe in vampires, monsters and witches, but these enduring characters of Halloween have a basis in real life that is often more interesting than the fantasy.
Think of Halloween and your mind conjures images of ghosts, vampires, witches and monsters.

Our modern versions of them have largely been crafted by popular literature and, more influentially, the movies. But like many fantastic characters of myth and lore, they have a basis in reality.

Sometimes the true stories of these creatures that haunt our imaginations are just as weird and amazing as their fictional incarnations.

IHRT Presents for Your Halloween Entertainment
“The REAL Monsters of Halloween”


Castle Frankenstein –Darmstadt Bavaria Germany

The castle is perched atop a bluff of rock, a Gothic array of towers and pinnacles looming over the Rhine valley and once home to a troop of medieval knights. The hilly Oldenwald, which lies to the south of Darmstadt, is an area of little villages, rustic farms and Gothic churches.
The hilltops are crowned with thick forest while the valleys are framed with flower-studded meadows. The drive to Castle Frankenstein from
Darmstadt station, takes 20 minutes.
First, you will cross the pancake-flat Rhine valley with its patchwork of asparagus and potato fields, then the road suddenly swings upwards and you are hurtle around a series of tight, vertiginous bends towards your destination. A 'Welcome to Castle Frankenstein,' sign greets you when your stomach-churning drive finally ends. The year, 2004!
You feel anxious as you near the huge doors that will take you into unknown areas of the castle, and as you enter, you see the first of two medieval towers built in the 16th century by Sir George Frankenstein. The towers are dimly lit by the fires of torches placed high in sconces set deep into the stone walls, walls that seem to reach forever skyward. As you continue to walk down the dusky, damp halls through the towers you realize that the foreboding halls of this impregnable fortress guarding the Rhine are consuming you and you start to think that you might never see the outside world again. Your fear heightens your every sense as you search shadowy crevices and gaze into the darkness with more anxiety then eager curiosity.
You smell terrible smells, hear terrible sounds, everything is so confusing, moving to fast to be real, your feeling weak, scared, and with each step you seem to be taken back in time; then you see it, a door, and it is opening, someone is coming toward you, it’s a man, a, a Dr. and he is dressed in period clothing from the 18th century!

This can’t be! All of a sudden your mind is filled with the thoughts of the experiments of the mad scientist, Italian physician Luigi Aldini, who in 1760 had injected a current of electricity into the head of a newly executed murderer, causing an array of horrible spasms, one of which opened the corpse's left eye! As this oddly dressed Dr. comes toward you, he is smiling as though you were a long lost relative. You do not recognize him, yet there IS something familiar about that smile, but what is? Your heart is racing with fear, your head swims and then…..your world goes black!

You wake in a sweat to find yourself strapped on a cold hard table in one of the castle's inner chambers, the same room in which a boy was born of refugee parents from Poland in 1673. In later life that boy turned man, would sign himself von Frankenstein in recognition of his birthplace. But he was never a nobleman, nor a blood relation of the Frankenstein family.
The dates, the years, the similarities of then and now are all merged into one blur in your mind as you are wheeled into a modern operating room in a foreign country.
Eyes that look like yours are everywhere, eyes behind masks, eyes everywhere looking at you, then voices, lots of words but in a language you don’t understand. The Dr., that smile, it is one and the same, how can that be in this modern age, but you will get no answer to that question, as once again your world goes black, and the experiments begin!

Johann Konrad Dippel (1673-1734)

The Frankenstein Monster
ur story starts out with the birth of an 18th century mad scientist who was born in 1673 in Germany at - believe it or not - Castle Frankenstein! Johann Konrad Dippel (1673-1734) was born to immigrants to Germany, and has no “blood” relationship to the Frankenstein’s of Noble German decent!
Dipple, a man of great pride, felt no limitations to his intellect and was interested in pursuing the great mysteries of life. When he registered at the University of Giessen (sixty miles north of the real Castle Frankenstein near Darmstadt, Germany), he registered as "Franckensteina." Some three years later he completed his dissertation. As it was a skeptical work -- whose title De Nihilo meant "On Nothing" -- it outraged many of his superiors. Dipple flaunted that he was smarter than the “normal” human being, and wittier, and was often of a boastful nature, and with an attitude that gave one the impression he could care less what others thought of him!
Educated as a physician, Dippel set up a laboratory at Castle Frankenstein where he would be free to conduct his bizarre experiments. There's no record of whether or not he had a hunchbacked assistant named Igor, but Dippel (who often went by the name Konrad Frankensteina) spent a lot of his time with his hobby of alchemy - a popular pursuit of the day. Alchemy(1) is a kind pseudoscientific experimentation with the elements - crazy chemistry - whose ultimate challenge was to be able to turn lead into gold. Dippel was also fascinated by the possibility of immortality through scientific means.
Though a brilliant scientist, Dipple got caught up in the dark world of alchemy and body snatching. He really did use the parts of butchered animals and exhumed human corpses in his vain attempt to "engender life in the dead," in his own words. He claimed to have the secret of the “philosopher's stone,”(2) as well as the ability to create life.
Unlike his literary and cinematic "decedents," Dippel did not rig up the body parts to elaborate lightning-powered gizmos and spark generators. Rather he boiled everything - skin, muscle, bone, blood, hair and organs - in large vats. When the surrounding community got wind of what Dippel was up to, maybe they didn't storm his castle with torches, shovels and rakes, but they did kick him out of town.
Dipple returned to Guessen hoping for a fellowship there, but meeting with a cold reception there, he went to Wittenberg, where his fortunes proved no better. At Strasburg, his views made it impossible for him to establish any connection with that university, but he did do some lecturing on astronomy and palmistry, preaching frequently in a spirit that soon led him to be dismissed. Dipple had developed a lifestyle
That ultimately forced him back to his native place, a fugative from his collectors!
Finding a new faith, Dipple entered into it with a fierce pace that led him to fame. In less then two years he 14 controversial writings on the theme of morals verses dogma, among other subjects, and like everything else he ever did, he went to extremes, which subjected him to persecution from the clergy and even from the mob, by whom his life was threatened.
By 1704 Dipple had moved to Berlin and devoted his researches to alchemy and deluded at one time that he had solved the problem of transmutation! He was driven out of Berlin and fled to Kostrits, thence moved on to Holland, where he lived for some time near Amsterdam. In 1711 he practiced medicine in Leyden, and wrote a number of papers on theology and in 1714 had his papers published. In this same year he relocated to Altona, in Sleswick-Holstein where an imprudent incursion into politics aroused the hatred of high officials, and in 1719 he was condemned to perpetual imprisonment. Though the full sentence was never carried out, Dipple did live for 7 years in semi-confinement on the island of Bornholm. Released in 1726, he went to Sweden where he became the physician to King Frederick I. Once again he aroused the clergy there and was banished from the country.
Returning to Germany, he took up residence in Liebenberg, near Goslar, and
Continued his studies in alchemy. Though he abstained entirely from theological controversy, the clergy compelled him to flee, and he found refuge with the Count of Wittgenstein-Berleburg. His last years were largely taken up by violent controversy with Zinzendorf over the nature of the Atomement.
Once again, fleeing persecution, Dipple returned to “Frankenstein Castle” in Bavaria, Germany where rumors circulated that he was again collecting body parts to assist in the making of a formula that Dipple claimed would allow him to live to the age of 135. On the morning of April 24th, 1734, Dipple’s body was found in his laboratory by one of his friends. It is believed that he died by drinking his own potion.

