Thursday, October 26, 2006

New -"Endogyn Carpe Vitam" in Hannover!

New -"Endogyn Carpe Vitam" in Hannover!
Endoscopic Gynecology at "Endogyn Carpe Vitam"NOW OPEN

(under New Infrastructure!!)
Office Info Phone: +49 180
ENDOGYN (36 36 496)
Central office Info - Phone: +49 180 / ENDOGYN (36 36 496)
Klinik am Zuckerberg Braunschweig!

Address: EndoGyn® Ltd.
Endoscopic Gynecology at Carpe Vitam
Special Surgery Office im Maritim Stadthotel Hannover
Hildesheimer Strasse 34–40
30169 Hannover (Germany)

Back-Up Office and Staff:
"Kru" has recently posted on the Endogyn German message board that he has/is performing surgeries at Klinik am Zuckerberg, Carpe Vitam and that he is working closely with his long time "Endogyn Partner" and "fellow surgeon," Prof. Goeschen in Hannover!

The ENDOGYN infrastructure is now in full swing at this facility as Kruschinski has worked diligently to get things improved at the "Carpe Vitam" so it meets his standards!
International patents should start arriving soon, or later, whatever, and if Goeshen and his wife, Dr. med. Bettina Ruschemeier, allow anything get "dirty" or if they do not shape up to Endogyn standards, Kruschinski is OUT OF THERE in a flash!
Since Kruschinski's rapid departure from the "Passauer Rotthalmuenster," (IHRT guess's it was to"dirty" for "Kru," like Emma Klinik was.)

Kru is NOW seeking refuge on the couch of Prof. Goeschen at the "Carpe Vitam" Ob/Gyn facility run by him, Goeschen and Goeschen's wife, Bettina. (This way, "Kru" can keep an eye on the new infrastructure he has created at Carpe Vitam, this way no one can make his infrastrucure look bad!)

The reasons that Kruschinski can get away with using the names of these facilities is that they are run seperately from the main klinik, and not so easily detected on the Internet being used by this "con man" in such a fraudulant way! However, it has become apparent that once the main klinik gets wind of who it is using thier name, such as "con man Kruschinski," and his co-horts in crime, "Prof. Goeschen and his wife," then things hit the fan FAST! Before long Kruschinski is on his way to the next facility that he knows he has someone to blackmail there to let him use the name and sleep on thier couch for a spell! The ussual "Kru" M.O.!

The "Carpe Vitam" klinik is associated with the Braunschweig Klinik, but not part of it, like Endogyn was with Emma Klinik, and the "Ayursan" was to the Hospital Rotthalmünster, and so on, and so on. IHRT is certain that we will see "Kru" moving on soon as he is near being caught for frauding in the "Sugar Mountain" area, and will be off to use another klinik's name that is associated with a larger facility! Perhaps Prof. Mettler is next, after all, Kru IS on her turf, you know! Kruschinski did have this to say about his new position at "Carpe Vitam,"you do not have to torture me any longer. i have a new job at Brown Sweige. See me on my German "I am not a crook! You won;t have me to kick around any more1"

EndoGyn® » Locations » Office /Clinic
Only ONE little thing isn't clear to IHRT about Kruschinski being partners with "Carpi Vitam." Maybe YOU can solve this puzzle....Kruschinski is NOT listed anywhere as being affiliated with "Carpe Vitam" OR " Klinik am Zuckerberg Braunschweig!!"
Carpe Vitam seems to be correct...Dr. Goeschen seems to be correct...Dr. med Ruschmeier seems to be correct....Dr. med Kru, Kru....hmmm, he seems to be missing! WHAT!!? NOT AGAIN!

Here is his rental car license!! So he IS around here...but where is he....HERE HE IS!! IHRT found him hiding out behind the building! LOL! (Michi rented this car for Kru, it's little, but it gets you were your going!)
(Photos taken October 24, 2006)
Seems the following patients have been left "floundering" like fish out of water by the"compassionate" Doc. Kru, of Carpe Vitam, Hannover, however, IHRT does feel compassion for them and encourages them to call the numbers above and speak to Kruschinski or his new partners! NO human beings need to be left out of continuing post operative follow-up care even if the surgeon is a con and hiding from the law! IHRT says these ladies have been spared no further contact with Kru, however, seek follow-up care with his new partners, as that should be free being Kru did the original procedures and is now head of "Endogyn Carpe Vitam!

"German endogyn message board: October 24,2006
Hello it everything, I was in May in Rotthalmuenster and by Doc Kru at a Eierstockzyste was operated there. Property of everything well got over. Are not very often here in the forum. Therefore my question: In Rotthalmuenster isn't no more operated? Acquaintance mean property told and pointed out again and again by the gasless OI and the hospital in Rotthalmuenster that they can be operated absolutely there, if times somewhat lines up. LG Irmgard

German endogyn message board October 25, 2006
Hello Dr. Kruschinski, I went to long time times again into the forum, reminded through a call of a female patient with Myomproblemen. Also I would like to thank you many times for which you to carry out. I was in June in Rotthalmuenster for the Myom and bearing nut/mother distance. The problems which I before had are away. The operation (belly cut) ran without reminder values pain.I would not like to withhold also the words of my Gynaekologin from you. She meant it during the re-examination, there the physician however very well worked, looks in it everything very properly. Again thank you and all property. Roswitha Stadach

"I Spy" is alive and well in Germany, so smile more, Daniel, your being watched!

Watch for "ENDOGYN'S MOST WANTED" game..coming soon!
This is no joke, but a REAL contest with REAL once IHRT exposes those on the most "wanted" list, grab your cameras and start hunting, if you see any of the "Endogyn" staff, SHOOT!

Who will be the "FOUR" most wanted by IHRT!
Catch them in your camera lens, and WIN BIG! ( Many are doing this and loving it!)


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