Tuesday, September 09, 2008

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Published Date: 08 September 2008
By Joanne Mead
DOCTORS could have saved a woman's life if they had operated sooner, an inquest heard.
Coroner Roger Whittaker recorded this in a narrative verdict at the hearing into the death of Shirley Vernon, 62, on November 30, 2005.She died two weeks after surgery at Calderdale Royal Hospital.
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Milk May Help Bacteria Survive Against Low Levels Of Antibiotics

Superbug Bacteria Use Rattlesnake-Type Poisons To Beat Our Defenses

Recommended Follow-Up Care Lacking In Many Colorectal Cancer Survivors

New Diet Unveiled To Save Millions Of PMS Sufferers

Coated Catheters Reduce Infection Risk

Record $181 Million Grant To Evaluate Health, Poverty And Gender Programs Worldwide, Received By UNC

2008 Da Vinci Awards For Wheelchair Enhancing Ideas - National MS Society Celebrating New Adaptive, Assistive Technologies

Hopeful Medical Industry News On Malpractice Premiums For Physicians Is Released For 2008

Fresh Medical Industry News Reveals Earnings & Productivity Changes For Physicians

New Low Dose Oral Contraceptive YAZ® Launched In Europe

Restech Dx-pH Measurement System Proven To Facilitate Accurate Measurement Of Acid Exposure In Patients With Reflux Related Symptoms

Early Onset Gene For Inflammatory Bowel Diseases Identified

Discovery Of Master Switch In The Brain That Regulates Appetite And Reproduction

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