Monday, March 31, 2014

Poor Pup is also a Victim of adhesions

Lulu Undergoes Five-Hour Surgery at Angell Memorial Hospital

Doctors found more internal problems during Lulu's operation. She is being monitored for the next several days at Angell Memorial Hospital.
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Lulu. Photo credit: GoFundMe page.
Lulu. Photo credit: GoFundMe page.
Kimberly Hammond Donahue updated all of Lulu’s fans about how the German Shepherd is doing after Lulu underwent a five-hour surgery at Angell Memorial Hospitalon Monday. 
On the GoFundMe fundraising pagethat Donahue created to raise funds for Lulu’s surgery, Donahue wrote on Monday:
“I am so eternally grateful for everyone that has helped me with this endeavor... I truly am and will be forever... Lulu had almost 5 hours of surgery today... She is being monitored for several days to avoid any complications, but we are not unfortunately out of the woods yet. They found so many more problems internally than originally thought... She had multiple adhesions and scar tissue internally...from who knows what... nor do I want to know. They were able to relieve a band of adhesions that were limiting and constricting her esophagus, resulting in the mega esophagus. They also discovered that one of her lungs was actually adhered to her abdominal cavity... they were able to free it and feel that they did not puncture or compromise her lung. This will be a long road of recovery and depending upon the outcome I may do more fund raising. I believe that all things happen for a reason...she came to all of us, and we have come a long way, and made tremendous strides. Please keep checking back as I want all of the prayers that can be offered... I will post updates as I know more...THANK GOD for Angell Memorial Hospital ....” 
Lulu was abandoned at the Spoiled Rotten Doggy Daycare and Donahue volunteered to take her in. The dog has a medical condition called esophageal diverticulitis, which requires immediate corrective surgery to allow her to eat and not regurgitate her food. The problem hasn’t been treated for years, said Donahue.
If she didn’t get the surgery, her condition would have worsened and could have lead to a secondary condition, such as an infection in her lungs, which can be fatal.
Lulu’s story went international after Donahue started fundraising for the dog's operation last month. Money flowed it from around the world as people opened up their wallets for Lulu.
Donahue has raised nearly $18,000 for the operation and post-operation care for Lulu. Any money raised beyond that will be given to the Northeast Animal Shelter.

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