After a tumultuous and lonely life, Johann Konrad Dippel became another legend in the history of Frankenstein, though he would never be recognized for his scientific abilities, instead he became known as "Dipple the Alchemist".

They say that all the spirits of those who were experimented on during Dipple’s time haunt the “Frankenstein Castle” yet today, but the haunting does not stop there. A “ NEW” kind of “haunting” out of the “Frankenstein Castle” reveled itself over 233 years later in the birth of another boy born to parents of Polish decent! A direct descendent of the late Johann Konrad Dippel, this boys life will bear an astonishing similarities to that of his infamous relative!!

Revealing the true life experiments of
"Dr. Dipple Hook" aka "Dr. Daniel Kruschisnki"

Daniel Marion Konrad Kruczinsky (1958 - Present)

Madness At The Edge Of Science
Daniel Kruczinsky was born in 1958 in Poland. In 1969 he moved with his family to Munich Germany after his father was released from the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland. His upbringing was tumultuous and lonely as he strived to live up to his father’s expectations, unrealistic expectations that no human being could ever really live up to. Daniel’s boyhood days would be filled with a cold harshness that could only have come out of someone who spent years in a concentration camp, and years where every human emotion was drained from the very core of the prisoner’s body.
With his life missing the essentials necessary for a child to grow strong in self esteem and character, Daniel soon found himself empty of both and not feeling any self worth or value to anyone, he became soon became void of emotions as well.
Early in his youth he started to “create” identities that he thought would give him the recognition and love he always craved, but never received growing up. Though he had a mother, it was the love, attention and respect from his father that he craved throughout his childhood, thus his mother became a non-entity in his life, and continues to be that yet today. Daniel not only created multiple identities, he perfected lies about himself to the point that he became what is known today as a, “pathological liar” in which the liar actually starts to believe their own lies, not being able to tell truth from fiction.
As he moved out into the world, Daniel Kruschinski changed the Polish spelling of his name hoping that he would be better accepted by his peers, and possibly out of feelings that he was not worthy to carry that name having failed receiving respect and love from his father.
He began his medical studies at Düsseldorf University in October 1979, and finished in November 1985. For the dissertation entitled "Selective histochemical zinc presentation in testis of the Wistar rat", carried out at the Anatomical Institute of Düsseldorf University under Prof. H.G. Goslar, he was awarded his doctorate in September 1986 with the mark "Summa cum laude". As his dissertation was a skeptical piece of work, many of his superiors were not surprised as throughout his time at the university, Daniel was seen as being rather, freaky.” Kruschinski flaunted that he was smarter than the “normal” human being, and wittier, and was often of a boastful nature, and with an attitude that gave one the impression he could care less what others thought of him!
In what seemed to be a hasty change of mind from a future in the area of research, Kruschinski turned his education to the area of gynecology and obstetrics at the gynecology clinic of the Franzkiskus-Hospital in Bielefeld under the direction of Prof. Dr. med. J.D. Schnell and continued at the gynecology clinic of Minden Hospital under Prof. Dr. med. H. Wagner. Educated as a physician now, Kruschinski set up practices in private centers where he would be free to conduct his bizarre experiments. There's no record of whether or not he had a hunchbacked assistant named Igor, but “Doc. Kru” (who often went by that name on his Internet message boards) did have an assistant who he said was a nurse, but in reality, she was only his mistress, never having been trained as a nurse, yet working side by side with him in his operating room during these experimental procedures!
From 1990 to 1995, Dr. Kruschinski worked at the Clinic and Polyclinic for Obstetrics of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz under Prof. Dr. med. P.G. Knapstein. Here he established the center for minimally invasive surgery and was in charge of consulting hours for plastic surgery of the breast. After this, Dr. Kruschinski was attending physician at the University Gynecology Clinic at the Knappschaftskrankenhaus Bochum-Langendreer under Prof. Dr. med. A. Jensen. And then in February 1998 he established a surgical office in Alzey, focusing mainly on minimally invasive surgery. Following consultation here, he treated his patients in the Kirchheimbolanden Hospital. Finally, on admission as faculty member to the faculty of medicine of the private Witten / Herdecke University he was made head of the Institute for Endoscopic Gynecology. Little did he know that he would continue to “run” from Klinik to Klinik, and move between some of the same cities that his relative, Johann Konrad Dippel had done for so many years, and for the same reasons as his ancestor had! To name a FEW: Schärding-Austria, Offenbach,
Eilenriedeklinik Hannover, Klinik am Zuckerberg Braunschweigm, Emma Klinik, Seligenstadt, Passua, Rotthalmünster, Bavaria, Bochum-Langendreer, Mainz, Bielefeld, WittenGermany!

