Friday, September 01, 2006

Rondell Office re-opening as Rondell Swimming Pool!


We are pleased to announce the opening of the new Rondell Warm-Water Swimming Pool.
This unique facility is located in the former EndoRondell Office in Seligenstadt, now under new management!
Open daily from 6 am till midnite!

The upstairs area of the former Rondell Office now includes a juice bar, separate Women and Men's changing rooms, and a boutique featuring the latest in swim wear, goggles, swim fins, and flip flops.

Walk down the gracefully curving staircase to the bottom level, and step directly into our crystal clear, warm water swimming pool.

This fantastic facility was designed by "Dan the Man who Can", who is not only a surgeon but also a civil engineer, and an architect.

Water was piped in straight from the River Mainz, using a complicated series of tunnels, aquaducts, and re-tooled abdolift levers. The water was then filtered, purified, and all traces of carbon dioxide were removed. The water is kept at a consistent comfortable temperature of 98.6 degrees. Water purity is checked hourly by Dr. Dan himself.

Visit us today for a free introductory swim session. Reasonable membership fees, on a sliding scale.
Swimwear is required.
For those more adventurous swimmers who prefer a swimsuit-optional experience, our franchise is planning another location, opening soon.

Management and Maintainence by Don- Bevel Associates.


IHRT said...

And another announcement!

There will be free shuttle service every fifteen minutes between the new Rondelle Swimming Pool to the newly-remodeled hair and make-over salon in the towne square,
"New Images by Tyfune".

After your fresh-water swim, hop onto the shuttle bus, and arrive at the salon in less than two minutes, for your total make-over and beauty needs.
Call today for your appointment.

Transportation by Don-Bevel Associates.

IHRT said...

Dear everyone,
Did you see Miche's new look under Team OR on the Endogyn home page?
I think I did a really good job with the make-up and air-brushing, and hair style.
If you want to look 20 years old again, you can!
Call for an appointment today at "New Images by Tyfune".

Anonymous said...

Oh, that Kru and Miche, what a pair they are!!

Patients (if there are any) are going to be shocked to see them in person. They are going to be expecting the young beauties, but.....

From one who was there and knows.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kru,
When do I get MY makeover? It is not fair that only you and Miche got the "New Image".
I want a new image also. I want to be young and beautiful again.
Mrs. Lotts.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kru,
Yes, all of us with photos on your web site want the "New Image by Tyfune".
Harry, Prof. G., Prof Mettler, Julia, we all demand equal treatment.
To beautify and shave decades off only two people and not the others, is clearly DISCRIMINATION, and we request and demand to be treated equally.