Friday, July 28, 2006

Breaking News !!!! Katzer Documents!

Breaking News !!!! Summary:
1. Today Kru removed/changed the following from his message board site:
He removed the translated "nursing certificate" of M. Katzer, as well as the first (illegible) "nursing certificate" he had posted.
He removed the name of his latest publication (when IHRT asked for him to provide the name of the journal and the date it was published).
He removed the number he gave as his German ID medical number(which actually was stated as a medical number from the UK, dated May 2006).

2. On his web site , under "Team OR", Kru changed the dates of Katzer's nursing training from 1989-1991 to 1991-1993.

3. On his message board, Kru stated that nobody is doing surgery in the Caymans, and that it was all "pie in the sky"....remember a couple months ago when HE proudly announced that he, Dr. Reich, and Dr. Mario were going to be doing surgery there together? IHRT did not announce that, HE DID!

4. On his message board, he replaced his photo with a photo of himself taken when he was much younger.
What a transparent trick! See below for more details.

Doc_Kru (Center in Picture)IHRT's response to the following post by "Kru."This type of mass e-mailing to others will not intimidate us at all from saying what needs to be said! IF these Doctors want to deal with you, let them, it is of no concern to IHRT. Their words, cares or concerns about you, Kru, are of no interest to IHRT!

That last comment from Kruschinski's friend "Peter Maher from Australia" advising "Kru" to "bring back hand written letters and the telephone then this crap would never happen," WAS anything but funny !!
But then, this guy is a friend of Kru's, so we would expect this from Maher! Tells you what kind of Dr. Maher is, doesn't it?

Everyone knows that the Catholic chruch rallied behind pediophile priests in an attempt to hide the truth about them molesting children, and all IHRT can say is thank God these Doctors did not accomplish what Maher is telling Kru to do, hide his practices behind paper..not in the open! Good thing Kru DID use the internet for all his scams, or this may have resulted in many more patients being hurt by him!
"Kru": You gotta do better then this if you're going to stop IHRT from telling the truth about you!"

Katzer Documents"
Stay tuned to IHRT (and to the web links provided by Kru in his post here) as we will be bringing you the:
Rest of the story on those now infamous "Katzer Documents!"
**Note that Kru changed Katzer's CV in Endogyn to reflect the information in the documents he portrayed as Katzer's "nursing" papers?
However, the original CV is cached in Google for all to see these changes were made.
**Note how Kru REMOVED the "nursing" certificate, his medical number (from UK), and the title of his latest publication from Endogyn message board posts?
IHRT has the goods on these documents, Katzer's many aliases, and even Daniels's GMC reference number.
As for his latest publication, since he refuses to tell where it is published, how can anybody read it?
Stay Tuned!!
Breaking News !!!!
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Posted Thursday, July 27, 2006 @ 05:44 AM by Daniel Kruschinsksi
I got it first hand proved from ALL the surgeons who were reportedly performing surgery in the Caymans, that it's all a blown up and the story is complete untrue and that all the doctors were subject of manipulation by those mental ill women.
"Dr. Reich is being victimized as you are because the claims they make about him
- as positive as they may be
- are as untrue as the very negative claims they are making about you."
Harry Reich: "I believe this Cayman thing is pie in the sky and does not really exist."
Tom Lyons: "I certainly am unable to verify any participation that I have in surgery in the Caymans.
"I am sure that all my friends from the International Society for Gynecologic Endoscopy, who are involved now will stand united to prevent such slander and libel in the internet. It is a severe crime those two women will have to defend themselves for.
And it's a backstroke for adhesions or any surgery, if few unhappy patients can slander doctors via Internet for not resolving their many problems.
Please be aware of such sites, that are not hosted at regular servers and hosting organisation, but are only blogger sites. Any of the surgeons would allow such advertising as it was set up by this two women.
************************************************************************* Be aware of sites like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*************************************************************
Their content is only violation and slander and libel.
Thy could ruin me financially, but I will for sure continue surgery, as there are many patients who need help.We, the surgeons and the medical community will stay united and will never again let ruin surgical progress through slander an libel !Another quite funny comment from my friend Peter Maher from Australia: "Dan,bring back hand written letters and the telephobne then this crap would never happen."Kind regards--------------------
Daniel Kruschinski, MD),,,,,

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