Dr. Kruschinski went on to create a world that he was certain would evolve into his wildest dreams, one of fame, fortune and world domination! He created, “EndoGyn® - Institute for Endoscopic Gynecology,” and that move would lead him into the dark world of human experiments, extremes in surgeries, obsessions with surgical techniques, surgical instruments and procedures, pushing things to the limits and beyond. Not seeming to care who got hurt by his extremes, he continued to harvest patients to his operating rooms with lies, deceit, and “charisma!”
His whole life would be filled with short -lived relationships! His peers would continue to find him, “freaky” and “odd” to be around. He started to drink heavy, remaining in his offices day and night! He would write controversial paper’s, which only served to anger those in the scientific world of research, as he wrote them without any proof of validating research associated with them. Time and again, his scientific writings would be proven false in content!
As in keeping with the times, Dr. Kruschinski used the Internet as a means to make himself known, and unfortunately, to make his fortune! For a brief time it seemed as though he would accomplish his dream of becoming a famous International surgeon, a “savior” of sorts. He would even publicly compare himself to “Einstein,” and to “God!” “Doctors from EndoGyn® are now performing surgery in many locations and hospitals. The idea of franchising endoscopic surgery is getting reality” he would say over and over again, seeming only to be fooling him-self!
Dr. Kruschinski made lots of money from performing operations on people from all over the world, people who had to pay him cash if they wanted HIS special 100% proven surgery that he promised would cure them! And pay they did, for a while that is!
Soon these patients were NOT getting well, and many of them were returning to his operating room time and again, and paying cash each time! Some of these patients were almost cut in half in operations were he called himself a “reconstructive surgeon,” yet not ever having had that training! Others were placed on a “hook” that suspended them into the air like beef hanging in the slaughterhouse! Time and again he overused this “hook” apparatus, causing severe damage to those he used it on, and left many of them in horrible, non-reversible pain and disabling symptoms!
“Doc. Kru” even gave discounts to some if they would keep the secret that he did not make them well, let alone cure them! And some patients did this so they could come back and let him try again to heal them, only to find themselves once again on the “hook!”
It soon it became apparent to him that he could no longer “scam” patients over the Internet, and he lost money, causing him to fall into bankruptcy, losing his hospital affiliations time and again, and soon he found himself a fugitive from his collectors! What he did seem to accomplish through his use of the Internet was the cult like followers who, no matter if he had injured them in a surgery, insulted them in a public manner by calling them drug addicts and alcoholics, they continue to praise him! They praise him even after he confessed that he did in fact perform experiments on his patients and then boldly published a paper on it!
Dr. Kruschinski was so void of ethics and morals, that he would deny his Jewish birth when it benefited him, then used it when it benefited him, and at times, he even professed to be a Catholic in order to be “accepted” into a community of Christians at a Klinik he was hoping to infiltrate!
Though Dr. Daniel Kruschniski has lost everything that would associate him to being a Dr., and fleeing from one area of Germany to the other, at ties calling upon patients and colleges to let him sleep in their homes, he lives on, surfacing now and then on the Internet! It is apparent that “Doc. Kru” has reverted back to the original opinion of himself, which is an empty shell of a human being, he uses posts on the Internet as if he is gasping for a breath, as it will only come in the words of praise from those who are as dysfunctional as he is, yet, this IS all that is left of his life.
Soon his Internet web site will shut down, moneys due it not forthcoming and Endogyn will be gone, and as “Doc Kru” said in his own words, “I am Endogyn, and Endogyn is me. Where it is, I am, and so be it!” As he desperately posts his last words, and there is
no way to send them across the Internet, he will breath his last breath before he slides into the murky, darkness of his ways. He will cease to exist! Because of his upbringing, he saw himself as a failure, an empty shell, a “nothing” and in this, he was finally right!

Kru will drown from an emotion he wasn’t even aware that he had. No, it is not guilt of what he did to others, as he is void of that emotion, but from his own inability to be able to be someone he created, and even in that, he failed!

Though unlike his ancestor, Johann Konrad Dippel, Daniel Kruschinski “lives” but he lives as a “nothing.” Dr. Daniel Kruschinski, like his ancestor, Johann Konrad Dippel, after a tumultuous and lonely life, became another legend in the history of Frankenstein, though he too would never be recognized for his scientific abilities, instead he has became known as "Kruschinsky the Phsycho-Surgeon" who experimented on his unsuspecting patients from 2003-2006 and admitted it to the world!”

Where will he surface next? Where YOU one of his victims?
Do YOU know who is performing YOUR surgery?

"Happy Halloween"

(1) “Alchemy” hovered between worlds. It emerged in a time-between-times, after a Dark Age had brightened but before a Renaissance had dawned. It came from Arab and Greek sources, but it flourished in theWest. It lay between faith and philosophy; it still dreamed of heaven, but it focused on the Earth.

(2) The “Philosopher's Stone,” in Latin lapis philosophorum, is a mythical substance that supposedly could turn inexpensive metals into gold and/or create an elixir that would make humans younger, thus delaying death.

Pregabalin for Abdominal Pain From Adhesions / Clinical Trail

Source: Clinicaltrials.gov

Pregabalin for Abdominal Pain From Adhesions
This study is currently recruiting patients.Verified by Henry Ford Health System December 2005
Sponsors and Collaborators:
Henry Ford Health System
Information provided by:
Henry Ford Health System
ClinicalTrials.gov Identifier:
The purpose of this study is to evaluate if pregabalin demonstrates significant reduction in abdominal pain from adhesions.
The study will be prospective, double-blinded and randomized. The study will run for 12 weeks. During the first 7 weeks there will be 2 groups in the study with subjects receiving a placebo or the study drug. During the last 4 weeks of the study, all subjects will be offered the study medication, pregabalin.
Abdominal PainSurgical Adhesions
Drug: Pregabalin
Phase IV
MedlinePlus related topics: Abdominal Pain
Study Type: InterventionalStudy Design: Treatment, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo Control, Crossover Assignment, Efficacy Study
Official Title: Pregabalin for the Treatment of Abdominal Pain From Adhesions: Placebo Controlled Trial
Further study details as provided by Henry Ford Health System:
Expected Total Enrollment: 100
Study start: March 2006Last follow-up: September 2006
not required
Ages Eligible for Study: 18 Years and above, Genders Eligible for Study: Both
Inclusion Criteria:
must have history of prior surgery and documented adhesions during laparoscopy or open laparotomy within 5 years
must have undergone an evaluation to exclude other causes of abdominal pain
abdominal pain must be present for greater than three months duration
Exclusion Criteria:
patients that are pregnant or breast feeding
prior treatment with gabapentin, pregabalin or demonstrated sensitivity to these drugs
patients who are immunocompromised
patients with significant hepatic or renal insufficiency, or any significant hematologic disorder
history of illicit alcohol or drug abuse within one year
documented serious or unstable medical or psychological condition
malignancy within the past 5 years other than in situ squamous cell carcinoma of the skin
Location and Contact Information
Please refer to this study by ClinicalTrials.gov identifier NCT00310765
Helen Gikas, RN, BSN 248-661-7928 hgikas1@hfhs.org
Michigan Henry Ford Health System, West Bloomfield, Michigan, 48322, United States; Recruiting
Helen Gikas, RN, BSN 248-661-7928 hgikas1@hfhs.org Ann L Silverman, MD, Principal Investigator
Study chairs or principal investigators
Ann L Silverman, MD, Principal Investigator, Henry Ford Health System
More Information
Study ID Numbers: 3727Last Updated: September 7, 2006Record first received: March 31, 2006ClinicalTrials.gov Identifier: NCT00310765Health Authority: United States: Institutional Review BoardClinicalTrials.gov processed this record on 2006-10-28

