Friday, February 29, 2008

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Baxter Recalls All Heparin Vial Products
Written by Catharine Paddock, PhD
Baxter International Inc announced yesterday, Thursday 28th February, that it was recalling all remaining multi-dose and single-dose heparin sodium and HEP -LOCK heparin flush products now that alternative suppliers are able to meet national demand for them...[read article]
Peer-Reviewed Science Must Be The Source For Policy Decisions Regarding Drug Harm-Reduction

Possible Target To Treat Deadly Bloodstream Infections Found By Researchers

The Critically Ill May Be Harmed By Intensive Insulin Therapy

State-To-State Differences In Quality Of Care Revealed By New Child Health Data

Regulatory Agencies In Argentina And Brazil On The Specific Characteristics For Clinical Trial Development In Each Country

AMA Denounces Erosion Of Insurer Competition, USA

New National Poll: Majority Of American Voters Oppose Bush Administration's Proposed Cuts To Medicare

Clostridium Difficile Deaths Up In England And Wales

Antibiotic Resistant E. Coli Could Soon Become Prevalent, Similar To MRSA

Democratic Governors Call On Congress To Block Bush Administration Rules That Would Make It Harder For States To Expand SCHIP

Democratic Presidential Candidates Clinton, Obama Discuss Plans To Expand Health Coverage During Ohio Debate

Health Insurers Work To Address Issues Involving Retroactively Canceled Policies

AdvaMed Offers Qualified Support For Bill To Require Disclosure Of Payments From Medical Device Companies To Physicians

Medicaid Changes; Should Be Suspended Until Change In Administration, Senate Budget Chair Says

Potential Drug Targets Found In Scripps Study Of Sepsis In Mice

MIT Student Invents Knock-Out Punch For Antibiotic Resistance

Recovery Of Bowel Function After Gastrointestinal Surgery Aided By Chewing Gum

Blue Shield Of California Foundation Selects APIC In Initiative To Fight Healthcare-Associated Infections

Royal College Issues Guidance On The Management Of Premenstrual Syndrome, UK

Thalidomide Shows Promise For Treatment Of Recurrent Ovarian Cancer

ECRI Institute Salutes Patient Safety Week With Free Content On Disclosure Of Unanticipated Outcomes

Does Artificial Intelligence Help Clinicians To Recognize Atrophic Gastritis With Thyroid Disease?

Network To Study Health Care Disparities Affecting Minorities Launched By UCLA

NCCN Updates Ovarian Cancer Guidelines

Mayo Clinic Finds Capsule Endoscopy Can Detect Intestinal Damage Caused By Celiac Disease

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