Monday, January 22, 2007

Codman's DURAFORM™ Implant Receives Two New Indications For Use In Europe

Codman, a Johnson & Johnson company, announced today that its DURAFORM™ Dural Graft Implant has been approved for two new uses in Europe. The collagen-based implant is now approved for use in spinal procedures and as an adhesion barrier to prevent peridural fibrosis.DURAFORM™ implant was first approved by the British Standards Institution (BSI) in 2004 for procedures where the repair or substitution of the patient's dura mater is required. The additional indications are based on a study that showed equivalency to another dural graft that is already approved for spinal procedures and as an adhesion barrier."Now more patients can benefit from DURAFORM™ implant's unique combination of superior strength, handling and conforming capabilities," said P. Laxminarain, worldwide president, Codman. "These new indications provide a new choice for neurosurgeons and spine surgeons and should increase the use of DURAFORM™ implant throughout the European Union."
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