Thursday, June 12, 2008

Serious Illness? Learn How to Navigate the Health Care System

David Landay's Parental and Partner Losses Prompted His Consumer-Oriented Site

Hit Broadway producer David Landay watched cancer kill both his parents and HIV/AIDS snatch several close friends, and eventually his partner.
It seemed that dealing with death had become a frequent and unwanted aspect of his life.
"It was so common that my friend Sally came home and found this note on her refrigerator: 'Rich called. John is dead.' And it had just become that common," he said. "My partner David died, and after that, I decided I had to help full-time."
After navigating the difficult pathway of serious illness and the health care system, Landay wanted to help others do the same. So he launched a Web site,
He developed the site to serve as a one-stop shop to help people dealing with cancer, AIDS or any other serious illness as they navigate the health care system.
"The idea would be to give people all the legal, financial and practical information they need; so that when you first got that diagnosis and all these questions come charging at you, the answers would all be there," said Landay, who produced the Broadway show "Woman of the Year" with Lauren Bacall, Raquel Welch and Debbie Reynolds.
He recognized that when people get hit with devastating news they are often are confused about what to do. They may not have enough savvy about the health care industry to debunk common myths.
"Health insurance is the most important asset you have, but one of the myths is you can't get it. Well, you still can get health insurance," Landay said.
Even with health coverage, meeting medical financial obligations can be difficult.

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