Saturday, January 26, 2008

Adhesions Medical Headlines

Adolor And GlaxoSmithKline Report Favorable FDA Advisory Committee Meeting For ENTEREG(R) For The Management Of Postoperative Ileus In Bowel Resection

New Drug Application Submitted To FDA For Investigational Analgesic Tapentadol Immediate Release Tablets

Polymer Gel Prevents Skin Grafts From Shrinking

Botox And Myobloc Should Carry Stricter Warnings Consumer Group Petitions FDA

Oral Contraceptives Reduce Risk Of Ovarian Cancer, Study

Economic Stimulus Package Likely Will Not Include State Funding For Medicaid

Pennsylvania Gov. Rendell Says Medicaid Will No Longer Pay For Treatment Of Preventable Hospital Errors

New York Gov. Spitzer Proposes Budget That Includes $1B In Health Care Cuts

Presidential Candidates' Platforms Reflect Differences In Perspectives Of Democratic, Republican Primary Voters On Health Care Issues, Survey Analysis

WSJ Examines Financial Incentives For Physicians To Switch Patients To Less-Expensive, Generic Medications

Blue Cross Blue Shield Association Announces Proposal To Expand Health Insurance To Two-Thirds Of Uninsured Residents

NEJM Perspectives Examine Likelihood Of U.S. Health Care System Collapse, San Francisco's Universal-Access Program

New Search Engine Interface To Improve Medical Search Results

Chronic Low Back Pain Is Reduced, Analgesic Use Is Reduced, And Activities Of Daily Living Improved Following Treatment With The DRX9000

News From The Journal Of Clinical Investigation

NovaDel's New Drug Application For ZolpiMist Oral Spray To Treat Insomnia Accepted For Filing By The U.S. Food And Drug Administration

Breakthrough Study Links Prostate Cancer, Depression, IBS, Adrenal Fatigue And Allergies To Lead And Mercury Toxic Load In Body

IOM Recommends New National Program To Evaluate Effectiveness Of Health Care Products And Services And End Confusion About Which Work Best

In Advance Of The Presidential State Of The Union Address: AMA On The State Of Health Care

Advances In The Treatment Of Gastrointestinal Cancers

Inflammation-Induced Colon Cancer Stopped In Its Tracks By TNF-Alpha Antagonist

KRAS Gene Status May Impact Vectibix(TM) (Panitumumab) Efficacy And Patient Reported Outcomes In Advanced Colorectal Cancer Patients

Over 30 New Studies Of Oral Xeloda(R) Featured At The 2008 Gastrointestinal Cancers Symposium

Beyond The Abstract - The Effect Of Age On Outcomes Of Sling Surgery For Urinary Incontinence

Esophageal Screening Using Camera In A Pill

New Non-Surgical Stem Cell Procedure To Relieve Chronic Tendon Problems

Derma Sciences To Enter Phase II Development Of Wound Healing Product That May Use Body's Own Naturally Occurring Stem Cells

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