Value of CT-Scan and Oral Gastrografin in the Management of Post Operative Small Bowel Obstruction / Clinical Trial

SOURCE: clinicaltrials.gov

Value of CT-Scan and Oral Gastrografin in the Management of Post Operative Small Bowel Obstruction

This study is not yet open for patient recruitment.
Verified by University Hospital of Rouen October 2006

Sponsored by: University Hospital of Rouen
Information provided by: University Hospital of Rouen
ClinicalTrials.gov Identifier: NCT00389116


Small bowel obstructions are responsible for 2 to 5% of emergency hospital admissions and 20% of all emergency surgical procedures. In 60 to 80% of cases, acute small bowel obstructions are the consequence of intraperitoneal postoperative adhesions. They constitute an extremely frequent pathology, leading to a high rate of hospital admissions and money expense.

Management of small bowel obstruction is based on 2 options: either a surgical approach where all patients are operating on, or a conservative treatment in which surgery is proposed in case of failure of medical treatment. The surgical approach leads to operate on an excessive rate of patients while the medical approach increases the risk of increased small bowel resection, morbidity rate or hospitalization duration.

In order to improve the management of small bowel obstruction, it seems necessary to better distinguish patients that need an emergency surgical procedure from patients in which medical treatment will be useful. Many studies have been performed to investigate the value of imaging in the management of small bowel obstruction, using abdominal X-ray, oral gastrografin administration or CT-Scan.

The aim of this study is to analyse the effect of a systematic performance of imaging investigation on the management of patients presenting with a postoperative small bowel obstruction.

All patients suffering from a postoperative small bowel obstruction will be included in this study. They will be randomised in 2 groups. In group S, patients will have CT-Scan and oral water administration while in group SG, Patients will have CT-Scan and oral gastrografin administration The major end point of this study is to analyse whether imaging examination can reduce the need for a surgical approach or the rate of small bowel resection and to determine its influence on fasting time or hospitalization duration

Condition Intervention Phase
Small Bowel Obstruction
Procedure: oral gastrografin
Phase IV

MedlinePlus related topics: Digestive Diseases

Study Type: Interventional
Study Design: Treatment, Randomized, Single Blind, Active Control, Single Group Assignment

Official Title: Value of CT-Scan and Oral Gastrografin in the Management of Post Operative Small Bowel Obstruction

Further study details as provided by University Hospital of Rouen:
Primary Outcomes: Need for surgical management
Secondary Outcomes: Sensibility and specificity of gastrografin oral administration; Sensibility and specificity of CT-Scan.; Sensibility and specificity of abdominal X-ray.; Fasting time; Hospitalization time; Number of small bowel resection
Expected Total Enrollment: 242


Ages Eligible for Study: 18 Years and above, Genders Eligible for Study: Both
Inclusion Criteria:

Small bowel obstruction in patients with previous abdominal surgery
Exclusion Criteria:

Age less than 18 years
Early small bowel obstruction (less than 4 weeks following abdominal surgery)
Small bowel obstruction in the course of digestive cancer.
Hyperthermic small bowel obstruction
Small bowel ischemia (fever, peritoneal signs, increased leucocytosis)
Pregnancy ( Elevated béta HCG levels)
Inflammatory bowel disease
Previous abdominal radiotherapy
Colorectal obstruction
Location and Contact Information

Please refer to this study by ClinicalTrials.gov identifier NCT00389116

michel scotte, MD,PhD 33232888142 michel.scotte@chu-rouen.fr

Study chairs or principal investigators

michel scotté, MD,PhD, Principal Investigator, CHU Rouen
francois mauvais, MD, Study Director, chg Beauvais
jean-marc regimbeau, MD, PhD, Study Director, CHU amiens
More Information

Study ID Numbers: 2005/069/HP
Last Updated: October 17, 2006
Record first received: October 17, 2006
ClinicalTrials.gov Identifier: NCT00389116
Health Authority: France: Ministry of Health
ClinicalTrials.gov processed this record on 2006-10-28

Sunday, October 29, 2006


A real game of "I SPY" on the International curcuit of mystery and intrigue!
With REAL prizes!!

YOU get to "SHOOT" those who are responsible for the maiming of hundreds of innocent patients harvetsed to "Endogyn - Germany" from 2003 - 2006 by the people seen below here! If YOUR photo shows up in IHRT, YOU win a prize!

Now Presenting "Endogyn's Most Wanted"

AWOL!!!!!! Kruschinski IS ON THE RUN!!
"Doc." Kru aka Daniel Kruschinski
Car license: PA EG 226

Link to phoot of his rentalcar! http://ihrt.blogspot.com/
Last known whereabouts:
im Maritim Stadthotel Hannover
Hildesheimer Strasse 34–40
30169 Hannover (Germany)
Phone: +49 180 36 36 496

If "Kru" is seen with a "scalpel" consider him
"Armed and Dangerous!"
He will most likely be found "drunk" or exhibiting "freaky" behaviors! He is ussually found to be "out of control" throwing "temper tantrums," in public so watch out! Definetly is "crazy," this one is!

Michaela Katzer Passauer Straße 22, 94095 Rotthalmuenster

Risque' reputation, shows lots of skin in public. Masquerades as a nurse, born in East Germany! Might be worth your while to contact as she is single again!


Harry Reich USA
#3 Crestview Dr.
Shrine Acres
Dallas, PA 18708

Director of Endogyn! Never stopped the mad "Doc" Kru from harming patients over a three year period. Owes patients and investors money!


Helen Dynda USA
411 1st St N
Hoffman, MN 56339-4505
Tel.: (320) 986-2898


It appears that Helen harvested patients to surgeries at Endogyn with lies, mis-information, posting bogus information in Endogyn! Never told patients SHE had returned there for more then one surgery, instead she let patients think she was well from her first surgery with "Kru!" Her crime is in her silence! It is IHRTs opinion that she has no ethics, morals or scruples when doing "Kru's" bidding, and she continues to do yet today! Probably knows Kru's where-a-bouts as they both visit IHRT at the same times!

