Thursday, October 05, 2006

If you thought you were disgusted before . . .

Coming soon....information about Kruschinski that will simply knock you off your chair! Is it false, is it simply coincidence, or is it the sickest, lowest, disturbing and repulsive information associated with Kruschinski revealed about him to date?


IHRT will let YOU make up your own mind once we reveal this information to you this coming weekend! had better be over 18 years of age to read it!

Just when one thinks that "Kru" issues could not get worse, IHRT receives information from one of our "spy's" that either answers ALL the questionable behaviors that we have seen and heard from Kruschinski that made no sense at all, or else it creates a scenario no one wants to think could really be true!

A few "hints" to ponder while you wait for the "Breaking News" coming soon!

Here is one of Dr. Daniel Kruschniski's dogs, his name was "Dubon."
Many of you have heard of Dubon, seen his picture is in Endogyn, or perhaps were introduced to him by Kru himself! Cute dog. Message Board
Dubon, the dog of the "doc" ...Created: 01-31-2004
Doc_Kru 8 313 03-16-2004 06:33 PM

"Hi Dubon"

"Hi you big hairy teddy bear you!" from your friends in the "club!"
פורסם ב

Does Dr. Koh know something about Daniel that made him fly to Germany to be at Kru's side when Kru wrote his whining email and sent it to all the Dr.'s and patients looking for sympathy? Note that Koh was the ONLY Dr. to stand by Kru, wine and dine with him and spend "quality" time with him so that he could give Kru support!
Also, Koh went so far as to mock the suffering patients who expressed anger at Kru for performing experimental surgery on them without thier knowing it! Why would this ob/gyn from Milwaukee, WI travel all that way to "coddle" Kru?

Maybe IHRT's spy uncovered secrets Kruschinski thought were buried to deep for anyone else to dig up....

Stay Tuned!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh you IHRT people are just insane. If you think anyone is reading your crap, you are WRONG.
I for sure am not reading it!

So, what are these secrets you are going to reveal about Kru, Kho, and Dubin?

As one satisfied customer of Kru, I want to upstage you by guessing what outrageous things you will say before you have a chance to say them yourself.

Since you say we must be 18 to read it, it must be something x-rated or really perverse???

Kru practiced adhesion surgery on Dubon and that is why Dobon died?

Kho and Kru are lovers?

Kho mated his dog with Dubon?

What other filthy trash could you idiots fabricate?????????????? Let's not go THERE.

Or on a more plausible level, Kru paid for Kho to pose in the OR?

Kho paid for Kru to let him pose in the OR?

Kho was on a vacation and just stopped in for a little training with Kru so he could write off his trip on his income tax?

Kho and Kru lifted the Mercedes from the Selengenstadt Klinik parking lot together, one nite when they were inebriated....just a college prank between friends?
But they returned it after a wild ride thru Bavaria?

Kho are Kru are taking Tango lessons together?

Kho and Kru are going to work together on the hospital ship in international waters?

Kru took more than adhesion photos of his anesthetized patients, and Kho is in on the franchise deal?

Kru removed a kidney from each of his ansthetised patients, and Koh helped him make the contacts to sell them on the Black Market?
OK, you IHRT morons, your turn! You are not the only ones with a good imagination and two fingers to type.

Anonymous said...

Your NOT reading it?? Now THAT is an understatement if IHRT ever heard one!
Typical "Kru" supporter, lying in the first sentence!
What more can one say to something like this.
P.S. The dog is "DUBON," not "Dubin!" Look it up.

Oh, I didn't read your reply.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes folks - you are getting closer and closer to jail now! I can't wait until the system put you behind bars! Go on an spread your slander and your lies - America has a system - and that system is getting back to you! promise! You are disgusting! And stop think I am Dr. Kruschinski - I just happen to live in Germany - and - I just happen to be one of his hundreds of happy and healed patients

Anonymous said...

Un-mask yourself! Who are you? What were your surgeries? How many times? Cash only?

Anonymous said...

why would you want my name? to also trash me - no way jose! 2 surgeries - no cash - covered by insurance. thank you. over and out

Anonymous said...

I think you have mentioned something of great significance.

It seems that German patients can get their health insurance to pay for surgery at Endogyn, but American patients cannot. Maybe that is one of the reasons why American patients with unsuccessful surgical outcomes are so angry.

It is one thing to go for a surgery that is reimbursed, and another to spend your entire savings to fly to Germany, for some patients 3 and 4 times, and to also have to pay for the stay in the hotel or apartmant AND also to pay for the surgeries.
I could be wrong, but I know of no U.S. insurance that will pay for a pt. to have a surgery in Europe.
I had two surgeries there (first and second look, and it cost me plenty. I would not be upset if the surgery helped me, or maybe even if the pain were still the same. But it is so much worse. He told me that he had removed all adhesions, then he told me to come back for more surgery.
I could not afford to go back, because I had used up all my savings, and I was not able to go back to work.

