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Doctors get angry at patients sometimes... http://forums.obgyn.net/womens-health/WHF.9809/0230.html
From: D. Ashley Hill, M.D. (anonymous@obgyn.net) Mon, 7 Sep 1998 20:59:02 -0500 (CDT)
Most doctors do best when confronted with 1-2 main problems, called "chief complaints" in medical lingo. You will likely get the best results when you ask your doctor to evaluate and treat the 2 major problems you are having. That way, he or she can focus on those and spend the right amount of time diagnosing and treating them.
When chronic pelvic pain is your chief complaint, if your doctor does not seem concerned, or is not skilled at this level of care, try a pain center in a large city. They have experts who can evaluate this type of pain. Sometimes further surgery is indicated, but most of the time this is not necessary.
It may take a little "doctor shopping" until you find one who is interested in pelvic pain.
Doctors get angry at patients sometimes, but hopefully not too often.
- Patients who berate staff members don't last long.
- Neither do those who are "inappropriate" towards the doctors -- coming on to them, making lewd suggestions.
- Patients who don't ever take suggested medications -- yet come in over and over with complications from not taking the medications -- are very frustrating.
- Sometimes patients need to see another doctor, who they might have a better relationship with.
- Hostile patients -- those that challenge everything the doctor suggests by stating "you just want more money" or "you better not screw up or I'll sue the hell out of you" also don't last long either.
- If and when your doctor feels your pain is psychogenic.
- When your doctor feels you are challenging his opinion too much... or overutilizing his office staff... or making too many phone calls to him... or if you have unrealistic expectations.
If you have a question about your doctor, it is best to address your questions directly to your doctor -- rather than guess what his/her answer might be.

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