Thursday, April 06, 2006

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Merck Must Pay $4.5M In Vioxx Case
A state jury has found Merck liable for one of two former Vioxx users' heart attacks and ordered he receive $4.5 million in damages. The jury found the company failed to warn both plaintiffs about the risk factors of the painkiller.

In Connecticut, Bush Talks of Soaring Health Care Costs
President Bush urged Congress to support his proposal to expand Health Savings Accounts, which his administration says help push down medical expenses.

News Analysis: On Health Care, Massachusetts Leaders Invoke Action, Not Talk
The state's measure to create near-universal health care coverage involved the cooperation of virtually every political stakeholder.

FDA: Benzene in soda above limit for tap water
Cancer-causing benzene has been found in soft drinks at levels above the limit considered safe for drinking water, the Food and Drug Administration acknowledged.

Cervical cancer jab lasts years
A vaccine for cervical cancer has been found to offer protection for at least four-and-a-half years in trials.

Shots prevent spread of pneumonia in adults
Immunizing children with Prevnar to guard against life-threatening meningitis, pneumonia and blood infections can also protect adults who have not been vaccinated, a new study shows.

Biofeedback best for common type of constipation
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Study findings indicate that biofeedback is far more effective than laxatives in relieving constipation caused by inappropriate contraction or inability to relax the pelvic floor muscles during defecation -- what doctors call "pelvic floor dyssynergia."

Men with MS may benefit from testosterone
SAN DIEGO (Reuters Health) - Daily testosterone treatment of men with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis (MS) -- the most common form of the disease in which symptoms wax and wane -- appears to be neuroprotective while improving their brain function. That's according to research presented this week at the American Academy of Neurology 58th Annual Meeting here.

Ginger, pepper treat difficult cancers
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Ginger can kill ovarian cancer cells while the compound that makes peppers hot can shrink pancreatic tumors, researchers told a conference on Tuesday.

Mass. Passes Landmark Health Care Bill
Massachusetts lawmakers have approved a bill that would make state the first in the nation to require all of its citizens to have some form of health insurance. Gov. Mitt Romney says he'll sign the measure.

Charges for NHS fraud allegations
Nine people and five companies will be charged over NHS drug price fixing, the Serious Fraud Office says.

Ovary Removal May Up Dementia Risk
Women who undergo ovary removal before menopause may have an increased risk of dementia, a Mayo Clinic study suggests.

More home births in the UK
An increasing number of women in the UK are giving birth at home, figures suggest.

Chronic Sleep Problems Affect Millions
More than one in 10 Americans suffers from chronic insomnia, a new study says. Under-rested U.S. workers number in the millions, costing the nation billions in medical expenses, accidents and lost productivity, according to the study.

A First: Scientists Rebuild Bladders
Boston scientists have rebuilt the human bladder in seven young patients. The success of this complex procedure could pave the way for other vital organ and muscle restorations.

Prescription Drug Dos And Don'ts
Making mistakes with medications can lead to serious trouble, and The Early Show medical correspondent Dr. Emily Senay has advice to help you avoid potential pitfalls.

Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics Recalls Chemical Used In Pregnancy Tests

Targeted Therapies Showing Great Promise Against Colorectal Cancer

Attending Religious Meetings Once A Week Is As Effective As Statins And Exercise In Extending Life

CNN's "Paula Zahn Now" Profiles Abortion Provider Who Flies To South Dakota To Provide Services

Intrahepatic Cholestasis During Pregnancy Associated With Later Liver Disease

Senate Stalled On Approving Public Trustees For Medicare, Social Security; Bush Administration Has Not Sent 2006 Reports To Congress

Family Planning Association Launches New Leaflet ‘Your Sexual Health', UK

Quinolone Use Has Surpased Sulfa Antibiotics For The Treatment Of Uncomplicated Urinary Tract Infections In Women

Emergency Departments Are The First Stop For Millions Of Hospital Patients, USA

Reductions To CDC Budget Proposed By President Bush Not "Wise," Editorial States

Massachusetts Moves Towards Universal Health-care For All

Transition To Menopause Associated With New Onset Of Depressive Symptoms

NBC "Nightly News" Examines Increase In Employment Pregnancy Discrimination Claims, US

Using Stem Cells To Repair Torn Tendons

How Well Americans And Their Doctors Are Controlling Chronic Diseases, Annals Of Internal Medicine

ACOG Releases Practice Bulletin Regarding Routine Episiotomies

Gene Critical For Protection Against Septic-shock-induced Death Discovered

First Human Recipients Of Laboratory-grown Organs Reported By Wake Forest Physician

Issue Brief Examines HSAs; Report Examines CMS Medicaid Anti-Fraud Efforts; Column Addresses Beneficiaries' Use Of Drug Company Assistance Programs

Research Conference That Will Facilitate Development Of New Treatments For MRSA, 11 - 12 April, UK

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