Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Breaking News..Endogyn Closes it's doors!

Breaking News!!! Endogyn Closes!!
Daniel Kruschinski releived of his duties at Emma Klinik!

Endogyn Web Site ( English) remains dormant, like a ship settled on the bottom of the sea it shall remain that way forever more.

* All surgeries scheduled for Endogyn have been cancelled!
* 2007 ISGE meeting hosted by “Kru” cancelled!
* All “new” surgery sites “Kru” claimed to be opening, cancelled!
* “Kru” cannot perform surgery in other countries as he stated he would!
* “Kru” cannot perform surgery in other countries as he stated he would! *"Kru" had been dismissed from 5 prior medical centers before renting his office and medical space from Emma Klinik!
***All "research papers by "Kru" & "Shirli Homberg" (his wife) regarding CO2 causing adhesion formation have been proven to be without basis! (They have all been conveniently removed from the Endogyn web site too!)

“Kru” tells his "German" patients he will perform surgeries at another location in Germany, IHRT says, “Keep Him in Germany” as when they condone this kind of surgeon there, keep him there,however, IHRT cautions any US patient who might be considering following this surgeon (like a cult) for future surgeries, my God, think!
DO NOT trust any of “Kru’s” prior patients who make claims to well, those who made these claims, all of a sudden are NOT as well as they had portrayed themselves to be, male patients included! IF any patient to Endogyn was “cured” in a first trip there, is was due to them having a very minimal case of adhesions and of course the “Confluent Spraygel!"

"Kru's" crew has fallen with him, they have been silenced too!
Karen Steward once said that, "The TRUTH will prevail in the end," and it did!
IHRT agrees 100%

Helen Dynda is silenced and alone, had by "Kru!" So much for her and "Kru's"patient/Dr. relationship! "Knowledge IS Power" but only if you use it wisely, Helen!
Carolyn, Connie, Sally and Lisa, have all been had by "Kru" too, and if they only knew the whole story, they would know how he talked about them, as he talked about us!

Regarding “Kru’s” claims of performing a “gasless” procedure – in EVERY surgical procedure he ever did, even with the “Abdolift," he used CO2 to insufflate the abdomen of his patient!!! Check your op reports. There is no other way to "screw" the Abdolift into the abdomen unless it was already insulflated, if it were not so, organs would be easily punctured by it!

One final disclosure from the IHRT team...not once did we ever miss-represent anything we posted regarding Kruschisnki, never once did we embelish any issues, and not once did we ever not tell the truth! Our agenda did not change since it started in 2003, and it was never to promote any particular surgeon, but rather, to challenge others to seek the truth of Kruschinski and his "crew" and to be educated enough to know that the truth was never written or spoken from them!
This whole episode is a sad one, we rather many people were well from thier experiences in Endogyn, but it is not that way, and though justice is yet to be served on this man, and it will be, for now, and perhaps in the future, the lives of others have been spared because of both sides presenting thier issues, but with only one side being able to show the truth!
Dr. Kruschinski, Endogyn, Abdolift, Emma-Klinik Seligenstadt, Gasless laparoscopy, Adhesion Surgery at Endogyn Karl Storz

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Anonymous said...

Requiem For a Dream

For those of us who went there in the beginning, Fall 2002, Winter and Spring of 2003, the recent facts that have been discovered and made known about Dr.K. are indeed distressing.
To learn that Dr. K. had been barred from FIVE prior surgical facilities BEFORE he set up the Emma Clinic in Selegenstaft, is so upsetting. Hoe could this happen? How could the Emma Klinik not know that he had severe problems at other places?
He made fools and victims of all us us, even those who went only once and had excellent results - it seems that there are only a handful of you.
The reason I say that he made fools of even those who had excellent results, is that you did not know either that he had been expelled from prior surgical facilites. Only by sheer luck, or the fact that you had very few adhesions where you spared the return of severe pain, and the need to go back again and again for repeat procedures. You got relief and you got your life back. You had no idea that you were one of the lucky few and that others were being maimed. And so you encouraged others to go.
We were all victims of this con man.
All the unanswered questions are making more sense now - such as why there were only one or two patients in the Emma Klinik, why pts were FORCED to WIRE their money before they left home for Germany, why so many people developed inguinal hernias. Why only some adhesions were removed, and not all in so many patients.
And on and on.