Ms. Jutta Lottz -
Seligenstadt, Germany

Has a reputation of "enjoying" the company of men on a frequant basis, "Kru" also took advantage of her "issue." He said so himself! Might be worth your while to look this one up for more then just photos!


BIG PRIZE for a"face"picture of: Karen Steward
Mother of a patient that Kru said he gave a car too! This "mother" went berserk over Kruschinski for 3 years, and was obsessed with him! She lied, chastized, intimidated and taunted patients for NOT going to Endogyn, then did the same thing if patients who went there were not well and tried to state that! Definately the "Wicked Witch" of the west!

(Though IHRT is not certain of this, it appears that she had "plastic surgery" from Kru, who claims to be a "plastic" surgeon in breast reconstrution!) You might want a "wide" lens for this shot! )

Karen Steward -USA
931 Upper Denton Road,
Weatherford, TX 76085


A couple of "ENDOGYN Jokers" who led many to slaughter!

Sally Grigg USA
40501 North Highway One PO. Box 121, Westport, California 95488 (707) 964-6725 email: howardcreekranch@mcn.org Photo of Sally: http://www.holidayjunction.com/usa/ca/cca0112a.html

Both Sally Grigg (above) & Lisa Gravens (below) harvested patents to surgery at ENDOGYN by conveniently "forgetting" to mention that they had returned for multiple operations with "Doc" Kru, instead, they let patients secure operations there thinking that these two were well after only ONE operation ay Endogyn! Only ONE of thier crimes is in thier silence...they also lied, initmidated, chastized and were terribly cruel to patients who were not well after operations with "Kru," along with publically challenging the patients if they wanted to share the truth about Endogyn! (Even after "Kru" called Lisa a "drunk" and "drug addict" in a public post by himself on ENDOGYN, Lisa posted her allegiance to him!)

Lisa Gravens USA Maumee, Ohio +1 (419) 893 5645 (home) +1 (419) 346 7547 (cell phone) email: Lilylover5555@aol.com

ALL of the people above took gross advantage of helpless, vulnerable and suffering patients by harvesting them to "ENDOGYN" - Germany for experimental operations by a “Psycho Surgeon!”

** These operations were performed WITHOUT the patient knowing they were really experiments, but rather were told that the surgeon had performed them 3000 times before and that the surgeries were tested and safe with 95% - 100% success!** Some patient were cut nearly in half in botched operations at Endogyn, others were so horribly scarred, both internally and externally, that they live in agony and disfigurement!
** Many, far to many, patients harvested to Endogyn, were lead to believe that they had to return time and again to "Doc. Kru" as no other surgeons would touch them after he butchered them up!
** Every patient to Endogyn was lied to, frauded, received bogus information, and was left to suffer in some way for the experience at ENDOGYN!
** Patients cannot recup any monies from "Doc.Kru" as there was/is no money trail! ** By collecting his "services" in cash, "Doc Kru" hide his assets so well, that there remain few to no records of the patients financial transactions with him.
** "Doc. Kru" even performed some operations while he was "drunk!"
** "Doc. Kru's" operations not only lead to patients suffering horrible non reversable surgeries, but left them financialy broke as well!

Join our crusade NOW and become a real "International Spy" to expose these people so others might be saved the same horrible fate as the patients to Endogyn - Germany suffered!!
IHRT will NOT let them get away with what they have done to trusting patients without being remineded everyday of the rest of thier lives of what they did to the patients!

This is no joke, but a REAL contest with REAL prizes...as IHRT exposes those on the most "wanted" list, so grab your cameras and start hunting, if you see any of the "Endogyn" staff,

Send your photos to:
Share put your photo on your web site and list the"link" on: investigter1@yahoo.com
IHRT will go check out your photo!

leave your contact information to collect your prize if your photo is seen on IHRT!
Catch them in your camera lens, and WIN BIG!

Many are already doing this and loving it! "I Spy!" starts NOW.....

Persons associated with IHRT are not eligable to submit photos or win prizes!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

New -"Endogyn Carpe Vitam" in Hannover!

New -"Endogyn Carpe Vitam" in Hannover!
Endoscopic Gynecology at "Endogyn Carpe Vitam"NOW OPEN

(under New Infrastructure!!)
eMail: Info@EndoGyn.com
Office Info Phone: +49 180
ENDOGYN (36 36 496)
Central office Info - Phone: +49 180 / ENDOGYN (36 36 496)
Klinik am Zuckerberg Braunschweig!

Address: EndoGyn® Ltd.
Endoscopic Gynecology at Carpe Vitam
Special Surgery Office im Maritim Stadthotel Hannover
Hildesheimer Strasse 34–40
30169 Hannover (Germany)

Back-Up Office and Staff:
E-Mail: goeschen@carpe-vitam.info
E-Mail: ruschemeier@carpe-vitam.info
"Kru" has recently posted on the Endogyn German message board that he has/is performing surgeries at Klinik am Zuckerberg, Carpe Vitam and that he is working closely with his long time "Endogyn Partner" and "fellow surgeon," Prof. Goeschen in Hannover!

The ENDOGYN infrastructure is now in full swing at this facility as Kruschinski has worked diligently to get things improved at the "Carpe Vitam" so it meets his standards!
International patents should start arriving soon, or later, whatever, and if Goeshen and his wife, Dr. med. Bettina Ruschemeier, allow anything get "dirty" or if they do not shape up to Endogyn standards, Kruschinski is OUT OF THERE in a flash!
Since Kruschinski's rapid departure from the "Passauer Rotthalmuenster," (IHRT guess's it was to"dirty" for "Kru," like Emma Klinik was.)

Kru is NOW seeking refuge on the couch of Prof. Goeschen at the "Carpe Vitam" Ob/Gyn facility run by him, Goeschen and Goeschen's wife, Bettina. (This way, "Kru" can keep an eye on the new infrastructure he has created at Carpe Vitam, this way no one can make his infrastrucure look bad!)

The reasons that Kruschinski can get away with using the names of these facilities is that they are run seperately from the main klinik, and not so easily detected on the Internet being used by this "con man" in such a fraudulant way! However, it has become apparent that once the main klinik gets wind of who it is using thier name, such as "con man Kruschinski," and his co-horts in crime, "Prof. Goeschen and his wife," then things hit the fan FAST! Before long Kruschinski is on his way to the next facility that he knows he has someone to blackmail there to let him use the name and sleep on thier couch for a spell! The ussual "Kru" M.O.!

