Saturday, November 04, 2006

We Love Chillows !!!

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Hot flashes! Night Sweats!
You wake up hot, sweaty and feeling like you want to jump into a tub of ice water. Call it a hot flash, a hot flush or night sweats, what you’ve had is one of the more unpleasant side effects that often occur during the menopausal years.
Zoweeee!! Night-time Relief!
With the Chillow® in or on your pillow, you have a wonderfully cool spot to lay your head. That coolness allows you to relax, fall asleep faster, and stay cool for hours. The Chillow® absorbs the extra heat and releases it to the surrounding air. Some women who suffer more than normal, will put their Chillow® in the fridge for 20 minutes or so before bedtime to get extra cooling power. Others keep a second Chillow® on the floor next to their bed and when their body heat has warmed up the first one, they swap. Chillow® relief is instant and amazing.
A marvel of technology and design, activate the Chillow® once and it will give years of cool comfort while you sleep, read, or relax. Your Chillow® can also relieve headaches, sunburns, backaches and more. No uncomfortable frozen gel-pack can do as much. What’s more The Chillow® is environmentally friendly – non-electric and non-toxic.
How does the Chillow® work?
This personal cooling solution uses SoothSoft® Comfort Technology to provide cooling without using electricity or refrigeration. By combining the right materials and an ingenious design, the Chillow® stays at room temperature which is always cooler than your body. It absorbs heat from your body and releases it into the air around you. The Chillow® is meant to be pleasantly cool, but not cold because cold is uncomfortable to our bodies.
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