Tuesday, January 30, 2007

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Role Of Appetite Hormone MCH In Insulin Production Uncovered By Joslin-led Study
A new Joslin Diabetes Center-led study has shown conclusively that a neuropeptide, melanin concentrating hormone (MCH), found in the brain and known for its role in increasing appetite in people, plays a role in the growth of insulin-producing beta cells and the secretion of insulin...

UK Still Has Long Way To Go In War On Killer Hospital Bugs

Medicare Beneficiaries Under 'Observation' At Hospitals Often Receive Large Prescription Drug Bills

Empi Announces FDA Clearance Of Select(TM) TENS Device

New Interactive Website Features Data From Clostridium Difficile-Associated Disease (CDAD) Surveillance Project

Threshold Pharmaceuticals Initiates Phase 2 Clinical Trial Evaluating Glufosfamide In Patients With Platinum-Resistant Ovarian Cancer

Better Strategies For Osteoporosis Prevention And Therapy

Ikerlan-IK4 And Gaiker-IK4 Patent Device For Rapid Diagnosis Of Infectious Diseases And Cancer

Need For Exploratory Surgery Avoided As MDCT Accurately Locates Bowel Perforation

Less-Invasive Uterine Fibroid Treatment As Effective As Hysterectomy, Myomectomy, Study Says

Panel Recommends That FDA Not Create Specific Effectiveness Standard For Oral Contraceptive Approvals

Getting SAD Is More Than Having The Blues

Lawmakers Consider Including Association Health Plan Amendment To Minimum Wage Legislation

Light At Night Is Dangerous To Health

Newer Class Of Antidepressants Similar In Effectiveness, Side Effects Differ

Advances In Optics For Biotechnology, Medicine And Surgery

MRI Contrast Agent Linked To Rare Disease

Surgical Trauma In Back Surgery Lowered By Pretreating Spinal Cord With Local Anesthetic

Back Pain: When To Opt For Surgery, From The Harvard Health Letter

New Review May Ease Worries Of People With Disabling Anxiety Disorder

2 Minutes Conversation prevents RX - Wrong-Site Surgery

CDC To Hire Ombudsman To Address Low Morale Among Employees

About One-Fifth Of Women In India Experience Menopause By Age 41, Study Says

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