Monday, September 11, 2006

Breaking News: Endogyn folds as a medical service

Endogyn is now listed as a "Small Business LTD "

IHRT brought you the breaking news that "Endogyn" had never been, and will never be an "Institute," and TODAY we bring to you the validation that Endogyn is no longer considered a medical practice or medical organization!

"Ohhhhh" "Ahhhhhhh"

IHRT shares that Endogyn has now dropped another level in it's "business" practices that can only equate to it being a "bottom feeder" in a fish tank!
(Perhaps more like a "Sea Cucumber!! Look THAT one up!!)

Endogyn is now listed on it's web site as being a "limited" business for profit, as in sales of a product, etc. Nothing medical about an LTD business's, trust us on that one! Next Kru will be selling "hot dogs" through his "telemarketing business" with Michi. (Which is a good thing as Michi can add to her CV that she has "retail sales," and "hot dog" expertise through Endogyn. Now, THAT could be helpful to her...somehow, someway, sort of...)

"Daniel, do you like my "Hot Dog vending" outfit??

"Oh, Michi, I just love the hat!
Do you like MY new "franchising outfit?"

"I can't find my "Mercedes," I think someone stole it back from me! No problem though, I picked up this little "Pimp Mobile" that matches my hat and you can ride in the basket!"

"Kru says, " My Endogyn "Hot Dog" franchise will soon be in a number of countries, but better then any other "Hot Dog" vendor in the world, not like the usual one found here:

MY "Endogyn Hot Dog" vending infrastructure will be different, as seen below!

With the Endogyn vending infrastructure, you "carry" everything with you as you approach customers to sell the hot dogs! This is brillant of me as usual! As I said before, great minds think alike, and at times I find it hard to seperate myself from Einstein!

We have sold over 3000 hot dogs to date, and I will be publishing a report on this as well!

"Yes, I work for Dr. Kru! He sent me to pick you up for your surgery, sweety babe! Hop into my "Mercedes," and I will take you to him! Wanna drive, we're all family you know!"

Dr. med. Daniel Kruschinski
Managing Director EndoGyn® Ltd.
Endoskopische Gynäkologie
Passauer Str. 22 94094

Adresse in England:
Suite F 1st floor,
New City Chambers,
36 Wood Street,
Wakefield, West Yorkshire,
WF 1 2HB, Great Britain

It is against the law in Germany to refer to a medical organization as an "LTD" business. What is most interesting about this information as posted by Kruscniknski is that the address he lists for "Endogyn" in England, is the same address used by thousands of less then desirable "businesses", including pornography sites, and only costs about $1.89 a year for each business to purchase and use the mailing address.

Talk about "cheesy" business practices, just when one thought that "Kru" could not go any lower then he has in the recent past, he buys a sleezy mail box to use as his Endogyn "business" adddress, and then lists Endogyn as an "LTD" business.

So much for the "recent claims of patients from other countries" having surgeries by Kru, let alone getting quality services, and interesting as well, since he has no hospital to perform a surgery in, but maybe he and Michi ARE performing basement adhesiolysis and ob/gyn procedures with the Abdolift!!!

"What do you mean your suyrprised I work out of a motel? I told you that Endogyn was where ever I am, as I am Endogyn! What didn't you understand? I am still a surgeon, you know! It doesn't matter where you have your surgery, only who performs it!"

IHRT would not put it past Kru to do something like that....IHRT must point out that after this was posted on the Endogyn web site by "Kru" he removed it the next day! Kru probably posted it in a drunken stupor, and once he was partially sober, he removed it, realizing that it really was not information he should share in a public way!
What this booze bag's sloshed brain didn't remember though, was that Google grabs everything posted in the Internet and caches it for IHRT'S use. (So we like to think!!)
Don't take IHRT's word for this, check it out for yourself! Type in google search: "Endogyn England"

(For those "Kru" groupies who are afraid to know the truth, DO NOT TYPE THIS IN GOOGLE, this way you can remain in the dark about "Kru" doings!

I miss something? Was it about my wonderful frog post in Endogyn? Did you say that "Kru" translated that for his German board? Posted Saturday, August 19, 2006 @ 02:32 PM THE POWER OF THE TONGUE / THE POWER OF WORDS

If the frog was deaf, how did it know what the others where saying when he got out of the pit, Helen?

Helen posted: "It is a paradox of our time that those with power are too comfortable to notice those who suffer, and those who suffer have no power. To break out of this trap requires... the courage to speak truth to power."
IHRT asks Helen when she is going to stand behind her own words here, as HER words brought so many to harm, and she has yet to speak the truth about her multiple trips to Kru! She remained silent about her mutiple trips, and kept silent even though she knew he was scamming other patients who trusted HER word. You are a nasty lady in IHRT's opinion and most deserving to fall with Endogyn!

