Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cardiovascular Sciences get $1M capital investment

Cardiovascular Sciences Inc. announced Friday that it has secured a capital investment of $1 million from Seven Palm Investments LLC.
Illinois-based Seven Palm Investments may invest even more in the company, says Dr. Larry Hooper, CEO of Cardiovascular Sciences.
The investment will allow the company to develop its products more rapidly and enter the marketplace within the next two years, says Hooper.
Cardiovascular Sciences, which is a client of the UCF Technology Incubator, partnered with the University of Central Florida's Department of Chemistry on technology to prevent adhesions during surgery.

Adhesions occur when two injured and adjacent tissues attach as part of the healing process. If this process occurs between internal organs or tissues that are not normally fused, adhesions can be problematic.
The company also recently launched its Web site, which can be viewed at www.cvsciences.org.

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