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A Bear on the Internet ...who would ever know!

NOTE: The expressions, opinions, views, and impressions set forth in the following article simply represent IHRT’s own estimate and attitude towards the subject of “Dubon” & "Daniel Kruschinski."

A Bear in the City On the internet, where nobody knows you're a bear.

It is the impression of IHRT that Kruschinski never does anything without an ulterior motive and that everything “Kru” does is to gratify himself. “Kru” perpetrates his needs by using innocent victims lured into his life by behaviors that mask his real intentions, which are to use them in his attempts to fill his greed & need.

IHRT has seen same scenarios in “Kru’s” life repeated over and over again, (same M.O., as police might say if witnessing behaviors and actions exhibited by Kruschinski,) that involve innocent, unsuspecting, trusting people that “Kru” meets on a daily basis. IHRT has seen also seen that it never takes too long for most of those spending any amount of time with him to realize that there is “something” different about him. It doesn’t take too long to “feel” uncomfortable being around him, or to pick up a “vibe” that he is a “freaky” sort of guy, a “not feel good” type of person to deal with. Though he spews big words and promises from his mouth, and money from his pocket to shower favors on those who surround him in his attempt to show he is a “BIG MAN” on campus, per se, it doesn’t take too long for most to realize it is a façade, and a BIG one at that!

Dr. Kru even made house calls, some were unexpecteded!

What is it that tears down “Kru’s” well-constructed façade? Is it “Kru’s” grandiose attitude after talking to him for even a brief period of time, or perhaps his “Macho” carriage as he struts like a “Cock aka Rooster” down the halls of Kliniks soon to be rid of him? Might it be his “Bragging” of his wealth, fame, “Porches and Mercedes,” or perhaps dragging his mistress in to visit patients recovering from one too many operations with him and certainly that in itself is very questionable! Could it be that far too many patients seem to not be favored by his promises of “cures” and “miracles” but instead repeat operations costing them lots of trips to Endogyn and lots of money, which they know all too well paid for those cars and mistress and trips shopping all over the world and booze cruises! IHRT is sure that his comparison of himself to “Einstein” left patients, who were suffering terribly and feeling hopeless after multiple operations by him, to find him less then appealing! What can IHRT say about “Kru’s” declaration that no one needed to pray to “Jesus” to be with them during a surgery at Endogyn as long as “Kru” was in the operating room with them, as there was nothing better then “Kru!” (Kru's post can be seen directly below)

"We can't rely on him LOL" -Daniel Kruschinski

IHRT is certain that much of the unlikable side of “Kru” comes from his mean, bully type of tactics used against patients who asked questions, or explanations for procedures or post-op surgical issues. Heaven forbid any patient expected results from his operations that were less then they got, even if he himself promised more. His repulsiveness might also be from breaking patient/Dr. protocol repeatedly, from exhibiting unprofessional behavior unbecoming of a Dr. on a daily basis, and not seeming to care at all when he posted time and again on the Internet personal information about a patient, and then calling the patients names and accusing THEM of hurting HIM if they retaliated in the least! Last, but not least, finding “Kru” less then desirable to know, very well might be that he has been caught in lie after lie, and in response to being caught, he mocks those who trusted his words by calling them fools to not know when the truth is not being told! “People should know that things REALLY don’t work the way I said, so they are responsible for following through with me,” said Kruschinski last week, “ It’s their faults if they are not better, not mine!”

The fact of the matter is that Daniel Kruschinski IS a “freaky,” and uncomfortable sort of guy to be around, not to mention his feminine behaviors, and the new “hair” implants seen in his recent “glamour” shots. It is also “unsettling” to see a Dr. of gynecology putting a “glamour “picture of himself in his web site and then advertising his “office” in a hotel…..unless he is advertising something else that is!

Meet "Dubon"
Daniel named his dog “Dubon” and though it does mean “Little Bear” in Hebrew, it also has a more hideous meaning that a select few use to advertise themselves to others in the secret, dirty world of “guys over 40 with hairy faces - taches, beards, goatees & stubble, and much more!”

You doubt me? Google, " Hairy Bear!"

Met "Dubon"

Yes, folks, “Dubon” is the code word used to send the message from one to another that the person using it is not only aware of this select group, but available to those who are also aware of it’s meaning!

"Dubon Dan"
These “perverts” use it in daily conversations hoping other perverts will hear it and meet up with them later on. They use it in seemingly innocent web sites, like Endogyn, on message boards, like in Endogyn, all the while advertising each other by use of the words, “Dubon,” and “little bears,” which also come up in search engines when looking for children’s web sites about “Little Bears!” Talk about a sleazy way to communicate your dirty perverted lifestyle to one another, thinking your keeping your dirty secret for others as you play your games around people who are unsuspecting of your real motivations for existing!

Picture Kruschinski calling his doggy “Dubon” to meet you, or telling you about his doggy “Dubon” in his message board, or postings, all the while snickering to himself because he is pulling one over on the world, again!

"You sure look pretty to us with your new hair, Danny Bear!"

This type of mind, such as we see with “Kru,” is always trying to “one up” the less superior mind, as they see themselves as being superior beings with superior intelligence. To them, life is lived with a shallowness of ulterior motives meant to stroke egos that camouflage a shameful person.

