Saturday, March 26, 2011

C-Section Adhesions & Scar Tissue

Unfortunately, C-Section adhesions and scar tissue are a very common side effect of having a cesarean birth.

As you heal from your c-section surgery your body will naturally produce adhesions or scar tissue which is the body’s way of replacing the damaged, cut tissues at the incision site, however these adhesions can cause complications.

To clarify, there are really two kinds of scars. There is the incision scar which is the external scar tissue that occurs at the incision site. There is also the adhesions which is the deep scar tissue that occurs in the facial layers of the body.

Both are very different in terms of the problems they can cause and how they are treated.

For example, the external c-section scar is just that, a scar. It is often red and somewhat raised but over time and with care it will disappear. There are even cesarean scar treatments that are very effective in reducing the appearance of c-section scars.

C-section adhesions, on the other hand, occur internally which can adhere or tighten and pull on the abdominal cavity affecting your muscles, organs or even your bones, nerves or arteries. When this happens it can cause things like bowel or digestion problems, back or abdomen pain, it can also become problematic for future c-sections.

Of all the common c-section complications, adhesions and scar tissue can be the most troublesome.

Adhesions begin forming almost immediately after surgery and for many women adhesions are painless, never causing any complications whatsoever, however for others they are not only painful, they can create complications to organs such as the ovaries, uterus, fallopian tubes, bladder or even cause bowel obstruction. Adhesions can also interfere with subsequent births making it harder to get pregnant again.

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