Monday, July 17, 2006

Thank-you Karen Steward

Appreciation of Karen's posts showing Bev Doucette as a stanch and diligent advocate for persons afflicted with ARD!
We never thought we would see the day that Karen Steward would change her tune and promote the work of Bev and Dawn, and others in bringing the truths of Endogyn to the public!
Thank-you for posting these important messages from 2003!
We know that you too have been dupped by "Kru" and we want you to know that we baer you no ill will, and off our handfs to help you expose this preditor!

These posts by Karen are reflective of the long history behind Bev's advocay for persons afflicted with ARD. Times change, and today with so much information available for persons to help themselves, much of the areas of advocay are no longer neccesary for Bev to do, one thing is for certain, every web site, forum, or peice of information found in the Internet today was because Bev dared to make a differnece for victims of ARD, and she did!

Karen's posts give a nice chronology of Bev' s work over the years..and for that we are gratefull, as Bev will not toot her own horn, she doesn't have to!

What makes Karen's comments about Bev interesting is that people reading them know that they have NOT received phone calls, or any other means of contact to talk about a surgery with "Kru."
Bev continues to assist persons afflicted with ARD when and if she can, and will ONLY communicate with an ARD afflicted person is if it surrounds helping them!

Karen's posts about Bev show that Bev tried to help Kru help others, but once it was determined that he was simply not qualified to be doing adhesiolysis, she most certainly dumped him, and fast!One area of concern to her was his "drinking: problem, and THAT was an immediate concern to her!
She also realize VERY soon that he was a "con, " and this revalation was evident to her a lot sooner then it was for other who Kru conned, with the help f Karen, Lisa, Helen, and others who also deliberately mis-represented issues at Endogyn.
Karen's posts also show that Bev has worked diligently in support of persons afflicted with ARD, and in the course of that, she cannot remain in contact with everyone forever, thus the reason for web sites and information enough that anyone can now help themselves! They can also talk to one another, Bev isn't the only one people need to talk to, or maybe she is??

Karen’s anger at Bev comes from her own agenda of being obsessed with “Kru” and knowing that harvesting patients is the only way “Kru” will get patients! Karen knows that Bev will stand up for what is right, and that she will challenge what is wrong, and everything about “Kru” dealing with general surgery and adhesiolysis, is wrong and dangerous to ARD patients.This is the way it is and Bev, and others, will continue to make the truth known.

Bev will stand by her words that Kruschinski is not qualified to perform adhesiolysis procedures, and that the “Abdolift” in his hands WILL cause harm to those he uses it on, as he uses it in ways it is NOT recommended to be used!Anyone can check out anything IHRT or ARDvark Blog prints to validate its claims.

If NOT, always validate what is said on any it is YOUR LIFE!

Soon this and more will be brought to light, for now, it is easier for the "crew" to pretend all is well, and thriving, but that will not last, just like everything else hasn't!Promies are easy tomake, talk is cheap, but truth shall prevail!

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