Saturday, December 09, 2006

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National Care Records Service - BMA Seeks Urgent Clarification On Behalf Of Patients, UK

Annual Awards Recognize Leaders In Chronic Disease Management

Expert Offers Food For Thought To Avoid Illnesses Over The Holidays

Taste Test May Identify Best Drugs For Depression

Targeting A Single Gene Could Inhibit Bone Decay And Stimulate Bone Growth - May Lead To Drug Treatments For Osteoporosis

Families For Depression Awareness Launches Adult Depression Wellness Guide Nationwide

JAMA Commentary Examines Pay-for-Population System For Health Care; Reports Examine Health Data Collection, Racial And Ethnics Health Dispariti

Number Of Uninsured Connecticut Residents Increasing, State Survey Finds

Virtual Reality Can Improve Memory -- Perhaps Too Much

Lawmakers Call On Bush Administration To Stop Proposed Changes To Medicaid That Would Limit States' Abilities To Tax Health Care Providers

Scientist pleads guilty

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1HRT said...

Now it is proven, that Dawn and Beverly are always drunk, when they write their tales for IHRT…even in front of their children!!!
And somehow the bogus patient spells Hannover "Hanover" and IHRT also....time to think about something!! ;-)

"Kru talks of Hanover but truth is he has NEVER stepped foot in the Hanover Hospital let alone performed a surgery there!" (by Dawn or Beverly)

"inside of the Hanover Klinik!" (by the "bogus" patient aka Dawn or Beverly)