Sunday, June 25, 2006

Endogyn Collapsing

Endogyn Collapsing

Endogyn’s message boards, both English and German, have been drastically revised, and curiously has removed much of what one might term, “ evidence” of culpability from posts that appear to put forth very ruthless methods of harvesting innocent, desperate and vulnerable persons afflicted with not only ARD, but other medical conditions, both female and male, and encompassing the globe!

IHRT wants to tell you that the material located in Endogyn that we, and others, have deemed important in making a case against “Kru,” and others, is NOT lost! ALL posts from 2003 – last week have been “cached” and are totally assessable to anyone who has a need to draw upon them! IHRT alone has stored hundreds of posts, and other material from Enbdogyn, as we are sure Endogyn has done with material in our web site, no issue to us at all.

It is also important for you to know that some of the most “*damning material” in Endogyn, to our surprise, remains. It is obvious that “Kru, “ and his “crew” is either not cognitive enough to realize it, or could simply be an oversight on their part, or perhaps, they are simply ignorant to what material can, and will, be used against him to show cause for fraud through miss-representation of services.

IHRT WILL be presenting more information on the “Infrastructure of Endogyn” under the direction of “Kru,” which will also let you get to know how he “operates.” Stay tuned as some real eye opening facts are coming out from those who were “victims” of “Kru!”

Update on some of the members of “Kru’s Crew!”
Leiza: Leiza spends lots of time pouring over the various web sites that have issues about surgery at Endogyn, patient operative reports, etc…after burning her candle at both ends trying to appease both the IHRT team and “Kru’s” crew, she now flounders alone, no place to sing her praises for “Kru” and no place to complain about him either, which of both she did!

Helen Dynda spends hundreds, if not thousands of minutes going over and over material in all of the ARD web sites we know if, both day and night she is “touring” these sites. What is funny is many times it appears that she is “queuing” her cohort in crime, “Kru” to links in the web sites, which he then immediately checks it out. Helen remains controlled by “Kru,” which she has said is a “good” patient/Dr. relationship! (Sic!)

“Kru,” is also spending lots and lots of hours going through the web sites, from the “archives” to recent material that portrays him to be everything that he is, a well polished “con artist!” He is so ruthless and repulsive that it makes me sick to even post his name, but post I will, if it means others will be saved from him!

Karen Steward: Both her web sites remain dormant; her voice has been silenced in Endogyn, as she alone was responsible for re-opening the issues surrounding Endogyn after it all went silent back in 2003. IHRT applauds her for waking this sleeping giant, as there was much to be shared if lives are to be spared the horrific operations and deceit coming out of Endogyn. Thank-you, Karen.
Though this is speculation only, nothing conclusive, but, IHRT has heard through the “ARD Grapevine” that her daughter, Melissa whom does not post herself, is looking to return to Endogyn for yet another surgery. If you recall, adhesions WERE found in her second look, however, IHRT is of the opinion that Melissa is NOT going to have another surgery at Endogyn, as there will not be an Endogyn to have it in!

(*Material that points to miss-representation of services at the International level, which is the level IHRT is most, interested, though we pray for the German women, and others, who have been hurt in the same ways many of us from the US have been by “Kru,” we are limited in the action we are taking as it encompasses only patients to Endogyn from the USA. However, we DO encourage any person, no matter the location, to express charges against this “Dr.” to any of the address’s we present in IHRT!)

As Nero once stood and watched Rome burn, so shall IHRT watch “Kru” and “Endogyn” burn, and with pleasure as when this happens, and it WILL happen, it will be because “Kru” himself self-destructed with lies, deceit, selfishness, and every other ruthless cell that pulses through his veins!

Want to try to get your money back? Want to be heard? Want to confront “Kru” with your issues? Think “Kru” has cheated you?
Want to help save others from this professional con artist?

Email me at: bnb@
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