Anonymous said...

I never had surgery in Germany. I was considering it, but all the things written back and forth and the up and down cheerleader signs made me reconsider.

There are so many unanswered questions.

What I would really like to know is if German people can get their insurance to pay for surgery by this DR., why did he market to US patients?

If the surgery was so good, why would he even need to get more patients, it seems that there would be plenty of patients in Germany. ARD is all over the world.

I just do not understand.

Anonymous said...

The answer is always in the "bottom line".

Think about it.....

Anonymous said...

Reply to anonymous at 12:28pm 6/10/06

Your German, and you use a "Spanish" word to express yourself? Curious. You had two surgeries, perhaps an initial and a second look, and your well? I hope so, most of us had four to six operations there in Endogyn, and we were declared "cured" after every second look, yet at each re-operation adhesions were found to exist. Perhaps your adhesions will also re-appear, and then where will you go for an operation using German insurance as Kru can no longer receive German medical coverage due to fraudulant activities not associated to IHRT.
IHRT suggests Dr. Korell in Duisburg, Germany! Excellent ob/gyn!
It is posts such as yours that do as much damage to any credibility Kru might have left, though that is hard to find in anything associated to him, and when someone like you posts about him, it tells the rest of us just what kind of patients he was able to brain wash. Your probably as dysfunctional as Karen Steward, LIsa Gravens and Helen Dynda, to name a few who can't seem to get over Kru..and Karen never had a surgery with him!
You can't really be a friend of "Kru," as he says he only has one friend left, and that is Helen Dynda, so where do YOU fit in his scheme of things?
Too funny, you "Kru" fans!

Anonymous said...

Dear IHRT,
You mentioned Dr. Korell. Does he use the abdlift or carbon dioxide?

Do other doctors use the abdolift? Did their patients have the same results with abdolift - high incidence of umbiical hernias and adhesions at the site of where the abdolift is inserted?

Anonymous said...

Regarding the HINT you gave about Dobon.....when Dubon passed away, Kru had Dubon's hair made into a toupee , hence his new full-haired appearance?

Anonymous said...

Hello there, Yes I am german and Yes I use spanish words - I hope you don't have any problems with that?
I definetly do not damage Dr. Kruschinskis credibility - you already took care of it.
I do understand that people who spend all their money, savings - even had to borrow money - are unhappy and angry when the result of their surgeries was not a good one. I understand the anger, frustration, the feeling being left alone in the misery and pain. Thats exactly how I felt before I heard of Dr. K.and before he operated me. (Endometriosis III and adhesions not to mention cysts).
As I stated before on this site (but my comments were removed) - he is a difficult person to work with - but he sure is a very good surgeon and he has alway treated us patients properly and was very nice and understanding.
Not every patient looks the "same inside" so people need more than one surgery. But to blame him that he ruined your lives - well - at least he tried to help you, tried to fix what the other doctors messed up - at least he gave a chance - where no other doctor in the US would have touched you, don't forget that!
I am not brainwashed - and I do not praise him with "saved my life" or write poems about him. In Germany, we don't do things like Karen Steward does. We do not exaggerate so much - that's embarassing and silly.
But what I experienced, what the friends I made during my hopsitalstays experienced - that speeks its own language and that speaks for him as a very talented surgeon.
Your site used to be very good and informative. But since a while - the only thing that seems to interest you is to send this doctor to hell.
Why don't you deal your matters on a professional base - like adults?
Why don't you just post the facts and leave all these speculations and accusations out?
What you are doing is character assassination and this is against the law. Freedom of speech is fine - but not this way!
He is a human being - as much as you and I. So why do you have to tear his private life apart - nobody trashes about your private life on a website.
And if he leaves his wife, buys himself a dog, sells a car, rides a bike, thats NONE of your business and has NOTHING to do with his surgical skills!
I thank you for your time and I hope you'll rethink your accusations - or better - just stay with the facts, leave all these mean comments out - report about new methods new ways, bring back comfort an information.
Hasta luego

Anonymous said...

Dear 7/10/06,
I agree that it is silly to talk about a dr's personal life. It is irrelevant and unnecessary.
Maybe the IHRT person who writes about that wants to present a picture of a person who lies so much that it becomes a habit?
I never heard of his dog and I do not care about his dog, or how many times he has been married, or who is his girlfriend, or what kind of car he has.
All I care about is whether he does good surgery, and whether the patients were fully informed.
It was very upsetting to me to find out that he was doing experimental surgery on me and others. He did not tell me that. He told me that he had used the abdolift and spraygel on HUNDREDS of European patients, and the only thing new was that he was now also doing American patients.
I would say that IHRT has tried to show a pattern of lying - that he told patients that he owned his office, that he owned the apt building, that he invented the abdolift, that his methods were not research,etc. etc.