The "Carpe Vitam" klinik is associated with the Braunschweig Klinik, but not part of it, like Endogyn was with Emma Klinik, and the "Ayursan" was to the Hospital Rotthalmünster, and so on, and so on. IHRT is certain that we will see "Kru" moving on soon as he is near being caught for frauding in the "Sugar Mountain" area, and will be off to use another klinik's name that is associated with a larger facility! Perhaps Prof. Mettler is next, after all, Kru IS on her turf, you know! Kruschinski did have this to say about his new position at "Carpe Vitam,"you do not have to torture me any longer. i have a new job at Brown Sweige. See me on my German endogyn.de "I am not a crook! You won;t have me to kick around any more1"

EndoGyn® » Locations » Office /Clinic
Only ONE little thing isn't clear to IHRT about Kruschinski being partners with "Carpi Vitam." Maybe YOU can solve this puzzle....Kruschinski is NOT listed anywhere as being affiliated with "Carpe Vitam" OR " Klinik am Zuckerberg Braunschweig!!"
Carpe Vitam seems to be correct...Dr. Goeschen seems to be correct...Dr. med Ruschmeier seems to be correct....Dr. med Kru, Kru....hmmm, he seems to be missing! WHAT!!? NOT AGAIN!

Here is his rental car license!! So he IS around here...but where is he....HERE HE IS!! IHRT found him hiding out behind the building! LOL! (Michi rented this car for Kru, it's little, but it gets you were your going!)
(Photos taken October 24, 2006)
Seems the following patients have been left "floundering" like fish out of water by the"compassionate" Doc. Kru, of Carpe Vitam, Hannover, however, IHRT does feel compassion for them and encourages them to call the numbers above and speak to Kruschinski or his new partners! NO human beings need to be left out of continuing post operative follow-up care even if the surgeon is a con and hiding from the law! IHRT says these ladies have been spared no further contact with Kru, however, seek follow-up care with his new partners, as that should be free being Kru did the original procedures and is now head of "Endogyn Carpe Vitam!

"German endogyn message board: October 24,2006
Hello it everything, I was in May in Rotthalmuenster and by Doc Kru at a Eierstockzyste was operated there. Property of everything well got over. Are not very often here in the forum. Therefore my question: In Rotthalmuenster isn't no more operated? Acquaintance mean property told and pointed out again and again by the gasless OI and the hospital in Rotthalmuenster that they can be operated absolutely there, if times somewhat lines up. LG Irmgard

German endogyn message board October 25, 2006
Hello Dr. Kruschinski, I went to long time times again into the forum, reminded through a call of a female patient with Myomproblemen. Also I would like to thank you many times for which you to carry out. I was in June in Rotthalmuenster for the Myom and bearing nut/mother distance. The problems which I before had are away. The operation (belly cut) ran without reminder values pain.I would not like to withhold also the words of my Gynaekologin from you. She meant it during the re-examination, there the physician however very well worked, looks in it everything very properly. Again thank you and all property. Roswitha Stadach

"I Spy" is alive and well in Germany, so smile more, Daniel, your being watched!

Watch for "ENDOGYN'S MOST WANTED" game..coming soon!
This is no joke, but a REAL contest with REAL prizes...so once IHRT exposes those on the most "wanted" list, grab your cameras and start hunting, if you see any of the "Endogyn" staff, SHOOT!

Who will be the "FOUR" most wanted by IHRT!
Catch them in your camera lens, and WIN BIG! ( Many are doing this and loving it!)


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Crazy and frightening - and real, in about 4 percent of the population....

Crazy and frightening - and real, psychopaths comprise about 4 percent of the population and present a real danger among us! Some of us have met one and have not been the better for it!

THE PSYCHOPATH - The Mask of Sanity
Special Research Project of the Quantum Future Group
Imagine - if you can - not having a conscience, none at all, no feelings of guilt or remorse no matter what you do, no limiting sense of concern for the well-being of strangers, friends, or even family members. Imagine no struggles with shame, not a single one in your whole life, no matter what kind of selfish, lazy, harmful, or immoral action you had taken.

And pretend that the concept of responsibility is unknown to you, except as a burden others seem to accept without question, like gullible fools.
Now add to this strange fantasy the ability to conceal from other people that your psychological makeup is radically different from theirs. Since everyone simply assumes that conscience is universal among human beings, hiding the fact that you are conscience-free is nearly effortless.
You are not held back from any of your desires by guilt or shame, and you are never confronted by others for your cold-bloodedness. The ice water in your veins is so bizarre, so completely outside of their personal experience, that they seldom even guess at your condition.

In other words, you are completely free of internal restraints, and your unhampered liberty to do just as you please, with no pangs of conscience, is conveniently invisible to the world.

You can do anything at all, and still your strange advantage over the majority of people, who are kept in line by their consciences, will most likely remain undiscovered. How would you live your life?

Many of us know a face and name that can be put to this scenario...

"Do I look like a man who is bankrupt?
I laugh in IHRT'S face, as I am fine and have great financial stability!"

"I can perform operations at the "Emma" anytime I want to!"

"I am the ONLY surgeon who can help you!"

"My techniques offer you the best chance for good results, I have done 3000 cases, so it is proven!"

" CO2 creates adhesions!"

" I am now putting the Endogyn infrastructure into the Krankenhaus Rotthalmünster!"

"I will be opeining a new Endogyn in Spain in October 2006!"

"I am now putting the Endogyn infrastructure at the Braunschweig Hannover"

"I am doing great and I am fine and perform the best surgeries ever... every week !
Kind regards and let's all keep smiling ... " August 2006

"I own the Rondell apartments, in fact, I built them with my "investors."

"My nurse, Mrs. Katzer, is a nurse."

" I am Jewish"

" I am Catholic."

"There is no "Jesus" allowed in MY operating room, you don't need him in there as long as I am in there! LOL!"

"Harry Reich is off Endogyn as I do a better surgery then he does, Endogyn is better off without him."

" I can do your surgery IF you get the hospital for me to do it in, German patients only!"

"I am asking that ALL patients please post in my defense against some "drug crazy" patients who only want to smeer me!"

" I am being persecuted because I am like Einstein, and people of such superior intelleigence are outcasts and mis-understood!"

" So what if I do what I want, these are MY hands, and MY brains, so what!"

