Saturday, July 22, 2006

Paradies on IHRT - Kruschinski

Though these parodies are funny, and appear to be beyond belief, the bases for these posts are REAL!
Though they might be embellished "some," the fact they these things occurred even at the least, it is a shamefull reflection of someone who used his postion and authority to manipulate patients to feed his own ego, and pocket!

Lets not forget that the person he introduced as his " nurse," wasn't a nurse, and if that wasn't bad enough,he had her working in a surgery with YOU!
IHRT also knows for a fact that some of you American patients WERE used for his research, and you were not told! Lisa Graven's is one of them, and she knew he was doing this to patients but never said a word to any of her "friends" in the "Kru Crew", and unless she was paid for it, or given free or discounted surgeries for her return visits to Endogyn, there is no other rational explaination for her support of Kru after what he disclosed in public about her. Lisa is NOT well today!
It is also against the German law to offer FREE or DISCOUNTED rates for medical intervention, which we all know Kru did!
(KRU broke that law, not IHRT! Kru allowed visitng surgeons to Endogyn perform surgery when they were NOT authorized to do it, and even some who were NOT surgeons had a chance at the Abdolift, was that during YOUR surgery, perhaps?)

It is for things like this that he is falling in all that he attempts to do, not because of us " ordinary" women!
He can blame no one but himself for his fall from not only the medical arena, but from the social arena as well! IHRT wishes that we could take credit for what is coming his way, but we can't, as it is not all due to medical issues, but in most part to his illegal doings!
All of "Kru's Crew" can whine, spit and sputter about IHRT all they want, and it will not make one bit of difference in what will happen to him, as it is of his own doings. He will fall totally from everything he is presenting today, and from everything in his past! Once it happens, and it will, the complete story MIGHT come out. ( Might because IHRT just might choose NOT to share it with you, and let you go through life wondering, and blaming us, and we don't care about blame, just about him going down! POst THAT one Karen, as it has been our agenda from day one! NOT supporting any other medical person, but to bring Kru down!)
IHRT could care less what anyone thinks about us, now or when Kru hits the fan, as what IHRT knows is that it is 100% warrented, and he needs to be stopped. You have only seen the tip of the iceberg of issues about "Kru," only the tip of it!

Oh how we wish it were us who made it happen, as he hurt more people then he helped, and the few he helped, well, you were just lucky! There are some of Kru's patients who remain convinced by Kru that what they suffer today cannot be fixed by anyone else, so they live with it! They are so blinded by Kru's crap that they will sit in a pity bag telling themselves, and thier families, that this is as far as intervention can go for them, cause Kru said so,- bull crap!
YOUR the ones who are the fools, and because of your own foolishness, you will continue to suffer, and Kru will be sitting in the klink not for what he did to a great number of his patients, but no matter what for, he will be sitting there for a long, long time for , and deservedly too!In the mean time, IHRT is helping as many of the prior patients to Endogyn who have asked for our assistance, and we give it gladly, and they at least have a chance to secure some life back, but those of you who have really been fooled by Kru, will suffer as will your families, and again, deservedly so!You can all spew forth your anger and accusation at IHRT posts, call names, point fingers, try to make points of us being "evil," making up stuff, not being appreciative of Kru, and you do all of that without considering one thing, and that is that people are reading about the illigal and dishonest things Kru did, not what IHRT said or did, but what Kru did, and he did it to you folks as well, and it is in your ignoring those facts, that your words are seen as empty, foolish and coming from a very few dysfunctional, almost ignorant, patients who only want to see and hear what they can handle.
IHRT does think that it might be easier for you few to not think you were a guini pig for Kru, or that your OR nurse wasn't a nurse at all, even IF your well today, it is easier to think well of Kru then to look at what others might had done to them!
If you feel good about a surgeon who lies, cheats, steals, frauds, harrasses, breaks confidentiality, takes patients drinking, treats them terrible, yes, like he did with Lisa Graven, and Dawn Rose, and Tonya, and on and on and on, about anyone who was/is not well from his surgeries, he blasted them on is web site!! People reading this know that to be a fact, and it is in that which makes you folks look silly!
Yes, he continues that blasting of others, and now he is doing it about Karen Steward, though he doesn't post it, he talks about Karen being crazy and an anchor on his butt, and some of you others, same thing!!
You all know he kept the "secret" from you about Endogyn being shutdown, about the apartments being shut down, about him getting the boot from Emma Klinik, and about his move out of the area (and NOT to work at another hospital either as he claims!)

Yup, your wonderful savior of a surgeon LIED to all of you..and you still support him knowing he is nothing more then a con artists, as that IS what he REALLY is!

Oh, by the way, those "research papers" written and posted by Shirli Homberg from the "Adhesion Lab," well, there was no "Adhesion Lab" and Shirli claims she never wrote one word of them, and that Michi did. And " Raffi," remember his posts..well, Rafi was Daniel. And Gucci1, was also Daniel! Don't believe it, ask Rafi? Ask Gucci, ask Shirli, ask Michi, or ask Kru himself.
Michi and Kru can be reached at this

As for sleeping at night, we sleep good, as good as some can while in pain, and for all of you who can go to sleep free of pain, yes, even from a surgery with Kru, why not say a prayer for those who were not so fortunate as you, but suffer today because they have ARD, Kru or no Kru, ever consider that Carolyn, Helen, any of you on "Kru's crew?"

Endogyn will soon be gone, board and all! What then Helen?

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