IHRT's impression of “Kru's” irrational behaviors towards others is that he feels vulnerable to exposing his real self. People like “Kru,” come on like “bullies” to deflect the many uncomfortable feelings he experiences in the course of his days. Anguish, depression, anxiety, helplessness, shame, a sense of having a disconnected, or out-of-body experience, feelings of being threatened & exposed, are common feelings for some who are hiding something about themselves that could be perceived by others to be, well, perverted perhaps? Unfortunately, these feeling can easily be masked by the use of drugs and alcohol, as a way to escape these unwanted emotions. However, by 'lowering' the emotional tolerance in the user, drugs and alcohol soon play a role in the pervert's "release" of his built up rage (unacknowledged fears).

These feelings - combined with an intense fear of abandonment - are the driving force behind the 'facade' of creating someone, or something, that one is not. The pervert tries to present a “superior” persona so that he is unapproachable for the most part, and one has to admit “Kru’s" aggressive “flare” up behaviors certainly DO deflect too many questions from being asked! Perverted people crave “power” over others, which, over time, they actually BELIEVE they have! The perverted mind easily projects perceived 'badness' onto others by placing his own faults onto those he has hurt, - this way he takes the blame away from himself and avoids taking direct responsibility for his pain, upset, shame and feelings of being inadequate. The perverted person can't acknowledge that the negative that happen to him is his fault, thus he redirects the blame onto others, again deflecting bad feelings.
The pervert is cognitive of his less then desirable actions and behaviors, and so forth, and so on...over and over and over, again! But this denial only lasts so long as the battle or good and evil rage inside the pervert's mind, and the fear of being exposed is around the corner (thus the bloody, bruised face “Kru” presented with April of 2005 could also have been the result of a “meeting” with certain “loan businesses who charge more than interest when the borrower doesn’t pay up!)

After a while he breaks out in a rage, insulting others, verbally attacking others, throwing things, and threatening people, etc - this is the rage release, and something that has been consistently proven and repeatedly shown from his childhood experiences that an over-powering, authoritative, controlling abusive attitude gets you what you want. Perhaps Krum’s father proved to him at a very early impressionable age that anger and rage puts one in 'control'. Is this the survival techniques “Kru” said he learned from his father’s days in Auschwitz?

"Dubon?" "Dubon!"

A pervert’s insecurities can twist even the most loving act of those around him to be a pure act of hatred and contempt for him on their part. Even though this man needs constant, positive feedback - he cannot ask for it, as that would leave him vulnerable and out of control, and it is control that allows him to keep his secrets from the world, thus he manipulates this in every action he exhibits as he only lives to try to please himself!

" Do I look like someone who is bankrupt. broke or gay?"
Yeah, actually you do, "Kru!"

It is easy to understand a man turning to the arms of another man seeking in them what he did not get from his own father! It is easy to think that Kruschnski could find comfort and security in the arms of another man, and not really chastise him for that, as he IS somewhat feminine, and he is definitely exposing the term, “Dubon” in the same way that others use it in this inner circle of “older hairy men” wanting another older hairy man in their life, and he most certainly exhibits the profile of a pervert, and last but not least, he is “freaky” to be around. Interestingly enough, is that "Kru" keeps this picture in his office of a fellow ob/gyn who he claims is his best friend and wants nothing more then to go to Australia to live, and to add insult to injury, we do see “Kru” go from woman to woman, spawn kids as part of his façade only to leave them behind as he runs away to the arms of who knows what, or who….time and again!
Always the same M.O…….

Bears WebRing
Dedicated to pictures of guys with hairy faces - taches, beards, goatees, stubble. ... Dubon BEAR ART BEAR ART: drawings by Dubon, ITALY

Dubon Bear Art

BEAR CAFÉ New York, Inc. - BC Bear Arts Resources
Paul Roberts, Photographer ("The Guy(s) Next Door": 25 Year Retrospective", Bear Café, 5/1/05) ... (Italy) Dubon Bear Art Bear Ilustrations ...

Perversion is a term and concept describing those types of
human behavior that are perceived to be a deviation from what is considerd to be orthodox or normal. It was originally defined as a "deviation from the original meaning or doctrine", literally a "turning aside" from the norm. The term pervert is a person in a state of perversion, though this term, referring to a person instead of a behavior, is generally used in a derogatory sense. Perversion, or perverse behavior, differs from deviant behavior, which describes a recognized violation of social rules or norms (though the two terms can apply to the same behavior).

Antisocial personality disorder (APD or ASPD) is a psychiatric diagnosis that interprets antisocial and impulsive behaviors as symptoms of a personality disorder.
Draw your own conclusions as to "Kru's" pet name for "Dubon!"

And if you think "Kru" picked that name for his dog because he is Jewish and it was so cute, know that "Kru" is NOT a practicing Jew, and has even told some people he was a "Catholic" when he joined them in celebrating Christmas while trying to get a contract with he shifts with the wind on his religious beliefs, he can easily shift in the wind on everything else in his life!

"Kru" you are just flat out disgusting!

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