Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Kruschinski’s GMC number

Kruschinski’s GMC number and Katzer's nursing document!

Kruschinski’s GMC Reference Number 6142107
MAY 2006 no less! A brand spanking NEW number!

WOW! IHRT is surprised, again, at how efficient Kru was at supplying the documents for his German GMC number AND Michaela Katzer's nursing document!

Thank-you, Kru!

Interesting indeed, and each time you post one of these, it's gets more interesting!
Your really showing us a thing or two. IHRT should have known better then to try to take you on, wow! Your the man, Dan!

By the way, what IS Katzers maiden name: Reiman or Czerwinski (as listed on her marriage certificate?) What is YOUR real name now that I am asking! ( Oh, never mind, here it is! Daniel Marian Kruczinsky)

Things just get curiouser and curiouser, as Alice would say as she wondered around in, "Wonderland!"

More on these "Documents" to come! Stay Tuned!

Stay tuned, as the best is yet to come on the "Endogyn SPYCAM!"
Conspiracies, lies, tramps, fraud, secrets, intimidations, threats and more picture changes of "Kru" then a US Post Office wanted board!

Actually this recent picture isn't to bad...accept he looks like a pervert, "Uncle Daniel!"
And to think that this was all started by Karen Steward, and all IHRT can say to her is, "Thank-You!"


IHRT said...

Oh and lets not foget patient advocate
Lisa "Lilly Liver" Graven who led many a sheep to the slaughter.
I hear it's hot there in your neck of the woods's about to get allot hotter you liar! They are gonna be asking why you sold them out. Tell them what you gained from it all.
I know, you cowardly piece of carp!

Anonymous said...

For your information, this newly posted photo of Kru is an "after" photo, after a make-over by the very talented world-renowned cosmetologist, Tyfune.
Kru looks decades younger. A full head of hair, and a younger face. Good job you did, Tyfune!

IHRT said...

So dumb ya probably sold the car for gas money.
I think you are the only who thinks he fooled anyone.
These ladies are smart and funny.
You go girls