Monday, July 24, 2006

Kruschinski screams "LIBEL!"

In your dreams, or nightmares Kruschinski!

This time all the screaming and tattling in the world will not stop you from going down, as what is bringing you down is YOU! LOL!

How could it be us bringing you down when you have all these hospitals that your doing surgeries at almost everyday with patients from all over the world, you said so yourself! Spain in October; Hannover; AyurSan hospital Rotthalmünster; Emma Klinik; Zuckerberg Braunschweig; Hospital near Schдrding, Austria... and now you have added "telemarketing" to your list of current employment ventures!

I'm over here, I'm over there, I back here, I'm up here!
Oh my Gosh, I'm EVERYWHERE!
(German message board)
doc_kru Master
Posted Sunday, 23 July 2006 @ 18:35:39
Differently measures and cost structures ver?ndern also some strategies. The operation location Emma hospital will remain existing. The Office in the Rondell against it was too expensive (4000 euro), in order to use it on only one day in the week.
In the weeks many new Strukture will crystallize, like e.g..
1) investigations with EndoGyn trained Fach?rzten in different St?dten
2) Telekonsultationen
3) telephone consulting hours
4) differently locations
After discussions in the internal new team with EndoGyn we will pass these innovations on. F?r investigations and date assignment applies still the well-known number 0180/ENDOGYN (3636496).
Investigation dates and places you then admits there given. Many Gr??e

Just what is it you think we "destroyed," Kruschinski? Looks like things are going very good for you, can you elighten us as to what it is we "destroyed?" There IS NO other surgeon in the world having so many success's as you, you said so yourself!

"Kru's dream for patients who are not well post Endogyn!"

"Kru's" future, but he will never stop conning!
"My next book! In three days the inmate will be walking the yard with no problems. I might even take him to lunch with me at my table!"

Kru can send all the messages he wants to send regarding his troubles, call all the people he wants to call with his woes, contact patient after patient for back-up and pity parties, call in other Dr.'s for support of him, change his email, phone and address, lie about his places of employment, lie about his future plans, even list his current telemarketing job with Endogyn, and you know what, folks?"
IHRT and ARDVark could give a gall-darn less about Kruschinski's problems!

WE continue to try to help those patients left in serious and very disabling conditions due to his harvesting and mis-representations of Endogyn and his "Abdolift!
WE are trying to help those who will never be able to secure improvements in their pain and other symptoms because he all but cut them in half, not only with his scalpel, but with his lies!
WE are listening to these people cry out about how they have lost thousands of dollars to Endogyn, and it was family money, not just theirs!
WE are trying to help post Endogyn patient who went to Kruschinski 3 and 4 times, and still suffer today, and have no money to get to any other intervention that might offer them help!
WE are listening to post Endogyn patients who feel betrayed by Kruschinski because they were offered 100% success..only to be suffering yet today because other ARD patients betrayed them for Kru!

The fact of this whole issue is that Kruschinski and a few of his cult members harvested unsuspecting patients to Endogyn, with these innocent patients having no clue that this surgeon had a history of scamming a mile long, and not just for patients either! These innocent victims of Endogyn had no clue that the claims of 100% cures were bogus, and that the Abdolift was NOT recommended for any adhesiolysis of the intestines, and that no matter how many times they went back to him, they received that same surgery with that same Abdolift by that same Kruschinski...and always paying him cash, and for MOST who went to Endogyn, they are not well today!

IHRT and ARDvark represent the patients afflicted with ARD, NOT the Dr.s in this world, and for certain, no Dr. that would stand by someone like Kruschinski! We will continue to present the facts as they exist, and we will present those facts no matter where in our world they exist, and no matter what Dr. it involves!
Secrecy is what got us all into this position in the first place, but NO MORE! Dr.'s, if you don't want to be on the receiving end of your patients rath, then be honest with them about ARD and don't cover for those who are not honest about ARD! Do not mistake for one minute about our concern for you if you do not like what we do for those "crooks" who cut us all to hell and then lie to us in the process, best stabd clear and let the crook fall alone!!

Any surgeon found intentionally harming an ARD patient better watch out as YOU will be found out and YOU will be taken to task as this IS what IHRT is about!

This is our pledge to all who suffer ARD as a result of being victims of ARD as an "iatrogenic illness" as we see here coming out of Endogyn!
(iatrogenic disease is applied to any adverse effect associated with any medical practitioner or treatment, or someone claiming to be a health specialist, using any treatment (or lack thereof if the thereof lacking causes the illness) in any setting.

Doc_Kru Most advanced
Posted Monday, July 24, 2006 @ 03:11 PM
Kru:> "Many thanks to all patients for writing to the involved organisation and setting the records straight about the libel that is going on for 3 years now. "'
( Ardvark adds> "My goodness, once a patients of Kru's, your in for the long haul, whether you want to be or not!")

(3 years has taken it's toll on Daniel, but not on us as we took a break for two years,
but we're back!)

Kru:> "Actions can be taken now to finally close this kind of slander in the internet.
The extreme libel destroyed so much, so a way will be found to sue the "conspiracy team" for compensation of the damage they caused.
It's the most severe libel action with the longest duration that was found on the internet. Special orgnaisations are involved in securing legal actions agains the "conspiracy team". More information will follow.
Those who want to write me to enlight the truth, I encourage to do it at my personal email. Every voice is now important. Thank you. "
Daniel Kruschinski, MD),,,,,

ARDvark message to the three "K's", "Liar, Liar, pants on fire!!"

Karen, Katzer, Kru

Cyber Libel
Contributors to Internet forums often "flame" people who they don't agree with. Many of the "flames" are personal, nasty, and potentially libelous.
"The international aspect of the Internet creates a huge pile of jurisdictional questions, "What court has jurisdiction? Which law should prevail? How can someone get judgment?"
"If a plaintiff wants to sue someone, they will launch an action in the United Kingdom, Singapore or Ontario, where the laws are strict. If they're a defendant, they will want to be in the U.S., where they are protected by the First Amendment. More....

Kruschinski, if you think this has been bad, you haven't seen anything yet as the "best" is yet to greet you!
Your friends at IHRT & ARDvarkblog


Anonymous said...

Oh very clever...
The three "K's" of the apocalypse.

IHRT said...

Goodness Danial you look like an ol sea hag. Life of crime seems to have
hit you hard.
You can use some plastic surgery to remove that extra ass on yer chin.
What the hell does Michi see in you???
Yuck a doo.
Let me be the first to break it to you.
With a puss like that you've entered the realm of dirty ol man.