Find the truth here > Google search..." Endogyn England"

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EndoGyn® Endoskopische Gynäkologie
Dr. med. Daniel Kruschinski Managing Director EndoGyn® Ltd.
Endoskopische Gynäkologie
Passauer Str. 22 94094

Adresse in England:
Suite F 1st floor, New City Chambers,
36 Wood Street,
Wakefield, West Yorkshire,
WF 1 2HB, Great Britain
Info-Telefon: 0180 / ENDOGYN (3636496)
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Posted Monday, September 11, 2006 @ 00:33 AM
by Doc Kru ONLY on Endogyn English message board!
"The lady from US will have her 2nd look tomorrow. Yesterday in the late summer weather, she and her husband had a trip to Bad Füssing.
Today, we have 2 cases of hysterectomies and one case of adhesions on a man.
Adhesiolysis surgery increases in man. Some are telling me that we need also a website for man... I think we should do one, as they are right."

Doc. Kru as
Lets see if "Kru" will answer a few questions about this post..
1.) How did the lady from the USA contact you as your "telecommunication" states it is for Germans only?
2.) Where did she send her $10,000.00?
3.) Where did you perform these surgeries?
4.) Who assisted you with the male patient's surgery?
5.) Did you perform these adhesiuolysis procedures with the " Abdolift," knowing that it is NOT recommended for intestinal adhesion surgery?
6.) Did you perform any experiments on these patients?
7.) Why didn't you post this on the German message board?
8.) Why aren't you posting the patients' names on your web site?
9.) Why aren't you posting surgical photos of them anymore?
10.) Who is "We?"

IHRT recalls the following issues:
*You posted that IHRT would soon be sued and silenced, where you lying about that after involving so many with your whining about IHRT?
*You mentioned that you could do surgery at the "Emma" at any time, do you perform operations there at all?
* If you do, how do you get there from Passau, drive a Mercedes?
*Are you performing surgeries at "Passau" as you stated a few months ago?
*Where IS your Endogyn office these days?
*Do you have a business phone anymore?

IHRT invites all interested readers to try to call this number. When you reach it, no business name is given, only the offer to leave a message! Perhaps your personal message will be heard by everyone, so much for your OB/GYN!
+49800 / E N D O G Y N (+49800 / 3 6 3 6 4 9 6)

IHRT is watching for "Kru's" demonstration at the upcoming
"Pax Meeting " later this month! We will most certainly share this with our viewers!

Until next time,
Chow! Caio! Hasta la vista! Auf Viderseine, So Long, and REGARDS


Anonymous said...

Dear IHRT,
You can write fiction, also Kru can write fiction.
When he says that he did certain procedures on certain pts. in the past week, that could be merely fiction.
Stay tuned for his new textbook to be published soon, the title is "Atlas Shrugged".

IHRT said...

Is Daniels nom de plume
Anias Nincompoop?

IHRT said...

anias nincompoop? A good guess, but wrong.

Daniel's actual pen name is:

Druzilla Druschinski

How this pen name came about: Remember one of Kru's "esteemed" medical articles is co-authored by
Daniel Kruschinski and Daniel Druschinski? When people first saw that, they thought, "this must be an error!"
However further investigation revealed that Kru once had a twin brother, a con-joined twin brother. They remained virtually inseparable for many years, joined only at the hip. It was the right hip for one and the left hip for the other one... good thing, thus they could move together in a forward direction.
One was named Daniel Kruschinski and the other was named Daniel Druschinski, known to their family and friends as "Kru and Dru." They both became famous doctors. They invented the abdolift and spray gel together, but just before the patents were finalized, they had a terrible argument over money.
They decided to have surgery to become separated.
Unfortunately, things went really wrong in the OR. One of the twins perished, Dru.
To honor his lost brother, Kru often writes articles using his lost brother's name, but changes the first name also, to avoid confusion.
So the author of the new book "Atlas Shrugged", is Druzilla Druschinski.

Anonymous said...

IHRT's fiction is almost as good as Kru's.

Kru now promises a new web site, written by Kru, and it will be FOR MEN ONLY.

The web site will be called:
"Just for Men".

It will feature such topics as:

"Getting all twisted up with lies."

"Getting caught up with the details."

"Getting Unstuck"

"Image Secrets of the Star".

"What Not To Wear"

"Intercultural Wining and Dining."

"Tips on Starting New Businesses"

"Web Sites in London".

"Doing Research for Profit".

"How to Spot Trouble before It Spots You."

"Hot Spots in Mallorca".

"The Importance of Keeping Zipped Up at Work".

"The Red Book on Damage Control".

"Memory Improvement for Surgeons"

"1001 Uses for Duct tape."

"Masking the Smell of Alcohol"

"Internet Fantasy Unleashed"

"Boasters Anonymous" - a 12 step group for those whose lives are out of control because of their addiction to themselves.

"Controlling Greed".

"Facing Reality and Making Amends".

Anonymous said...

More topics in "Just for Men":

"Renter's Guide to Apts in Germany"

"Bagels, Beagles and Bugles"

Europe on 10 Thousand Euros a Day"
(forward written by Arthur Frommer, Jr.)

"How to Beat Income Tax before It Beats You"

"Creative Photography"

"Doubling the Size of an OR with Your Digital Camera"

"Water Purification for Fresh Water Pools".

"Maximizing your Income".

"How to Win Friends and Influence People".
(forward by Richard Milhaus N.)>

"What is Hot and What is Not in Bavaria".

"Cash Only Please".

"Paper or Plastic?"

"All Customers entering this establishment must wear Shirts and Shoes."

"The Drinking Man's Guide to Germany"