Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sound waves saved me from losing my womb

Last updated at 23:22pm on 29th January 2007A pioneering sound wave technique has helped one woman to get rid of her fibroids and also prevented her from losing her womb. Paula Green, 32, started having excruciating period pains ten years ago
My problems started ten years ago, when every month I started having excruciating period pains, and the flow became really heavy.
Sometimes it was embarrassing and life was lived according to my monthly cycle.
I couldn't go to the gym or out to a party if it was my time of the month.
I also suffered from water retention and mood swings, like the worst case of PMT every month.
After six months I went to see my GP.
I had started to bleed between periods, too, and was worried that I might have cancer.
There was also a hard, visible lump in my abdomen which stuck out.
My GP referred me to a specialist, who did an ultrasound scan that confirmed large fibroids — muscular growths of tissue in the wall of the uterus — up to 4in (10cm) and dozens of small ones the size of marbles.
I was told that I could have an operation to remove them, but did not want to go through major surgery.
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