Monday, December 11, 2006

Melissa's Tragedy

Karen's daughter, Melissa , is not well.
Not for some time now.
Don't believe us again. Call her, ( not her mom and hopefully when her mom is NOT around!)

Steward Melissa +1 (817) 341-3000
Adhesiolysis via gasless laparoscopy with SprayGel, AdhesionsDate: 10.04.2003
Steward, Karen (Mother of Melissa)
+1 (817) 341 3000
Gasless laparoscopic adhesiolysis

( Careful, they have the same phone number)

Her procedure failed. She is back in pain. For some time now.

Her mom talks for her and writes for her.
Such a beautiful young woman ( not a child) locked in an ivory tower built by her own mother.

Many went to Dr Kruschinski to have adhesions lysed from their battle with Endometriosis.
Melissa too.
Unless the lesions are excised, they will continue to release agonists into the abdomen or where ever the lesions are located.
More adhesions.
Now with a beautiful young son to care for.

It's not PID nor is it polycystic ovaries......the common culprits according to Kru when prior patients return for repeat surgeries.

I wonder if her surgical report looks allot like mine.....more on the positioning of the abdo-lift and very little explanation as to what happen during the actual surgery. Only pictures and no video. Does your operative report look like mine?


Still only one person has ever asked for a copy of the videos of my PA surgery. Hundreds of long standing lesions and nodules. Never mentioned nor photographed. Adhesions so old they had calcified and had to be chipped away.

Kru knew it, knew he would be getting an extra 10 grand from the Stewarts when Melissa presented again.
Melissa is also the first Kru reported to have an adhesion (s?) at her second look. He had to because he knew she would be sick again soon enough.

Poor Melissa.
How can she get out of this nightmare?

Karen - "I am "obsessed" with one thing: Sharing with other sufferers the joy of having finally found a surgeon who could help my daughter!!!!!"

Has Karen sent many of you off to Germany with the infamous story of her daughter? The recipient of a miraculous cure from the ravages of endo and adhesions?
Do you think the possible motivation Karen had was to keep this surgeon financially solvent so her daughter could return their for more surgery....even when all was going to hell in a hand basket for Endogyn because of Kruschinski's obvious lies and outrageous behaviors?

Karen has been pretty outrageous herself, don't you think ? Murderers?
Kind of Munchauseny??
Not letting Melissa speak for herself, why?.... is Karen bucking for some mom of the year award?

What IHRT hopes is Melissa can turn to her dad. His poor daughter more than likely has endometriosis still and the adhesions from before along with new adhesions caused by the devil endo and her recent surgeries.How could this poor girl ever approach her mother if she is still ill and not willing to return for a surgery with Kru.Karen has created a less than conducive atmosphere for that.IHRT hopes that Mr. Karen will be able to help their daughter as Karen herself seems to have lost all objectivity.
Melissa can't turn to "knowledge is power" Helen. Connie? All these folks seem to hang on way too long and IHRT opines they wish to stay near and dear to Kruschinski as they are not as well as they claim to be.

Just like I once did. Cept I would never knowingly send up a sacrifice for my own benefit. Even if it meant I died.
The needs of the many outweighed the needs of the one.

Another brave soul laid her life on the line so the truth could be told.
Another website to warn patients of Dr. Kruschinski

Other IHRT members all have similar op reports. Sigh.

Melissa, honest to God, if any of us here at Ihrt can help you. We are here.
Please know there is hope and there is help still out there but proceed with caution.

Kruschinski is done and not an option for anyone anymore. Face it and dig in and do your homework again.
Time to move on and pray the lessons we learned observing this surgical monster are well heeded!
Time for peace and healing to begin.

I had to remove the email from this comment but thought I'd bring it up to the top

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Anonymous said...
My heart aches for all who were scammed by Kru and think they are hopeless because he said so! My heart rejoices for those who got some improvements! For them, it WAS pure luck and soon enough they will realize that to be true!!I see the young beautiful face of Melissa Steward and her little guy, Tim, and I know her pain and suffering! I cry when reading about her, I cry now as I speak to her!My message to her is this: Melissa, do not give CAN still be helped, but not by Kru as you know when your mother tried to get you back there last summer, he was already washed up! YOUR mother knew that, and you knew that too! Your mother kept up a ruse....and to save her face, not to save her daughter as she claims!Stand up for yourself, Melissa, do not let her convince you that your is Kru speaking, and it is NOT true! Your NOT a child as your mother keeps calling you, your a grown women, and you have a wonderful father who will help you!With a mother convincing her that her problems are hopeless to correct, even for Kru, then why was Karen bashing American surgeons so much? It is apparent that NO one has helped Melissa, and most of all, her own mother.Karen never had ARD, she has no clue of the real horror's of it, the pain, the hopelessness, and more so these past three years!Karen's focus was NOT on her daughters need, but instead on her obsession with her daughters Ob/gyn, anyone can see this is true!Even her own daughter could not come out and ask her mother for help, as if she did, it would be perceived as being AGAINST Kru, and for Karen, that is a no-no!Melissa, leave your mom at home and go to Dr. Mathias Korell in Germany! PLEASE!Take your Dad with you, as he knows what is going on and HIS heart is breaking! GO TO KORELL as you can still get better then you are!Turn to Robin Massengil:( email removed by IHRT but Robin can be found helping on the IAS).coShe will help you and your father! Tell your father to truct his friend, she will also help him, he knows who I mean...go to your father now, Mellisa!
December 10, 2006 10:44 AM

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