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A real game of "I SPY" on the International curcuit of mystery and intrigue!
With REAL prizes!!

YOU get to "SHOOT" those who are responsible for the maiming of hundreds of innocent patients harvetsed to "Endogyn - Germany" from 2003 - 2006 by the people seen below here! If YOUR photo shows up in IHRT, YOU win a prize!

Now Presenting "Endogyn's Most Wanted"

AWOL!!!!!! Kruschinski IS ON THE RUN!!
"Doc." Kru aka Daniel Kruschinski
Car license: PA EG 226

Link to phoot of his rentalcar!
Last known whereabouts:
im Maritim Stadthotel Hannover
Hildesheimer Strasse 34–40
30169 Hannover (Germany)
Phone: +49 180 36 36 496

If "Kru" is seen with a "scalpel" consider him
"Armed and Dangerous!"
He will most likely be found "drunk" or exhibiting "freaky" behaviors! He is ussually found to be "out of control" throwing "temper tantrums," in public so watch out! Definetly is "crazy," this one is!

Michaela Katzer Passauer Straße 22, 94095 Rotthalmuenster

Risque' reputation, shows lots of skin in public. Masquerades as a nurse, born in East Germany! Might be worth your while to contact as she is single again!


Harry Reich USA
#3 Crestview Dr.
Shrine Acres
Dallas, PA 18708

Director of Endogyn! Never stopped the mad "Doc" Kru from harming patients over a three year period. Owes patients and investors money!


Helen Dynda USA
411 1st St N
Hoffman, MN 56339-4505
Tel.: (320) 986-2898

It appears that Helen harvested patients to surgeries at Endogyn with lies, mis-information, posting bogus information in Endogyn! Never told patients SHE had returned there for more then one surgery, instead she let patients think she was well from her first surgery with "Kru!" Her crime is in her silence! It is IHRTs opinion that she has no ethics, morals or scruples when doing "Kru's" bidding, and she continues to do yet today! Probably knows Kru's where-a-bouts as they both visit IHRT at the same times!

Ms. Jutta Lottz -
Seligenstadt, Germany

Has a reputation of "enjoying" the company of men on a frequant basis, "Kru" also took advantage of her "issue." He said so himself! Might be worth your while to look this one up for more then just photos!


BIG PRIZE for a"face"picture of: Karen Steward
Mother of a patient that Kru said he gave a car too! This "mother" went berserk over Kruschinski for 3 years, and was obsessed with him! She lied, chastized, intimidated and taunted patients for NOT going to Endogyn, then did the same thing if patients who went there were not well and tried to state that! Definately the "Wicked Witch" of the west!

(Though IHRT is not certain of this, it appears that she had "plastic surgery" from Kru, who claims to be a "plastic" surgeon in breast reconstrution!) You might want a "wide" lens for this shot! )

Karen Steward -USA
931 Upper Denton Road,
Weatherford, TX 76085

A couple of "ENDOGYN Jokers" who led many to slaughter!

Sally Grigg USA
40501 North Highway One PO. Box 121, Westport, California 95488 (707) 964-6725 email: Photo of Sally:

Both Sally Grigg (above) & Lisa Gravens (below) harvested patents to surgery at ENDOGYN by conveniently "forgetting" to mention that they had returned for multiple operations with "Doc" Kru, instead, they let patients secure operations there thinking that these two were well after only ONE operation ay Endogyn! Only ONE of thier crimes is in thier silence...they also lied, initmidated, chastized and were terribly cruel to patients who were not well after operations with "Kru," along with publically challenging the patients if they wanted to share the truth about Endogyn! (Even after "Kru" called Lisa a "drunk" and "drug addict" in a public post by himself on ENDOGYN, Lisa posted her allegiance to him!)

Lisa Gravens USA Maumee, Ohio +1 (419) 893 5645 (home) +1 (419) 346 7547 (cell phone) email:

ALL of the people above took gross advantage of helpless, vulnerable and suffering patients by harvesting them to "ENDOGYN" - Germany for experimental operations by a “Psycho Surgeon!”

** These operations were performed WITHOUT the patient knowing they were really experiments, but rather were told that the surgeon had performed them 3000 times before and that the surgeries were tested and safe with 95% - 100% success!** Some patient were cut nearly in half in botched operations at Endogyn, others were so horribly scarred, both internally and externally, that they live in agony and disfigurement!
** Many, far to many, patients harvested to Endogyn, were lead to believe that they had to return time and again to "Doc. Kru" as no other surgeons would touch them after he butchered them up!
** Every patient to Endogyn was lied to, frauded, received bogus information, and was left to suffer in some way for the experience at ENDOGYN!
** Patients cannot recup any monies from "Doc.Kru" as there was/is no money trail! ** By collecting his "services" in cash, "Doc Kru" hide his assets so well, that there remain few to no records of the patients financial transactions with him.
** "Doc. Kru" even performed some operations while he was "drunk!"
** "Doc. Kru's" operations not only lead to patients suffering horrible non reversable surgeries, but left them financialy broke as well!

Join our crusade NOW and become a real "International Spy" to expose these people so others might be saved the same horrible fate as the patients to Endogyn - Germany suffered!!
IHRT will NOT let them get away with what they have done to trusting patients without being remineded everyday of the rest of thier lives of what they did to the patients!

This is no joke, but a REAL contest with REAL IHRT exposes those on the most "wanted" list, so grab your cameras and start hunting, if you see any of the "Endogyn" staff,

Send your photos to:
Share put your photo on your web site and list the"link" on:
IHRT will go check out your photo!

leave your contact information to collect your prize if your photo is seen on IHRT!
Catch them in your camera lens, and WIN BIG!

Many are already doing this and loving it! "I Spy!" starts NOW.....

Persons associated with IHRT are not eligable to submit photos or win prizes!

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