Monday, November 13, 2006

ARD news from ARDvark Blog

Heavy Smoking Cuts Women's Chance Of Pregnancy, Even With Donated Oocytes

Fizzy Drinks Increase Risk Of Pancreatic Cancer

Scientists Use Gene Therapy To Improve Memory And Learning In Animals

Social Exclusion Changes Brain Function And Can Lead To Poor Decision-Making

Barbagli Describes Series Of Dorsal Buccal Mucosa Grafts In Female Urethral Stricture Disease

Prevention And Management Of Complications In Urological Laparoscopic Port Site Placement

Allergy And Immunology On The Cusp Of Major Breakthroughs

Google Can Help Doctors Diagnose Difficult Cases

A Healthy Population Is Good For The Economy

Gastric Bypass Surgery May Lead To Increased Kidney Stone Risk

New Surgeon-In-Chief Adapts Airline Safety Program To Improve Patient Safety

Intra-Articular Botulinum Toxin Type A May Offer Joint Pain Relief To Osteoarthritis Sufferers

A Predictor Of Joint Damage In Ankylosing Spondylitis Identified

Pregabalin Proves Durable Pain Relief Option For Fibromyalgia

New Study Clarifies Risks Of Pregnancy For Patients With Lupus

Two Nerve Cells In Direct Contact

Most Canadian Med School Grads Lack Basic Surgical Skills

Happy People Are Healthier, Carnegie Mellon Psychologist Says

Thousands Of Florida Residents Expected To Lose Eligibility For Medically Needy Program

Antioxidants: The New Painkiller?

FDA Announces Plans To Impose Stricter Medical Device Safety Standards

House Democrats Likely To Focus On Medicare HMO Payments

Medical School Blog Gives Students "Dose Of Reality"

The Skinny On Post-Bariatric Plastic Surgery

Federal Judge Grants CRR Subpoenas For White House Documents, Testimony In Plan B Lawsuit

New Medical Dictionary Reference Tool at MediLexicon

MRSA Toxin Acquitted: Study Clears Suspected Key To Severe Bacterial Illness

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