" I AM Endogyn, and Endogyn is not a building, or staff, it is ME, and where I am, Endogyn is!"

And don''t forget: "I invented the abdolift".

"One patients felt so great after her first look that she rode a bike for six hours the second day after surgery.""90 % of pts have no adhesions at the second look."(what you are not in the 90%, too bad, why don;t you come back a few more times?)"that pt. XX drinks too much, and has marital problems....that is why her adhesions came back.""you can stay at a spa, but you cannot go in the spa>" (it is nice to look at though."

More to come on just how well Kruschinski has proven himself to be a PSYCHOPATH ...........

Sunday, October 08, 2006

A Bear on the Internet ...who would ever know!

NOTE: The expressions, opinions, views, and impressions set forth in the following article simply represent IHRT’s own estimate and attitude towards the subject of “Dubon” & "Daniel Kruschinski."

A Bear in the City On the internet, where nobody knows you're a bear.

It is the impression of IHRT that Kruschinski never does anything without an ulterior motive and that everything “Kru” does is to gratify himself. “Kru” perpetrates his needs by using innocent victims lured into his life by behaviors that mask his real intentions, which are to use them in his attempts to fill his greed & need.

IHRT has seen same scenarios in “Kru’s” life repeated over and over again, (same M.O., as police might say if witnessing behaviors and actions exhibited by Kruschinski,) that involve innocent, unsuspecting, trusting people that “Kru” meets on a daily basis. IHRT has seen also seen that it never takes too long for most of those spending any amount of time with him to realize that there is “something” different about him. It doesn’t take too long to “feel” uncomfortable being around him, or to pick up a “vibe” that he is a “freaky” sort of guy, a “not feel good” type of person to deal with. Though he spews big words and promises from his mouth, and money from his pocket to shower favors on those who surround him in his attempt to show he is a “BIG MAN” on campus, per se, it doesn’t take too long for most to realize it is a façade, and a BIG one at that!

Dr. Kru even made house calls, some were unexpecteded!

What is it that tears down “Kru’s” well-constructed façade? Is it “Kru’s” grandiose attitude after talking to him for even a brief period of time, or perhaps his “Macho” carriage as he struts like a “Cock aka Rooster” down the halls of Kliniks soon to be rid of him? Might it be his “Bragging” of his wealth, fame, “Porches and Mercedes,” or perhaps dragging his mistress in to visit patients recovering from one too many operations with him and certainly that in itself is very questionable! Could it be that far too many patients seem to not be favored by his promises of “cures” and “miracles” but instead repeat operations costing them lots of trips to Endogyn and lots of money, which they know all too well paid for those cars and mistress and trips shopping all over the world and booze cruises! IHRT is sure that his comparison of himself to “Einstein” left patients, who were suffering terribly and feeling hopeless after multiple operations by him, to find him less then appealing! What can IHRT say about “Kru’s” declaration that no one needed to pray to “Jesus” to be with them during a surgery at Endogyn as long as “Kru” was in the operating room with them, as there was nothing better then “Kru!” (Kru's post can be seen directly below)

"We can't rely on him LOL" -Daniel Kruschinski

IHRT is certain that much of the unlikable side of “Kru” comes from his mean, bully type of tactics used against patients who asked questions, or explanations for procedures or post-op surgical issues. Heaven forbid any patient expected results from his operations that were less then they got, even if he himself promised more. His repulsiveness might also be from breaking patient/Dr. protocol repeatedly, from exhibiting unprofessional behavior unbecoming of a Dr. on a daily basis, and not seeming to care at all when he posted time and again on the Internet personal information about a patient, and then calling the patients names and accusing THEM of hurting HIM if they retaliated in the least! Last, but not least, finding “Kru” less then desirable to know, very well might be that he has been caught in lie after lie, and in response to being caught, he mocks those who trusted his words by calling them fools to not know when the truth is not being told! “People should know that things REALLY don’t work the way I said, so they are responsible for following through with me,” said Kruschinski last week, “ It’s their faults if they are not better, not mine!”

The fact of the matter is that Daniel Kruschinski IS a “freaky,” and uncomfortable sort of guy to be around, not to mention his feminine behaviors, and the new “hair” implants seen in his recent “glamour” shots. It is also “unsettling” to see a Dr. of gynecology putting a “glamour “picture of himself in his web site and then advertising his “office” in a hotel…..unless he is advertising something else that is! http://www.endogyn.de/index.php?seite=endogyn&sprache=en&a=EndoGyn&b=Locations&c=HeadquarterBackUp

Meet "Dubon"
Daniel named his dog “Dubon” and though it does mean “Little Bear” in Hebrew, it also has a more hideous meaning that a select few use to advertise themselves to others in the secret, dirty world of “guys over 40 with hairy faces - taches, beards, goatees & stubble, and much more!”

You doubt me? Google, " Hairy Bear!"

Met "Dubon"

Yes, folks, “Dubon” is the code word used to send the message from one to another that the person using it is not only aware of this select group, but available to those who are also aware of it’s meaning!

"Dubon Dan"
These “perverts” use it in daily conversations hoping other perverts will hear it and meet up with them later on. They use it in seemingly innocent web sites, like Endogyn, on message boards, like in Endogyn, all the while advertising each other by use of the words, “Dubon,” and “little bears,” which also come up in search engines when looking for children’s web sites about “Little Bears!” Talk about a sleazy way to communicate your dirty perverted lifestyle to one another, thinking your keeping your dirty secret for others as you play your games around people who are unsuspecting of your real motivations for existing!

Picture Kruschinski calling his doggy “Dubon” to meet you, or telling you about his doggy “Dubon” in his message board, or postings, all the while snickering to himself because he is pulling one over on the world, again!

"You sure look pretty to us with your new hair, Danny Bear!"

This type of mind, such as we see with “Kru,” is always trying to “one up” the less superior mind, as they see themselves as being superior beings with superior intelligence. To them, life is lived with a shallowness of ulterior motives meant to stroke egos that camouflage a shameful person.

IHRT's impression of “Kru's” irrational behaviors towards others is that he feels vulnerable to exposing his real self. People like “Kru,” come on like “bullies” to deflect the many uncomfortable feelings he experiences in the course of his days. Anguish, depression, anxiety, helplessness, shame, a sense of having a disconnected, or out-of-body experience, feelings of being threatened & exposed, are common feelings for some who are hiding something about themselves that could be perceived by others to be, well, perverted perhaps? Unfortunately, these feeling can easily be masked by the use of drugs and alcohol, as a way to escape these unwanted emotions. However, by 'lowering' the emotional tolerance in the user, drugs and alcohol soon play a role in the pervert's "release" of his built up rage (unacknowledged fears).

