Sunday, July 30, 2006

Michi is IN, Karen is OUT!

Karen Steward finally silenced by Kruschinski!

Karen responded to everything Kru did, good, bad or ugly, with the enthusiasm of a true "athletic supporter," which shows you where Karen's position with Kru is, easier to kiss his butt more frequantly if your already there!

I think we can all recall this "passion" Karen had about Kruschinski!

Karen hung onto every post Kru did, hooting and bobbling around like a silly child being given candy, even when she was chastized by Kru in public, she thanked him repeatedly and of course, with admiration for him bringing things into perspective for her! Oh, sure, once in a while Karen got a bit, "feisty," but love will drive a women to those lengths at times!

Karen was responsible for the most part, for once again bringing many of the current issues being highlighted about Ebdogyn, after they lay dormant for 2 years. Yes, Karen brought it all back to life with her, " passionate" posts of support for her Kruschinski!
Though her posts reflected many questionable issues associated with Kru, she posted away, ever passionate, and many times lending curiosity as to why she was so passionate about her daughters ob/gyn! Appreciation for his services is one thing, "obsession" is a whole other world!

"You said WHAT about Daniel! Why you sorry sack of whining @%#&^$@@*!"

When Karen isn't fighting with someone, she is rallying for her "Kru" and spearheading campaigns, crusades conspiracies for Krus" crew members!

Karen was also the "queen" of brainwashing on the Endogyn web site!

We will miss Karen, as her antics were worthy of many of our greatest posts!

The choice is...