Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Rest in Peace Carol 1965 - 2006

Ms Carol J Howland, Patient Account Representative

I had adhesions for 2 Years before detection
Diagnosed on March 12, 2005
My Birthday is Wednesday, April 14, 1965
I live in Norwood, Massachusetts USA
I had my tonsils removed when I was 5. Then I was diagnosed with hereditary spherosytosis at the age of 15 after a sports injury. I had my gallbladder removed due to this disease and eventully my spleen removed ten years later in 2001. My spleen was 4 to 5 time larger than normal and producing new blood cells at an extremely dangerous rate. 26 months later I was admitted for what was though to be gastroenteritis. It was later confirmed 2 days later that I had a small bowel obstruction. 2 days later I taken into surgery where it was found that dense adheisions had fromed and strangled the small intestin. My physician was so good that the small bowel and intestine were untouched and had come back after removing all adheisions from the abdomin surrounding the splenectomy surgery. I hope this never happens again, not that I had any of the excruating pain at the time. ( NO REALLY I HAD NONE)!!!! But I would not hesitate to go back to him, but I would also would be very willing to use Celebrex to try to stop the adheision growthes from coming back. Please be aware that I knew I was going to have to have my gallbladder out and spleen removed, I was also aware that if splenules were remaining that they could act just like my spleen another operation could come in the future, I did have in good authority that they had checked for those and removed them if they were there, but I was very unaware of adheisions. I have alot of surgeries in the past besides these, though everytime I am very afraid of going under, I never realized that I should now be very afraid of having more surgery to remove adheisions. I trust all my physicians that I have asked in the past and thought I knew all the important questions to ask, How is your infection rate? How many times have you performed this particular surgery? But never have I asked how many patients receive adheisions and who could most likely get them. Guess we will really never know the answer to that one, but maybe one day some knowledgable researched will be able to provider that very important answer.

Miss you my friend. D

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