Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Where the Best Surgeons in the World Perform Adhesiolysis

Specialty Gynechological and Adhesiolysis Endoscopic Surgery NOW Being Performed at the:Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands Click here for more info
Where ONLY the best in the world perform endoscopic surgery!Surgeries are being performed with the use of:
Confluent SprayGel Adhesion Barrier
Excellent Endoscopic Surgeons
Excellent Care
Easy Travel for Patients from the USA
US Currency
English Language
Recuperation on "Tropical Beaches with Warm Sand
"Dr. Harry Reich will be there in July for patients who prefer his adhesiolysis technique!
Toll Free: 1-877-527-7874
Tel: 570-674-2256
Fax: 570-674-2263
Education: Laparoscopy is a way of access not a technique (H. Reich)
Dr. Reich keeps his word for ARD Education and Awareness as 2006 President of the ISGE!
LAPAROSCOPIC SURGERY FOR ADHESIOLYSIS Harry Reich, M.D., F.A.C.O.G., FACS Postoperative adhesions occur after almost every abdominal surgery and are the leading cause of intestinal obstruction. Over 90% of patients undergoing abdominal operations will develop postsurgical adhesions. This was not considered surprising, given the extreme delicacy of the peritoneum and the fact that apposition of two injured surfaces nearly always results in adhesion formation.1 For the surgeon, laparoscopic lysis of bowel adhesions is fraught with danger to his/her reputation as bad results often are accompanied by poor reimbursement and lawsuits. This surgery is not for every surgeon...MORE:
PLUS: Message from President of ISGE:
Dr. Kruschinski, Endogyn, Abdolift, Emma-Klinik Seligenstadt, Gasless laparoscopy, Adhesion Surgery at Endogyn

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