These feelings - combined with an intense fear of abandonment - are the driving force behind the 'facade' of creating someone, or something, that one is not. The pervert tries to present a “superior” persona so that he is unapproachable for the most part, and one has to admit “Kru’s" aggressive “flare” up behaviors certainly DO deflect too many questions from being asked! Perverted people crave “power” over others, which, over time, they actually BELIEVE they have! The perverted mind easily projects perceived 'badness' onto others by placing his own faults onto those he has hurt, - this way he takes the blame away from himself and avoids taking direct responsibility for his pain, upset, shame and feelings of being inadequate. The perverted person can't acknowledge that the negative that happen to him is his fault, thus he redirects the blame onto others, again deflecting bad feelings.
The pervert is cognitive of his less then desirable actions and behaviors, and so forth, and so on...over and over and over, again! But this denial only lasts so long as the battle or good and evil rage inside the pervert's mind, and the fear of being exposed is around the corner (thus the bloody, bruised face “Kru” presented with April of 2005 could also have been the result of a “meeting” with certain “loan businesses who charge more than interest when the borrower doesn’t pay up!)

After a while he breaks out in a rage, insulting others, verbally attacking others, throwing things, and threatening people, etc - this is the rage release, and something that has been consistently proven and repeatedly shown from his childhood experiences that an over-powering, authoritative, controlling abusive attitude gets you what you want. Perhaps Krum’s father proved to him at a very early impressionable age that anger and rage puts one in 'control'. Is this the survival techniques “Kru” said he learned from his father’s days in Auschwitz?

"Dubon?" "Dubon!"

A pervert’s insecurities can twist even the most loving act of those around him to be a pure act of hatred and contempt for him on their part. Even though this man needs constant, positive feedback - he cannot ask for it, as that would leave him vulnerable and out of control, and it is control that allows him to keep his secrets from the world, thus he manipulates this in every action he exhibits as he only lives to try to please himself!

" Do I look like someone who is bankrupt. broke or gay?"
Yeah, actually you do, "Kru!"

It is easy to understand a man turning to the arms of another man seeking in them what he did not get from his own father! It is easy to think that Kruschnski could find comfort and security in the arms of another man, and not really chastise him for that, as he IS somewhat feminine, and he is definitely exposing the term, “Dubon” in the same way that others use it in this inner circle of “older hairy men” wanting another older hairy man in their life, and he most certainly exhibits the profile of a pervert, and last but not least, he is “freaky” to be around. Interestingly enough, is that "Kru" keeps this picture in his office of a fellow ob/gyn who he claims is his best friend and wants nothing more then to go to Australia to live, and to add insult to injury, we do see “Kru” go from woman to woman, spawn kids as part of his façade only to leave them behind as he runs away to the arms of who knows what, or who….time and again!
Always the same M.O…….

Bears WebRing
Dedicated to pictures of guys with hairy faces - taches, beards, goatees, stubble. ... Dubon BEAR ART BEAR ART: drawings by Dubon, ITALY ...i.webring.com/hub?ring=m4mbear

Dubon Bear Art

BEAR CAFÉ New York, Inc. - BC Bear Arts Resources
Paul Roberts, Photographer ("The Guy(s) Next Door": 25 Year Retrospective", Bear Café, 5/1/05) ... (Italy) Dubon Bear Art Bear Ilustrations ...

Perversion is a term and concept describing those types of
human behavior that are perceived to be a deviation from what is considerd to be orthodox or normal. It was originally defined as a "deviation from the original meaning or doctrine", literally a "turning aside" from the norm. The term pervert is a person in a state of perversion, though this term, referring to a person instead of a behavior, is generally used in a derogatory sense. Perversion, or perverse behavior, differs from deviant behavior, which describes a recognized violation of social rules or norms (though the two terms can apply to the same behavior).

Antisocial personality disorder (APD or ASPD) is a psychiatric diagnosis that interprets antisocial and impulsive behaviors as symptoms of a personality disorder.
Draw your own conclusions as to "Kru's" pet name for "Dubon!"

And if you think "Kru" picked that name for his dog because he is Jewish and it was so cute, know that "Kru" is NOT a practicing Jew, and has even told some people he was a "Catholic" when he joined them in celebrating Christmas while trying to get a contract with them..so he shifts with the wind on his religious beliefs, he can easily shift in the wind on everything else in his life!

"Kru" you are just flat out disgusting!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

If you thought you were disgusted before . . .

Coming soon....information about Kruschinski that will simply knock you off your chair! Is it false, is it simply coincidence, or is it the sickest, lowest, disturbing and repulsive information associated with Kruschinski revealed about him to date?


IHRT will let YOU make up your own mind once we reveal this information to you this coming weekend!

AND....you had better be over 18 years of age to read it!

Just when one thinks that "Kru" issues could not get worse, IHRT receives information from one of our "spy's" that either answers ALL the questionable behaviors that we have seen and heard from Kruschinski that made no sense at all, or else it creates a scenario no one wants to think could really be true!

A few "hints" to ponder while you wait for the "Breaking News" coming soon!

Here is one of Dr. Daniel Kruschniski's dogs, his name was "Dubon."
Many of you have heard of Dubon, seen his picture is in Endogyn, or perhaps were introduced to him by Kru himself! Cute dog.
Adhesions.de Message Board
Dubon, the dog of the "doc" ...Created: 01-31-2004
Doc_Kru 8 313 03-16-2004 06:33 PM

"Hi Dubon"

"Hi you big hairy teddy bear you!" from your friends in the "club!"
פורסם ב

Does Dr. Koh know something about Daniel that made him fly to Germany to be at Kru's side when Kru wrote his whining email and sent it to all the Dr.'s and patients looking for sympathy? Note that Koh was the ONLY Dr. to stand by Kru, wine and dine with him and spend "quality" time with him so that he could give Kru support!
Also, Koh went so far as to mock the suffering patients who expressed anger at Kru for performing experimental surgery on them without thier knowing it! Why would this ob/gyn from Milwaukee, WI travel all that way to "coddle" Kru?

Maybe IHRT's spy uncovered secrets Kruschinski thought were buried to deep for anyone else to dig up....

Stay Tuned!!!