Monday, November 27, 2006

ARDvark Blog Medical News round up

This Will Hurt - And Now We Know Why

Single Dose Of Antibiotics Before Surgery Sufficient To Help Prevent Infection

Low Health Literacy: A Prescription For Patient Errors

Panic Attacks Are Linked To Poor Outcomes For Diabetic Patients, Group Health Study Finds

Hospital-Acquired Infections -- Inevitable? Belief Explored In The American Journal Of Medical Quality

Spinning A New Yarn: Silicone Fibers With Living Organisms

New Report Defines 'Normal' Menstruation Cycle

Zinc Plays Important Role In Brain Circuitry

Downstate Researchers Target Multiple Sclerosis

Seek Patients' Consent On Health Record, Says BMA, UK

Proteins Anchor Memories In Our Brains - Holding Nerve-Signal Receptors In Place Is Crucial

Grant To Establish Center For Lupus Research: Baylor Research Institute Receives $6.2 Million

Measuring Fetal Oxygen Does Not Reduce Caesarean Rate

Blow The Whistle - Or Put Up And Shut Up?

Out Of REACH: New Legislation Threatens Medicines

Breaking The Medical Image Communication Barrier

Wal-Mart Generic Prescription Drug Discount Program Indicates Markets Can Provide Medications At Affordable Prices, Opinion Piece Says

Federal Appeals Court Agrees To Rehear Case On Whether People Should Have Access To Experimental Medications

Women Are Diagnosed With Posttraumatic Stress Disorder More Than Men, Says Research

Legislation Needed To Access Tax Records To Help Identify Low-Income Medicare Beneficiaries Eligible For Drug Benefit Financial Assistance, HHS IG Say

Introduction Of The Mental Health Bill: More Protection For Public And Patients As Flagship Legislation Is Published

Staffing Issues At Social Security Administration Could Be Further Affected By Medicare Beneficiaries' Questions About Part B Premium Increases, GAO

Studies Led By Rhode Island Hospital Confirm Safety And Efficacy

Birth Rate Among Teens 15 To 19 Reaches Record Low In 2005; C-Sections At Record High, Preliminary Report Says

Betaferon(R) Approved In Australia For Earliest Stages Of Multiple Sclerosis

Triumphs And Hurdles For The New HPV Vaccine

Stem Cell Therapy In Multiple Sclerosis - Now It Is Time To Really Start

Expert Offers Tips On Coping With Grief During The Holidays

Hospital Infections Often Result From Poor Hygiene, Lead To Increased Costs, Studies Find

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