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Contacts for Medical Malpractice in Germany

URGENT NOTICE! 3rd Looks at Endogyn
ANY persons considering a "THIRD" look procedure at Endogyn, please go to these web sites:

At "IHRT" you are invited to ask your questions anonymously:
MANY, if not most of the adhesion patients to Endogyn have returned for multiple adhesiolysis procedures, only to remain in pain. Dr. Kruschinski claims that the adhesion, seen here, caused by the Abdolift, is something that he cannot stop as it is the last port at the end of the procedure, thus there is a 99% chance that you will go home with this adhesion!It has also been 100% determined that patients who returned to Endogyn, did in fact have adhesions that were NOT lysed in prior surgeries at Endogyn!

If YOU have pain, and had an adhesiolysis at Endogyn, Germany with Dr. Kruschinski, it is probably adhesions, but your most pressing issue is not the adhesions, but whether to return to this surgeon who makes claims to good to be true, because they are just that "claims"...don't make this mistake twice!
Anonymous said...
Thank you for providing this information. It is indeed sad that so many ARD sufferers went to Germany, not knowing the facts about there not being any long term follow-up information available from people who had gone before. It is obvious now that a lot of people had problems probably caused by the abdolift: adhesions not visible because the abdolift did not provide enough visibility, hernias or adhesions at the site of the abdolift insertion, etc.As for the victims of "scar revision" to reduce or eliminate neuropathic pain, they seem to be the most hurt by all of this.They were made worse, not better, and no surgery can help them now. They are doomed to spend the rest of their life in the hell of neuropathic pain, which does not respond even to opiods. Read "neuropathic pain" sites and you will see what I am talking about.People with adhesions have the option of going to other drs for spray gel. "All" they need is the money. Easy to say, when some have spent every cent already in repeat procedures at Endogyn. I mean REPEAT like three and four times.How about those people who have gone in 2006? How are they? They are not talking, except for Ruth, who it seems is headed for a third look.

Anonymous said...
I am one of those who went to Germany for scar revision for nueropathy. At that time, there was no web site ""I notice that currently, that web site, under the "special precedures" ,there is no mention of "scar revision for neuropathy" nor is there mention of any kind of scar revision.Dr. K. is NOT a specialist in revising scars that cause neuropathy, or in revising any kind of scars.I do not know WHY he told me he could resolve my problem. Why? Why? Is it really possible that a DR. who several people like so much could REALLY deliberately encourage pts. to come to him, pts. he KNOWS he cannot help? Don't tell me he tried to help me.I am thoroughly convinced that he had no intention of helping me. I really feel that he just told me to come there so he could get my money. He had no regard for my life.When I was thinking of going to Germany, I contacted Dr. K. by e-mail and within hours, he e-mailed back to me that he could resolve my problem. So I went there, so I spent$17,000 and now I am so much worse. I have empathy for all those others who feel they were tricked, conned, or deceived by this person. I have empathy for those who feel upset because their special Dr. is not universally held in high regard, and is in fact disdained by so many. But whatever his problems are now because of the facts being made public, I have no empathy for him.In my mind, he commmitted crimes against humans. Including me.
What do you think should or could be done as consequences for what you consider as the crimes he committed against you and others?Lose his medical license?Incarceration?

Anonymous said...
One might check into the German Medical Malpractice there, though not all doctors or facilities carry it. To register a complaint on Daniel Kruschinski or to inquire about malpractice coverage for the "Emma-Klinik," one can contact: Headquarter Seligenstadt"Institut fur EndoskopischeGynakologieSteinheimer Strasse 69(Rondell)63500 Seligenstadt am Main, GermanyYou can also share yopur story here on IHRT as in that, another with ARD might be spared your path to Endogyn!Thank YOu for beinhg honest enough to share the truth!

Anonymous said...
What good would writing to the Institute for Endoscopic Gynecology at Emma Clinic do? Dr. K. is the Director of that. so the mail would go to him. Do you have the address for a Doctors' Regulatory Board in Germany?Thanks

Anonymous said...
Here is a start as given to IHRT!

In order to practice medicine in Germany each doctor MUST register with the GMA if they are to "enjoy" legal privileges, including the right to prescribe medicines! THIS GMA number is the most precious means of identity to a doctor practicing in Germany and the UK! As things progress in the area of a mass law suit through the FTC, more and more patients to Endogyn are maiing themselves known, and thier experiences. It is more horrific them IHRT ever imagined!
It is NOT neccesary to secure "Kru's" seven digit GMC reference number, as they already have that, just send your operatives, costs and state what he promised you and the statistics he used in order to secure your money prior to doing your surgery!

Some patients having multiple operations at Endogyn have spent up to $64,000.00 and are still suffering adhesion symptoms being that adhesions WERE found at each consequative adhesiolysis AFTER "Kru" told the patient that they were "adhesion free" post op of each surgery! (This should answer Ruth's question regarding a 3rd surgery with Kru!)

German Medical Association-Email:
Regulating Doctors in Germany & UK....

General Medical Council: to register/registration/Competent Authorities in Germany.asp

It is still wise to send your complaints to Emma Klinik as "Kru" doesn't own that and does have authorities above him there who call the shots! More to come about the future of "Endogyn!"(Or maybe we sghould say, "the end " of the future for Endogyn!)

Daniel Kruschinski, MD,,,,,, Abdolift, Emma-Klinik Seligenstadt, Gasless laparoscopy, Adhesion Surgery at Endogyn

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