Thursday, February 09, 2012

Karl Storz Abdo-Lift Malpractice ~ Endogyn Kruschinski Steward Scammers!

IHRT told Kruschinski bout this long ago and of course he raved it was a DIFFERENT abdominal Wall Lift. Well as we revisit the story, it is a karl storz abdo-lift! Another Kruschinski shout down of the truth!

Karl Storz Abdo-Lift Malpractice ~ Endogyn Kruschinski Steward Scammers!

Left behind part of instrument during elective laparoscopic bariatric procedure

O. Avrutis, O. Sibirsky, J. Meshoulam, V. Michalevsky, A. Durst

Bikur Cholim Hospital, Jerusalem

Background: The incidence of the retention of a foreign body in abdominal operations varied from 1 in 1000 to 1 in 1500 procedures. Reasons for retained instruments after surgical interventions remain unclear. One well designed and controlled study claimed forgetting instruments and sponges were more common in emergency operations, unplanned changes in the course of the procedures and high BMI. There are few if any reports regarding these errors in laparoscopic surgery.

Case report: A 27 year-old woman was referred to our department with intolerance to Gore-Tex nonadjustable gastric band implanted laparoscopically for morbid obesity (BMI 43) nine months ago. Laparoscopic debanding was performed successfully. On the next day, swallow study detected a large metal foreign body in the right subphrenic area. It was looking as a part of Abdo-Lift (Karl Storz), a tool obviously using during laparoscopic gastric banding performing in the other hospital. CT scan depicted the foreign body laying free in the abdominal cavity. This 15cm long part of broken appliance was removed laparoscopically. Presented Video shows the details of this unique case.

Conclusion: Laparoscopic instruments might be left behind during procedures in spite of small incisions using in laparoscopy. It is necessary to count and check instruments in laparoscopic procedures as in open surgery.

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