Thursday, September 22, 2011

“September 23rd is ARD AWARENESS Day!”

“September 23rd is ARD AWARENESS Day!”

“CEA for ARD!”
"Crusade for Education and Awareness of Adhesion Related Disorder (ARD)"
Start NOW to spread the word! Get into the spirit of a just cause…
I want to take a moment to ask everyone who visits any ARD web sites to take the time
to join our cooperative efforts to spread the word about Adhesion Related Disorder!
"Crusade for Education and Awareness of Adhesion Related Disorder (ARD)"

If your afflicted with ARD, or know someone who is, or just have it in your heart to help our cause, as with your voice joining ours, we will conquer this disorder and save others from living this life of hell!
And here is how you can do that…

To spread the word on ARD, visit"" and PRINT OUT

“ARD Brochure”
Click here;
Take your copy to printers, a Kinko’s, Office Max or any other place where you can have
copies made at a reasonable price! Some printer’s will print for free, as long as it is for a medical issue, just ask?
(Please feel free to copy ANY material found in and use it
as you elect to!)
NO COPYRIGHT on material found with in this website as it is YOUR ARD web site!

“Circulation of ARD Brochures and Information”
Whether you are afflicted with ARD or not, take them to ALL of appointments, be it the hairdresser or surgeon, take them everywhere and hand them out! Ask permission to leave extra copies on offices and medical facilities, local pharmacies, such as in Wal-Mart, and other stores, BIG or SMALL!
Tack the up in the local Laundromats and restaurants that offer bulletin boards, hand it to the waitress, the store clerks at checkouts, driving through a fast food…hand it to the lady in the service window, leave one for the postal worker!! Libraries, Churches, Museums, Dentists are all great places to spread the word!
Call the local schools and business to see if you can drop some off for the faculties and employees! Go through your telephone book to jog your mind as to where you might drop some off…call ahead and ask!
Every place that you see people visiting, place a brochure or two or three or four, as anyone of those people might be the person who life you save because you took that time to share this information!

“Call Your Local Media”
Call your local newspaper and offer to share your walk with ARD, be it your own or a
loved one! Check with your local radio stations, many have “guest spots” in which
persons from the community are invited to share their stories or interests, etc!
Call your local media and tell them that you’re willing to share your story with them as
“September 23rd is ARD AWARENESS Day!”

“Contact Your Government Officials”
Mail the ARD Brochure and any other ARD material, including your personal ARD story or a loved one’s, story to your local, state and national government representatives!
Include the
“New York, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Massachusetts and Ohio ARD Resolutions”
Ask YOUR STATE ASSEMBLY Representative to create similar documents for
YOUR state!
Do it for yourself, your fellow ARD sufferers in your state and do it from within the
You can find these resolutions the protocol outlined in the:
International Adhesion Society:
IAS Campaigns & Projects( )
Adhesion Information Site( )
Or simply ask for step by step instruction in the
ARDvark Forum( )

or click links below for fast access

New York | Louisiana | Wisconsin | Massachusetts | Ohio |
New Jersey | Pennsylvania | Minnesota

Be sure to tell your government officials that…
“September 23rd is ARD AWARENESS Day!”

The “Governmental Recognition” protocol was written by:
Augusta Sisler “World Adhesion Foundation”( )
 Beverly J. Doucette “Adhesion Information Site” ( )

Please see

Dawn Rose“ARD Interactive Site”( )
And it ALL began with:
Dr. David Wiseman Ph.D., M.R.Pharm.S.
International Adhesion Society 

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