Monday, February 25, 2008

Rogue doctor removes woman's ovaries without her knowledge

A Wanganui woman had her ovaries removed without her knowledge by a rogue doctor.
Her case, and the doctor, has been investigated as part of a Health and Disability Commissioner report to be made public on Tuesday. The Wanganui District Health Board (DHB) is expected to be severely criticised.
Fredericka Himmel is terrified of ever going under the knife again. The Wanganui grandmother is still haunted by the work of Dr Roman Hasil.
She says Hasil diagnosed massive adhesions on her ovaries. After he resigned from Wanganui Hospital, his notes were later used by other surgeons and the ovaries were removed. But, examined later, they showed no sign of any other problems.
The gynaecologist - now Australian based - is at the centre of a Health and Disability Commissioner's report to be released publicly on Tuesday..
It is expected to target weaknesses in the Wanganui DHB's hiring process, Hasil's supervision and the way complaints were handled.
Himmel is not the only Wanganui patient to have her ovaries removed unnecessarily.
John Rowan QC confirmed to 3 News a young woman had hers removed by Dr Hasil. But it was not discussed before surgery and Hasil never told her after she woke. She found out months later.
Rowan is organising legal action against the Wanganui DHB over the incident.
Rowan told 3 News he believes more women will come forward after the report is released. Just what legal action will be taken will not be decided until he has read the findings. But he hopes the board will respond in a sensible way.
The DHB will not talk public until the report is released.
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