Friday, July 28, 2006

Lisa Graven joins the Endogyn "Liars" Club

Endogyn's Liars Club 2006

Kru, Michi, Karen, Helen, Lisa, Caroline, Sally
Who will be next?

Lisa Gravens, Endogyn's 1st US patient, (also one who went back for multiple surgeries and did not share that with perspective patients she harvested to Endogyn, but rather only shared what she wanted them to hear! Lisa continues to shame the world of ARD with her dysfunctional support of "Kru!")

Not only does Lisa misrepresent her surgery to patients seeking information about Endogyn, she misrepresents information about Kru's surgical ability!
Take a look here..she is saying that Bev urged Kru to get training in "plastic surgery" so he could help ARD patients, so like any good surgeon, Kru listened to Bev, and took a computer course in "Plastic Surgery 1" when he wasn't busy doing surgeries. IHRT thinks it was an evening course, with Michi and Tyfune
Of course, it was a quickee course, as Bev met Kru in late 2002, and soon after Lisa had her surgery, July 7, 2002, and then more patients had plastic surgery becuase Lisa's went to well! (NOT!!)

Based on Lisa Graven's post here, it looks like Bev was totally responsible for Kru's plastic surgery abilities, or lack of..OR perhaps Kru lied to Lisa about his skills to get her money!

( Now this is funny, Lisa is scamming patients to get them to go to her favorite surgeon, Kru, and Kru is busy scamming Lisa all the time! LOL! LOL! Kru had LISA pay HIS fees for all of her procedures after he posted that he did not charge his fee for any repeat procedures! Looks like Lisa got took by "Kru" more then a few times!! )

Take a look here...' Kru> "I don't take surgical fee for me (that means "free"), there are cost associated with 3rd looks, like hospital, anesthesia, apartment, SprayGel and others)"

IHRT says: "Lisa, if your going to repeat lies from Kru, only you and Kru look like the liars!"

Kru asks>"WHAT!!? "Me Lying?? WHAT!!?"

"Did I get caught, though!?"

lilylover5555 aka Lisa Gravens
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Posted Saturday, July 15, 2006 @ 01:20 AM
Lisa speaking about "Kru"........
"he had been trained in plastic surgery (at the urging of Beverly Doucette in an effort to be more help to his patients). To my knowledge he has never claimed to be a plastic surgeon, but simply states that he has had training in plastic surgery.
There is a big difference in claiming to be a plastic surgeon, and saying you have had training in it!
I know this because as I said Dr. K. told me he had training and could help me with a very nasty, hard, and painfully adhesed bikini cut scar I had from previous surgeries. He did help me considerably with my scar, and it is soooo much better thanks to him!! "

IHRT says> "WRONG LISA!! Wrong, wrong, and wrong again!"

Rockenhausen, Krankenhaus
Dr. med. Daniel Kruschinski
(Specialist for Gynäkologie and birth assistance)
Fakultative further training Special birth assistance and PerinatalmedizinSpecial operational Gynäkologie

Emphasis on Minimalinvasive

- surgery by means of newest endoscopic techniques with short stationary stays.
Emphasis plastic operations such as chest operations:
Mamma PE's
Plastics of structure of chest
Anomaly corrections (asymmetry, Hypoplasie, Involutionsatrophie)
Abdomnialplastiken (Abdominal Plastic Surgery)

Kirchheimbolanden: Dannenfelser Str. 36 67292 Kirchheimb. Tel. 06352/405-0Rockenhausen: Krankenhausstr. 10 67806 Rockenhausen Tel. 06361/455-0
Contact over the station room in Kirchheimbolanden
Telephone: 06352/405-100Telephone: 06352/405-0

Kru states > "Other facts like I was dismissed from 11 hospitals is a complete nonsense. Those hospitals I were in are listed in my CV and 2 hospitals we were in, didn't match to the EndoGyn protocols."
Kruschinski's CV - no mention of this hospital as he got the boot in 1999!

Watch IHRT for the "Rest Of The Story on the Katzer Documents"
"Katzer," alias, "Reimann" alias "Czerwinski"

"We're JUST friends! She is really my nurse!"

More coming on the post by "Kru" where he tells more and more lies!
Remarkable! Not really, after all he IS a liar!
Closing the story ....
Posted Sunday, July 23, 2006 @ 04:11 AM
Where he says he is done with this crap...and not posting about it again!

Kru> "For the last time I am going to post anything about those who started the crap that is going on in the internet and involves meanwhile few of my previous patients."

Liar, Liar, Liar!


IHRT said...

My favorite lie du jour is he expects his Kru Crew to believe he transformed from a fat, bloated balding drunk to his "New" Current photo ....bout 40 pounds lighter with a miracle growth of hair.
Only plastic surgery could accomplish that HUGE feat in the 2 week time frame allocated. Hee heee.
What a whopper.
I think that was the final straw in most pro Kru lives.
He talks with his patients about going broke....baa hahahaha
He found the fountain of youth and should be opening an endogyn bottling plant anyday now!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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