Friday, June 20, 2008

The defamation of service dogs.

Many disabled people rely on their service dogs to have any quality of life.

They are hard to come by and the more successful breeds are highly trainable and working is their joy.

German Shepard's
Doberman Pincher's.
Too many to mention, even mutts!

We would just like to point out how a cheesy, ad campaing can compromise the service dogs ability to perform in public.

These dogs are also some of the greatest hero's of our country serving police and military.

Please stick up for service dogs as they will always be there for you.

Contact these people and tell them how you feel about their portrayal of service dogs.

Thank you for your message of concern about our current televisioncommercial that features a Doberman. We appreciate feedback from thepublic and we share it with our advertising agency.It is certainly not Alltel's intention to offend any particular breed ofdog and/or their owners. If this has happened we apologize. Our currenttelevision ad features a well-behaved and highly trained animal actorsimply playing a fictional role, as has been done in movies and ontelevision for years. We view this no differently than human actorsplaying roles opposite their true personality. Alltel continues to standbehind its current advertising campaign. Paul SageMarketing CommunicationsAlltel ; ; ,

There are no bad dogs.....only bad owners!

Please visit Pathway to Hope's Prison Dog Program

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